Bracelet Stand

bracelet stand

This quick and easy bracelet stand is great for displaying and selling your work at a show or even for storing your personal jewelry. Hang your bracelets on the arms or stack them around the posts.


12” Smoothfoam rod
2” x 4” x 12” Smoothfoam block
Two ¼” x 6” lengths of wood dowel
Fabric or burlap, scrap of felt
Acrylic paint
Scissors, paintbrush, tacky glue, straight pins


Mark holes four inches from each end in the centers of both Smoothfoam pieces. Poke holes at marks and stick the dowel pieces in the holes to enlarge.

Wrap the Smoothfoam with fabric or burlap. Roll up the rod in the burlap and place the seam over the holes. Clip and glue the burlap down over the ends. Cover each ends with a glued circle of felt. Wrap the block with the seam at the bottom (holes on top). Fold the ends like gift wrap and glue to secure. Use straight pins to hold fabric until glue dries, as needed.

Paint the dowels, let dry. Cut small holes through the fabric where you made holes in the Smoothfoam and glue dowels in place.

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