DIY Dollhouse


A dollhouse is such a charming toy for children, but they can be expensive and take up a lot of room. Here’s a solution – create individual dollhouse rooms using Smoothfoam sheets! They are inexpensive, lightweight, and you can easily store them when your little one is done playing.

diy dollhouse smoothfoam

I love that my daughter can change the rooms on whim by simply putting different wallpaper (scrapbook papers) on the “walls”. Since this is so easy to travel with, it can go to the park or a friend’s house on a whim. Here’s how to put one together.

smoothfoam dollhouse walls


3 Smoothfoam 12″ x 12″ Scrapbook Page Mounts
Glue stick
Scrapbook papers of your choice – 2 sheets for the walls and on1e for the floor
Washi tape


1. Glue scrapbook papers to two of the Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mounts.

2.  Glue flooring onto remaining Page Mount.

3.  Place one of the walls perpendicular to the other at the edges, right sides facing each other. Attach the two walls on one side with a couple strips of washi tape to help keep the walls sturdy when set-up for play.

Washi Tape Smoothfoam DIY dollhouse

4. To play with the dollhouse, place the floor piece on a flat surface. Open the two walls up and place then flush with the floor. Fill with dollhouse furniture and enjoy.

5. When play is done, fold up the walls, stack them with the floor and stow them away.


  • Make a couple of rooms and line them up to create a complete house.
  • These rooms aren’t just for little girls! Children can create dinosaur scenes using plastic dinosaur toys and jungle-like background papers. Or how about a mechanic’s shop for fixing toy cars? The possibilities are as endless as your child’s imagination!


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