Carve a sunshine sign

Carved Sunny Shine Sign made with Smoothfoam by Carmen Flores Tanis


You never know where you’ll find inspiration.

In this project I was inspired by a recent trip to the grocery store where the stacks of labeled orange crates seemed to wink brightly at passing customers.

The fruit crate labels had brightly colored images seemed to impart such personality to the fresh products nestled inside.

And although this project might look complicated, it is easy to make by carving a block of Smoothfoam and adding a little paint.

You can easily customize this project by using different words, names or colors. How cute would a child’s name be with a little flower or smiley face? Shiny cute!




2″x4″x12″ Smoothfoam block
1″ Smoothfoam ball
Acrylic paints: deep yellow, bright orange
Scribbles 3D Paint – Crystal Sparkle
1 sheet yellow sticky-back craft foam
Pencil, blue permanent marker
Scissors, painter’s tape
Tracing paper, carbon paper
Paintbrush, plastic dish
Hot wire foam-cutting tool

Carved Sunny Shine Sign made with Smoothfoam by Carmen Flores

1.  Draw the word “Shine” on a piece of tracing paper with pencil. Attach the drawing to the Smoothfoam with painter’s tape.

2.  Put a piece of carbon paper under the drawing and use the pencil to trace your design onto the Smoothfoam. Remove the drawing and tracing paper.

3.  Use the hot wire foam cutting tool to carve the word out of the Smoothfoam block.

4. Paint the front of the word with deep yellow and let dry. Paint the sides with bright orange, let dry.

5.  Add shine to the front of the word with a coat of Scribbles paint and let dry.

6.  Cut two 2” squares from the craft foam and pressd the sticky sides together. Draw a 1” circle in the middle of the foam square and cut it out. Then trim the square around the circle opening into a sunburst shape.

7. Highlight the sunburst tips with orange paint and Scribbles paint as shown.

8. Color a toothpick with blue marker and poke one end into the Smoothfoam ball. Hold the toothpick like a handle while you paint the ball yellow, let dry.

9.  Fit the ball inside the sunburst and poke it in to dot the “i.”

Carved Sunny Shine Sign made with Smoothfoam by Carmen Flores



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