Driftwood Mirror

smoothfoam driftwood mirror

Driftwood has definitely become trendy, so instead of spending big bucks at a retail store, I created my own DIY driftwood mirror for less than $10 – craft store home décor on a budget! Learn how to make these unique homemade mirror frames for yourself.

Here’s what you need:

8″ Smoothfoam disc
Craft paints – three shades of brown
Tacky glue
Driftwood (I found a bag of pieces that was the perfect amount at my local craft store) Paintbrush, pencil, ruler
6″ round mirror
Starfish, blue twine
Sawtooth picture hanger

brown painted smoothfoam disc

1.  Paint the Smoothfoam disc with all three brown shades with random strokes to create a variegated finish.

assemble driftwood mirror

2.  Measure in 1″ from the edge of the disc and mark in four spots. Glue the mirror to the disc using the marks as guides and let dry. Apply glue around the foam border and lay down the first layer of driftwood pieces, overlapping the edge of the mirror and let dry.

smoothfoam driftwood mirror


3.  Apply glue to bottom of a second layer of driftwood pieces and adhere randomly over the first layer and let dry.


4.  Glue the picture hanger 2″ down from top edge on the back of the disc.

5.  Wrap blue twine around the starfish and glue it to the front of the mirror and let dry.

Create several Smoothfoam DIY driftwood mirrors in a variety of sizes to use as a focal point in YOUR home décor! You’ll find more Smoothfoam inspiration over on our Facebook page – ENJOY!

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