Easter bunny paper medallion


I have to admit that I am a holiday crafter – I love to create projects that have holiday themes! This Easter bunny paper medallion wall hanging had been floating around in my head for a while, and finally I found the perfect springtime scrapbook papers to bring him to life! Learn how to make this paper Easter bunny craft below.

Smoothfoam easter bunny rosette decoration


4″ Smoothfoam ball
DecoArt Americana Paints – Petal Pink, Fawn, Lamp Black
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Golden Molding Paste
White craft foam sheet
2 large black brads
18-gauge black craft wire, wire cutters
8′ length of white paper lace trim
12″ square sheets of scrapbook papers – pastel patterns
Alpha stickers
1/4″ wide Scor-Tape
6″ cardboard circle
18″ length of green grosgrain ribbon
Flat paint brush, sponge
Scissors, pencil, ruler
Serrated craft knife, paper trimmer

1.  Cut 1/3 off of a 4″ Smoothfoam ball. Insert pencil in the cut side of ball to use as a handle. Apply molding paste to the surface of the ball with a damp sponge to create a fur texture and set aside to dry.

2.  Cut two bunny ears and one bunny nose from white craft foam. Paint one side of the nose Petal Pink. Paint the outsides of the ears Fawn and the insided Fawn with Petal Pink centers, using the photo above as your guide. Let dry.

3.  Paint the textured ball Fawn for his face. Dry brush his cheeks with Petal Pink and let dry.

4.  To make the paper mediallion (or rosette), attach paper lace trim to opposite 12″ sides of four pieces of patterned scrapbook paper. Trim all four scrapbook papers to 6″ x 12″, leaving lace trim in tact. Fan-fold the 6″ length of all eight pieces of paper and attach the ends with Scor-Tape to create a large tube. Lay the cardboard circle on your work surface and squeeze out a 2″ circle of Tacky Glue in the center. Gather the center of fan-folded tube with one hand and push down into glue. Secure the center of medallion with heavy object (like a book) to weigh down until dry.

5.  Trim two more rectangles of scrapbook paper to 4″ x 12″.  Crumple both pieces and then straighten out. Attach the two pieces together with Scor-Tape to create a 4″ x 24″ banner. Adhere alpha stickers to spell HAPPY EASTER DAY. Glue the center of the banner to the bottom of the medallion, then fold and overlap the ends as shown and secure with Scor-Tape. Snip the ends of the banner into points.

6.  Twist three 6″ lengths of black wire together for his whiskers and attach with Tacky Glue to center of his face. Glue his nose above the whiskers and insert two black brads for eyes. Bend shorter lengths of wire to create his eyebrows and mouth as shown and glue to his face.

7.  Glue the bottom of his ears to the medallion, then fold over the top third of his ears and glue down. Secure with a heavy object like a book until dry.

8.  Glue the bunny’s head to the medallion, then tie a ribbon into a bow and glue it under his head to finish. Attach wire or ribbon to the back of the medallion for hanging on front door to welcome all of your Easter guests!


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