How to make a Halloween wreath with deco mesh


Hello Crafty Peeps! I have always wanted to make a DIY Halloween wreath with poly deco mesh – and with Smoothfoam as the foundation, I knew I could really make it really fabulous! Learn how to make deco mesh Halloween wreaths below.

Halloween wreath with Smoothfoam and deco mesh



Several 1/2″ Smoothfoam balls (10-15 should be enough)
One 10″ Smoothfoam disc
Poly deco mesh ribbon – two colors
Hot glue gun
Coordinating wired or grosgrain ribbon
Floral pins
Craft paint in coordinating color
Decoupage medium

1.  Cut and remove an 8″ circle from the center of the 10′ Smoothfoam disc to create the wreath form and wrap it with tulle, securing with hot glue.

2.  Cut 8″ lengths from each color of deco mesh and roll them to form spiral cones. Attach each spiral cone to the wreath with floral pins.

3.  Paint the Smoothfoam balls and allow to dry, then brush a coat of decoupage medium and sprinkle glitter on each. Glue a glitter ball to the top of each floral pin.

4.  Make a bow with long tails using the wired or grosgrain ribbon, and pin it at the bottom of the wreath. Pin extra bows and glitter balls around the wreath for a little more glitz!


I made a video tutorial for you – I hope you’re inspired to create your own beautiful wreath!


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