Creepy Doll Heads for Halloween

I’m not usually into doing creepy crafts for Halloween, but Smoothfoam’s baby heads inspired me to get spooky this year. I’ve seen spooky dolls around online, but using the foam doll heads makes this craft quick, easy and inexpensive. Learn how to make these creepy Halloween doll heads below.

smoothfoam Creepy Doll Head


Smoothfoam baby head
Craft paints – Gray, black
Mason Jar
White tulle

Paint the doll head with a light coat of gray paint. While the gray is still wet, paint the eyes, mouth and ears of the doll head with black, then wipe the head with a paper towel to smudge some of the black into the gray. Set aside to dry.

Fill the mason jar with tulle and tuck the painted  doll head into the jar. The texture of the Smoothfoam highlighted like this is so perfectly creepy, isn’t it? Find numerous homemade Halloween crafts in the Smoothfoam blog.


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