Crackle medium for faux wood crafts—Christmas in July


With some crackle medium and paint, Smoothfoam can look just like holiday wood crafts – and no power tools required! This little snow family is itching to celebrate Christmas in July…so get ready for lots of holiday projects and inspiration this month. Mittens and scarves are optional!

Snowman family made with Smoothfoam by Beth Watson


These 2×4 foam blocks inspired me to create something “outside the box.” I have seen a lot of wood crafts for the holidays, but since I don’t have power tools, Smoothfoam is a great alternative to wood 2×4’s. Smoothfoam can be more easily shaped, sanded, painted and embellished, too.



Smoothfoam block – 2″x4″x8″
Smoothfoam blocks (two) – 2″x4″x12″
Serrated kitchen knife
Americana Acrylic Paints – Raw Umber, Light Buttermilk, Bleached Sand
DecoArt Weathered Wood Crackling Medium
Small buttons, seed beads
Mini pom-poms, chenille-covered wire
Scrap paper, ribbons
Assorted holiday trims
Craft glue



1.  Cut the 8″ block in two pieces – 3″ and 5″ for the baby snowman. Cut one 12″ block in three pieces – 3″, 4″ and 5″ for the momma snowman. Cut the other 12″ block in two pieces – 7″ and 5″ for the daddy snowman.

2.  Round off the edges off of each foam block by carving and scraping with the serrated knife over a bag to catch all the little foam bits.

3.  Rub the blocks together to smooth out all of the edges – Smoothfoam acts as a sanding block against itself.

4.  Paint all the blocks with Raw Umber and let dry, then brush the blocks with Weathered Wood crackling medium and set aside to dry for at least one hour.

crackle-painted Smoothfoam blocks

5.  Blend the Buttermilk and Bleached Sand paints together (50% each) and paint each block; let dry to create a crackled finish – the brown will peek out from underneath the white in the cracks.

6.  Use toothpicks and craft glue to attach each trio of blocks together, then embellish your snowman family as shown or however you like to give them each their own personality.


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