Easy Riser Display Cubes for Artist Trading Cards

smoothfoam riser cubes lisa fulmer


I have a large collection of artist trading cards (ATCs), most of which are displayed in trays on the walls of my studio.  I continue to make and collect new ATCs, for which I don’t have wall space, so I use these “handy” place card holders (bought at World Market) to display them on my desk and on shelves. I needed some risers to fit more ATCs in a smaller space so I could still see them all – Smoothfoam to the rescue!

This project couldn’t be easier – just paint any size Smoothfoam cube and then pin or glue your favorite embellishments around it. I inked some silver punchinella ribbon in green and yellow to match my paints, then wrapped it around each cube. The two ends overlap about an inch, where I secured it to the cube with some straight pins pushed into the buttonholes – no glue needed.

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