Craft a home for a gnome


Turn a large Smoothfoam half-ball into a home for your favorite little people.  Leprechauns, gnomes, fairies, hobbits – all would feel welcome in this DIY gnome home! Learn how to make this homemade garden decoration below.

Smoothfoam gnome home


12” Smoothfoam half-ball
3” Smoothfoam ball
2-½” Smoothfoam egg
DecoArt Americana Paints – Khaki Tan, Buttermilk, Milk Chocolate, Berry Red
DecoArt Dimensional Effects Texture Paste
12” coco fiber liner (for hanging baskets)
Sphagnum moss
Small rocks or gravel
2 craft sticks
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Paintbrush, sponge
Serrated craft knife, heavy scissors, pruning shears

1.  With the serrated knife, cut an arched doorway and two windows in the half ball. Set aside the foam piece you cut for the doorway. Sand the openings around the edges.

2.  Paint the outside of the ball with Khaki Tan.  Let dry and sponge on Buttermilk paint. Paint the inside of the windows and door with Milk Chocolate.
Optional:  Add a layer of texture paste to the inside of the doors and windows before painting.

3.  Press a small stone into the foam to make an indentation above the door. Glue the stone into depressed area. Repeat with more stones all around the door.

4.  Use the foam doorway piece to trace a pattern of the archway opening of the door on to paper. Cut two craft sticks to fit across the top and bottom of the door. Lay the sticks on top of your pattern and add a thick layer of glue to each stick. Cut twigs to fit inside the pattern and glue each twig to the pair of craft sticks. Glue sphagnum moss into the spaces between the twigs.

5.  Lean the door inside the doorway. Cut twigs for the window frames, check for fit and glue inside the windows.

6.  To make the thatched roof, trim the coco liner with scissors to fit the top of the house and glue in place.

7.  To make the mushroom, trim off the large end of the Smoothfoam egg and cut the Smoothfoam ball in half. Use the knife to score lines on the cut side of the ball and scoop out a small depression in the center. Paint the egg and the underside of the mushroom cap tan and paint the top of the cap red. Glue the cap to the stem and add dots with texture paste.

Smoothfoam gnome home

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