Decorating with Seashells

Smoothfoam Shell Gift Basket


For me, vacations are all about the beach – and I haven’t left a beach yet without a pocketful of shells! I’ve crafted with found shells for literally more than 60 years, but for special ideas for decorating with seashells like these, I head to the craft store for hard-to-find shells. Smoothfoam shapes are a wonderful foundation for so many different kinds of seashell decorations. Find some wonderful seashell craft ideas below. PLEASE NOTE: Shells conduct heat from the glue gun very quickly. Use caution when handling to avoid burns.

To make this shell basket above, you’ll need:

Low-temp glue gun
Smoothfoam 8” half-ball
6-7 scallop shells

Glue the shells around the outside of the half-ball. Overlap shells as shown for better coverage. Fill with whatever decorative items you like, such as netting and more shells.

Smoothfoam Shell Mirror



To make this shell mirror, you’ll need:

Tacky glue and low-temp glue gun
Smoothfoam 12” disc
8” round mirror
Assorted shells

Adhere the mirror to the center of the disc with tacky glue. Arrange and glue shells around the outer edge of the mirror with the glue gun.



Smoothfoam Starfish Tree Supplies

To make this starfish tree, you’ll need:

Low-temp glue gun
Smoothfoam Cupcake
½” wide burlap ribbon
5 Helmet starfish (graduated sizes to stack)

Wrap the burlap ribbon around the outside of the cupcake for the base, then glue the largest starfish on top. Glue the remaining starfish on top, ending with the smallest.



Smoothfoam Starfish Tree



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