Carved Dimensional Winged Heart Plaque

Smoothfoam Carved Winged Heart Plaque by Carmen Flores Tanis

I love hearts and although it is still December, I’m already thinking about Valentine’s Day. This is an easy carving project which can be done with a hot knife tool or a craft knife (check out Julie McGuffee’s post on how to cut Smoothfoam with a craft knife here). Your sweetheart will swoon when you present them with such a large colorful Valentine!


Three 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount sheets
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Acrylic paints – bright orange, yellow, lime green, green, magenta
Black Sharpie pen
Elmer’s Painters Paint pen – fine tip black
Hot Wire Foam Factory Mini-Scroll Table
Paint brush / round sponge paint brush
Wood toothpicks
Wire cutter pliers
Picture hanging hook

1.  Glue two of the Smoothfoam sheets together to make a thicker sheet.

2.  Draw a heart on the glued sheet with the Sharpie and draw a smaller heart and two wings on the remaining Smoothfoam sheet.


3.  Carefully cut the Smoothfoam sheets with the Mini-Scroll Table.


4.  Paint the shapes with acrylic paint as shown. Use the round sponge brush to add polka dots.


5.  Assemble the plaque by gluing the small heart to the center of the large heart. Connect the wings to the large heart with short pieces of toothpicks and glue. Use the wire cutter pliers to cut the toothpicks. Press together firmly. Let dry fifteen minutes.


6.  Add details with the paint pen.


7.  Attach a picture hanging hook to the back to display.


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