Carved Starfish and Jute Seashell

smoothfoam carved starfish

While browsing gift shops at the beach recently, I saw a wonderful carved wood starfish on display. I immediately knew I had to try to create one of my own – and I knew Smoothfoam was the perfect medium because it’s lightweight, easy to carve and sand, and takes paint beautifully. I love how the almost invisible “texture” of the foam is just evident enough to give the finished piece even more dimension and depth. I needed a third piece to complete my seaside vignette, so I thought it would be fun to add a Smoothfoam seashell wrapped in jute twine for a bit of unexpected additional texture – yes, I am a “texture junkie!”


8” Smoothfoam disc
Smoothfoam shell
Chalky-finish acrylic paint
Acrylic finishing wax
Heavy-duty craft glue
Jute twine
Craft knife, scissors, pencil
Fine-grit sandpaper


Draw or trace a starfish shape onto the Smoothfoam disc and cut out with craft knife.

Carve away the sharp edges of the foam to achieve a rounded look like carved wood.

carve smoothfoam starfish

Sand the edges with sandpaper just a bit to remove any loose or crumbling foam.

Paint the starfish with 2 shades of paint – tan and light brown. Use a damp paper towel to randomly blend and remove colors. Let dry.

Apply a light coat of finishing wax, then gently buff with a paper towel. Let dry.


For the seashell, coat the top section with glue, then begin in center to coil the jute twine around to cover the whole shell, adding more glue as you make your way to the bottom. Let dry.


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