Disney Villain-Inspired Party Décor

smoothfoam art frames

If you’re throwing a party soon, then you have to check out this idea for fast, easy, framed décor. Earlier this year I threw a Disney Villains-themed tea party and I had the best time decorating for it. The stars of the show were the villain-inspired framed art I had put up on the walls.


Smoothfoam Décor Frames
Acrylic craft paints
White poster board
Paintbrushes – regular and foam
Packing tape, pushpins

I created these villain-inspired paintings on poster board, cut to 11″ x 14″ to fit the opening of the Smoothfoam frames. While those were drying, I painted each frame with a basecoat of black, using a sponge to get the paint into all of the grooves in the ornate frame design. I then used a small amount of acrylic paint in purples and greens to highlights the design of the frame by lightly brushing the paint onto the frame.

Add Dimension with Acrylic Paint on the details of an Ornate Frame - Smoothfoam JPriest

After the frames were dry, I tape my art inside of each frame using two strips of packing tape across the back of the frame. I then hung the frames on the wall at angles to go along with the Mad Tea Party theme.

Villains Inspired Disney Wall Art JPriest

These ornate frames are lightweight, which makes it easy to use them for temporary party décor, since they don’t need wall anchors as a wood frame might require. Don’t tell anyone, but I hung these on the wall with push pins from my bulletin board! Also since Smoothfoam is so easy to paint, these frames can be used over again for other parties by changing the paint color to match the theme.4 vILLAINS iNSPIRED Ornate Frames JPriest

I shared images of these Villain-inspired paintings for free download over on my blog so be sure to head over there to check them out:  Download Disney Villains-Inspired Art.


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