Easy last-minute Halloween handkerchief ghosts


Trick-or-treaters are coming tomorrow night – are you ready? Here’s a great easy DIY Halloween craft idea for last-minute decorating – hang a bunch of handkerchief ghosts in a tree, on the shrubs, or over the front porch.
Smoothfoam ghost tree decor



Smoothfoam balls – any size
White handkerchiefs (or white squares of muslin fabric)
Rubber bands
Beading eye pins
Craft glue
Ornament hooks, floral wire or fishing line


1.  Place a ball in the center of a handkerchief – wrap and secure it around the ball with a rubber band.

2.  Poke an eye pin down through the handkerchief into the top of each ball to make a pilot hole, then remove the pin. Dip the pin in a little glue and re-insert the pin in the hole; allow a little time for the glue to dry before hanging.

3.  String and knot several ghosts on to a long piece of fishing line to make a garland, or hang ghosts individually with ornament hooks or wire.

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