Burlap Pumpkin Door Banner

Smoothfoam Burlap Pumpkin Door Banner


8” Smoothfoam half-ball
AdTech hot glue gun & extra strength glue sticks
Rit Dye – Tangerine, Apple Green
Burlap fabric (approximately 1/4” yard)
3” burlap ribbon with black stitching
Jute twine, jute rope
Bamboo stick
Westcott Craft Titanium Non-Stick Scissors and Titanium Hobby Knife
Self-Healing Cutting Mat, foam brush
DecoArt Americana Acrylics – Jack-O-Lantern Orange


1.  Cut off a half-circle approximately 3” x 4” from one side of the Smoothfoam half ball with the craft knife, and a half-circle at the opposite end, approximately 1” x 3”.

2.  Paint the half-ball orange and let dry.

3.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dye the burlap in Tangerine.

4. Cut the burlap into 2” x 12” strips. Beginning on the edge with the 1” x 3” cut, glue burlap strips over the curved edge of half-ball, extending out over the top . Do not glue the burlap to the top of the ball – let it extend off.

5.  Continue gluing strips of orange burlap, overlapping each other, until surface of ball is covered.

6.  Cut a 4″ x 6″piece of burlap and loosely roll it to create a stem for the pumpkin, about 1” in diameter. Cut three 3” x 4” leaves from burlap. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dye the leaves, stem, a 10” piece of jute rope, and jute twine in Apple Green.

7.  Center and glue the stem to the top of the pumpkin, to the extended burlap pieces.  The orange burlap will hold the stem in place – it is not glue to the ball.

8.  Glue the jute rope vine to the top of the pumpkin, extending from stem.

9.  Glue the leaves to the vine – one at the end, one at the stem and one in the center of vine.

10.  Add the dyed jute twine coils to vine, gluing to the pumpkin as needed to create small dimensional curls.

11.  Cut 3 strips of burlap ribbon 20” long.  Fold over an inch at the top edges of each and glue to create a loop. Slide the ribbons on to the bamboo stick. Cut the center ribbon 2” shorter than the left and right ribbons. Trim dovetail ends on each ribbon. Tie a length of jute twine on the stick ends to hang.

12.  Center and glue the pumpkin to ribbons.



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