Encaustic painting on Smoothfoam


I love the smooth, semi-transparent look of encaustic painting. Wax seemed like the perfect medium to decorate a base for this trio of small rustic pear candles!

Encaustic-painted candle base on Smoothfoam by Candice Windham

I love candles…their warmth, the beautiful colors and the wonderful scents. However many of my friends and family have allergies, and scented candles can be some of the worst offenders.

To keep everyone happy and healthy, I indulge in my candle fetish by looking for unscented candles in unusual shapes and colors, like these three little pears.

These candles live in my kitchen window and they almost appear translucent when the afternoon sun shines on them. But at only 3″ tall, they were too small to make a decorative statement. So here’s a Smoothfoam block to the rescue!



Smoothfoam block:  2″ X 4″ X 12″
Patterned crepe/tissue paper or wide crepe ribbon
Encaustic medium (wax): yellow, orange and green
Purple Cows Melt Craft Iron
Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect
Trio of small candles
Small jar (same size as your candle bottoms)
Rubber stamps – desired word or image
Stazon Ink – black
Serrated craft knife


1.  Cut the Smoothfoam block down to 10″ long.

2.  Glue a strip of crepe paper around the edge of the block and other on top of the block, allow to dry. This gives the wax something to adhere to and the pattern will show through lightly.

3.  Apply a thin coat of melted wax with the craft iron (low heat) over the top and around the edges. Try blending and swirling colors – I used the green and yellow wax together on the edges, and then used the orange with yellow on top.

4.  When the wax is dry, stamp your word or image along the front edge with black ink and let dry.

5.  Press the bottom of the jar firmly into the Smoothfoam in 3 equidistant spots to make shallow indentations, then place your candles in those spots.


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