Fall Pumpkin

corduroy smoothfoam pumpkin

Fall is so festive, with vibrant foliage on the trees and fields of pumpkins…the inspiration for my fall corduroy pumpkin. I had picked up some soft orange corduroy and brown polka-dot felt that was ideal for a Smoothfoam pumpkin patch!

You will need:
4-1/2″ Smoothfoam ball
8″ x 16″ rust corduroy or felt
4″ x 10″ polka-dot corduroy or felt
5″ square green Felt
5″ dowel
Leaf embellishment
1/2 yard raffia or yarn
Fabri-Tac Glue
Scissors, knife, ruler, pencil

1.  Cut off a thin slice from both the top and bottom of the ball. Make a hole in the center of one end of the ball.
2.  Wrap the corduroy piece around the ball, leaving a 1″ overlap and enough on either end to meet in center. Trim off excess. Glue the overlap first and then fold fabric over both ends and secure with glue.
3.  Make hole in center top of the pumpkin. Roll a 4″ by 10″ strip of brown polka dot around a 5″ piece of narrow dowel. Push the bare end of the dowel into the top of pumpkin with a little glue.
4.  Cut a leaf shape out of green felt to glue to the top. Tie on some raffia or yarn. Add a rusty leaf accent and you have a pumpkin!

So quick and easy, you can make a whole pumpkin patch in no time! Make smaller pumpkins as place card holders or party favors. I originally added a flat piece of fabric covered cardboard to the bottom, but that’s optional. Find numerous fall pumpkin crafts here today!

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