DIY Egg Color Chart

Egg color Chart art panel

This DIY egg color chart makes a darling Easter decoration, but its real charm lies in the fact that it can stay up after the chicks and bunnies come down. An Easter egg color chart is elegant spring décor at its best. Find this and other Easter egg crafts for kids here today!


9 Smoothfoam half-eggs
Loew Cornell paint brushes
8″ x 10″ white frame with glass removed
Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Martha Stewart craft paints – Gray Wolf, Sea Lavender, Blue Calico, Pond, Pink Carnation, Camellia Pink, Amaranth, Mint, Pea Shoot, Scottish Highlands


1.  Remove the back panel of the frame, paint it gray with 1-2 coats as needed. Set aside to dry.

2.  Paint one Smoothfoam half-egg in each color, as listed above. Paint 2-3 coats as needed. Set aside to dry.

3.  Put the frame back together (without the glass in front) and glue the eggs onto the back panel in rows of three, from light to dark. For example, in the blue row, the egg colors from left to right are as follows: Sea Lavender, Blue Calico, Pond.

TIP:  To ensure even placement, mark the middle of the back panel, glue the first egg there and then work out from that point.

Glue Eggs on Egg Chart

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