Whimsical Cupcake Gems

smoothfoam ball cupcakes

With spring almost here, it’s fun to start dreaming about garden gatherings and tea-time parties. Here’s an idea for a sweet and sparkly cupcake centerpiece for just such an occasion!


Two  2″ Smoothfoam balls
2 ½”Smoothfoam ball
3″ Smoothfoam ball
Polka-dot washi tapes
Assorted sequins and rhinestones
Large plastic gems or beads
Cupcake or tart tins
Tacky glue
Low-temp hot glue gun


Cover each ball with small torn pieces of washi tape.

Adhere sequins with tacky glue, then glue a rhinestone on top of each sequin.

Use hot glue to adhere a large gem to the top of each ball. If the gem is pointed at the bottom, carve out a small hole at the top of the ball with your scissors first. Then fill the hole with hot glue and attach the gem.

TIP:  Alter the color of your gems by tinting with alcohol ink, if desired.

Place a ball in each tin and arrange on a tray or cupcake stand.

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