Carving letters out of Smoothfoam—Christmas in July


Carving letters out of Smoothfoam is really fun – and a hot-wire craft tool makes it easy.

Carving letters in Smoothfoam by CF Tanis


In the middle of summer, one way to keep cool is to think cool thoughts. For me, that means snow!

I have to admit that I actually felt a little cooler after carving this wall hanging and decorating it in wintery colors. I love Christmas in July…I think there’s a little nip in the air here!



Smoothfoam disc: 12”
Foam core sheet
Craft paints – gray, white, medium blue
Scribbles 3D Paints – white, crystal sparkle
Picture frame hook
Craft glue
Stencil brush, paint brush
Carbon paper, plain paper
Pencil, paper tape
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Hot wire foam cutting tool



1.  Draw the words “Let It Snow” on paper (or print from the computer) to fit within the 12″ disc diameter, allow at least a 3/4″ border. Tape the drawing to the Smoothfoam disc and insert carbon paper between. Trace around the words with a pencil to transfer them to the disc, then remove both papers.

2.  Carefully carve out the letters with the hot-wire tool.

3.  Cut a 12” circle from the foam core sheet.

4.  Paint the letters gray, let dry. Stipple a little white paint on top of the gray with a stencil brush for a mottled effect, let dry.

5.  Paint the foam core circle blue. When the blue is dry, draw little snowflakes all over it with white Scribbles paint. Set aside to dry.

6.  Glue the carved Smoothfoam to the blue circle. Embellish the letters as desired with Scribbles Crystal Gel and add more tiny snowflakes with Scribbles® white paint.

7.  Glue a picture frame hook to the back of the circle for hanging.


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