Elf on a shelf


How cute is this handmade elf on a shelf? He’s ready to bring on the Christmas cheer!

Elf on a shelf


1” Smoothfoam ball
2-¼” Smoothfoam egg
Americana paints:  Flesh, Antique Gold, Kelly Green, Black, Tomato Red, Peony Pink
DecoArt Dimensional Effects paintable texture paste
Red felt
Peach craft foam
Red chenille stem
24 green 6mm acrylic faceted beads
Black button
Small green pompom
Paintbrush, toothpick
Serrated craft knife, wire cutters
Emery board, craft stick, skewer
Craft glue

Elf Parts

1.  Trim off both ends of the egg and one side of the ball with serrated craft knife. Sand the seams smooth and glue the flat side of the ball on top of the egg.

2.  Paint the egg (body) green and the ball (head) flesh.

3.  For his hair, apply texture paste to the head with a craft stick. Cut a pair of small ears from the craft foam and press them in to the paste on each side of his head. Let dry and then paint the hair gold.

4.  Paint his facial features with a toothpick or small brush as shown, or add some wiggle eyes.

5.  Roll up the end of the chenille stem for a hand and add 5 beads to the stem for one arm. Leave ¼” of the stem and cut. Repeat for the second arm. Do the same for the two legs, making a bigger loop for the feet and using 7 beads for each leg.

6.  Make pilot holes with a skewer on each side of the body, below the neck for the arms and in the front of the body for the legs. Push each stems into each hole with a dab of glue. Bend the legs and arms into position as shown.

7.  For his collar, cut a 3-½” x 1” strip of felt and cut triangles out of one side. Glue it around his neck. For his belt, cut a narrow 4” strip of felt and glue it around his body, overlapping at back. Trim shank from the button with wire cutters and glue to the center of the belt.

8.  For his cap, trace and cut a 2” circle from red felt and cut in half. Roll the half into a cone, overlap the edges and glue. Glue a pompom to the top and glue the hat to his head.


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