Little Bunny Tutu – Easter egg decoration


Bunny time! I have always loved designing and making bunnies, especially for Easter decorations. This Little Bunny Tutu is framed by a Smoothfoam panorama egg. The tutu skirt adds a whimsical finish to the pedestal dish. Display this Easter egg bunny decoration on the mantle or create a centerpiece for your table by surrounding it with small glittered eggs. These cute Easter decorations will make a sweet addition to your spring and Easter decor. Enjoy!

DebraQ Tutu Bunny Egg Fr

You will need:

4-3/4″ Smoothfoam panorama egg
9” x 12” sheet of Kunin Printzfelt – Saralma
9” x 12” sheet of Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt – Candy Pink
White felt scraps
¼ yard pink tulle
1 yard decorative trim
2′ lengths of sheer ribbon – white, green, yellow
1 yard pink sheer ribbon
1 yard lengths of embroidery floss – pale pink, black
Mod Podge Fabric Medium
Crystal glitter
Flower embellishment
Flat-back gems
Cotton balls
Fabri-Tac Glue
Pink Easter grass
Scissors, pencil, paper
Large floral pin, paint brush
Embroidery needle, measuring tape

DebraQHowto1 Bunny Egg

1.  Brush the outer surface of the egg with a generous amount of Mod Podge Fabric medium.

2.  Cut 2″ slits along one edge of the Saralma felt and wrap it around the outside of the egg as shown. Smooth the strips of felt into place on the back of the egg, adding more Mod Podge as needed. Trim off any excess.

3.  Brush a light coat of Mod Podge over the top of the felt-covered egg and sprinkle with glitter. Set aside to dry.

4.  Adhere decorative trim to the front of the egg.

DebraQHowto2 Bunny Egg

5.  Trace paper cut-outs of a bunny body and ears on to the pink felt, then cut smaller inside ear pieces from white felt.

6.  For the bunny’s face, make four straight stitches together for the nose with pink floss; add one straight stitch for the mouth. Make a french knot for each eye with black floss. Whipstitch the two sides of the bunny’s body together, leaving 1” open at bottom. Place a cotton ball inside head and another inside the body and stitch the bunny shut. Stitch the white and pink ear pieces together, then pinch the bottom of each ear and stitch through to secure. Glue the ears to back of head. Brush the bunny lightly with Mod Podge, sprinkle with glitter and set aside to dry.

7.  Cut two 1-1/4” x 18” lengths of tulle for the tutu. Baste the two pieces together at one edge and pull the basting stitches tight to gather the tulle and tie it around the center of the bunny. Glue a small ribbon bow to the front of the tutu.

8.  To decorate the pedestal dish, cut a two pieces of tulle 5” x 36”. Baste the pieces together on one edge and pull the stitches to gather. Adjust it to fit around the edge of the dish, glue into place and then glue some decorative trim around the edge.

9.  Tie each 24” length of ribbon into a bow. Layer and glue the bows together and add a flower embellishment to the center. Adhere to the side of the pedestal dish.

10.  Place Easter grass in the dish and place the bunny inside the egg. Adhere flat-back gems to the front of the egg, then position it on the grass. Insert a floral pin in the back of the egg at an angle to act as a stand, if needed.

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