Carve out some Halloween fun


Why carve just pumpkins when you can carve Smoothfoam into a fun Halloween wallhanging too! Halloween is such a fun holiday—I love to make Halloween crafts to enjoy throughout the entire month of October. 




9″ Smoothfoam disc
White foam core sheet
Scribbles 3D Paint – white
Craft paints – black, orange
Picture frame hook
Craft glue
Glitters – purple, black
Paint brush, plastic dish
Carbon paper, pencil
Paper tape
Craft knife, cutting mat
Hot wire foam cutting tool


1.  Draw or print from the computer the word “Boo” on paper to fit within the 9″ disc diameter, allowing at least a 1/2″ border. Add a bat shape to the drawing. Tape the drawing to the disc and insert carbon under the paper. Trace around the words with a pencil to transfer them to the disc, then remove the papers.

2.  Carefully carve out the letters and bat with the hot-wire tool.

3.  Paint the letters and bat black; let dry.

4. Brush glue on the bat shape and sprinkle purple glitter on top. Brush glue on the letters and sprinkle black glitter.

5.  Cut a 6” circle from the foam core sheet.

6.  Paint the foam core circle orange; let dry. Draw a spiderweb on top with white Scribbles paint; set aside to dry.

7.  Glue the carved Smoothfoam to the orange circle. Touch up the sides with black paint as needed.

8.  Glue a picture frame hook to the back of the circle for hanging.


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Carmen Flores Tanis is a mixed media artist, crafter and designer who loves to make things! She specializes in combining humble materials in unusual and unexpected ways. A Designer Member of the Craft and Hobby Association, Carmen has on online craft supply store and teaches craft classes regularly in Southern California. Her secret to crafting happiness is "patience, practice and power tools."

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