Easter garland


Here’s a cute way to make Easter garland for your mantel, window or doorway – and it’s a pretty quick and easy project, too!




Smoothfoam 1-1/2″ balls
Craft paints in several colors
Beads (mine are round, flat shell beads)
Beading cord
Cosmetic sponges
Smoothfoam block

1.  Decide how many Smoothfoam balls to use, depending on the size of your beads and how long you want your garland.

2.  Press a skewer into the pilot hole of a ball and push it straight through. Leave the ball on the skewer while you paint it with 1-2 coats. Dabbing on the paint with a cosmetic sponge is faster and gives the ball even coverage without brush strokes. Push the skewered ball into a Smoothfoam block to dry; repeat for all the balls.

3.  String the balls on to the beading cord with beads in between. Knot a loop on to each end of the cord to hang.


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