Cover Smoothfoam with washi tape


I think I might be slightly obsessed with washi tape – I just want to cover everything with it, and a Smoothfoam cube is no exception. This little tripod pedestal has become the perfect spot to place my business cards on my desk.

Washi Tape Smoothfoam riser by Lisa Fulmer



Smoothfoam cube
3 newly sharpened pencils
Black marker
Washi tape


1.  Twist off the eraser and metal sheath from each pencil. Use needle nose pliers if needed.

2.  Color the flat end of each pencil with the black marker.

3.  Wrap each pencil with washi tape – position the tape at an angle on one end of the pencil and keep the tape taut as you roll it around the pencil to avoid wrinkles.

4.  Cut strips of washi tape to place flat on the top and bottom of the Smoothfoam cube. Then wrap washi tape around the sides of the cube, allowing the strips at edges to fold over the top and bottom of the cube, and miter the corners of the tape like you are wrapping a gift box.

5.  Carefully poke the sharpened tip of each pencil through the washi tape and into the bottom of the cube to create a tripod. Sink the pencils about 2″ into the cube.

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