Elegant fabric egg ornament


These lovely fabric-covered foam Easter egg ornaments were one of our Make & Take projects that we shared in our booth at the 2014 Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show. Learn how to make this homemade Easter decoration below.

smoothfoam fabric covered egg ornament

You will need:

4″ Smoothfoam egg
Cotton fabric – torn into long 1″ wide strips
Sheer wired ribbon
Large-hole beads
Embroidery floss
U-shaped floral pins
Ball-head straight pins

1.  Insert a floral pin at each end of the egg. Leave the “u” ends of each pin sticking out about an inch from the surface.

2.  Hold the end of a fabric strip at the bottom of the egg, then wrap it tightly around the length of the egg from top to bottom, going through the floral pin at each end. This will keep the fabric strips from slipping sideways. Overlap the strips slightly. When the egg is completely covered, cut the end of the strip at the top and secure with a straight pin.

3.  Use a 6” long fabric strip to make a hanger at the top. Push the strip under the floral pin then tie the ends together.

Bow4.  To make a bow at the top, fold 1 yard of ribbon back and forth every 6″ to create 3″ loops , ending with tails that are a bit longer than the loops. Push the folded ribbon under the floral pin at the top of the egg, then push the pin down all the way into the foam to anchor the folded ribbon at the center. Ruffle the loops and tails.


5.  For the beaded tassel, cut a skein of embroidery floss in half. Pull one strand from the half-skein and tie it around the fold at the top. Pull the ends of this strand through a large-hole bead and slide the bead down over the top of the tassel. Tie the tassel to the floral pin at the bottom of the egg, then push the pin up into the egg so it is flush with the surface and the tassel hangs down.

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