Easter egg floral picks


Is there anything better than Smoothfoam eggs for Easter and spring crafting? There are a million ways to customize them! I made some Easter egg floral picks. Having a stash of floral picks on hand makes gift-giving more fun.

Smoothfoam easter egg floral picks

Add a little extra something to your Easter and springtime gifts – slip a few DIY floral picks into a grocery store bouquet and suddenly it looks like it came from the most expensive florist. Tuck a few into an Easter basket and you’ll give the Easter Bunny a run for his money!

These DIY floral picks are so quick and super easy to make too. In about 20 minutes you can have a whole bunch ready to go.

– Smoothfoam eggs
– Wood skewers
– 3-dimensional paints

1.  Insert the skewer into the center of the bottom of the egg. For floral arrangments I used 8″ skewers. You might want to go with a shorter skewer (or even a toothpick) if you want to use these in your Easter baskets.

2.  Paint a design on one half of the egg with 3-D paints and let dry with the design area facing up. Repeat on the other side of the egg.

TIPS:  One dot in the middle with five dots around it makes a darling flower design! Lay the painted eggs in an egg carton while they dry. You can also lay them on crumpled paper towels, just make a little nest so the eggs don’t roll around.


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