Bedroom door sign



Children love to claim their bedrooms and this fun DIY bedroom door sign couldn’t be more perfect for a girl, or in this case, two sisters sharing a room. Learn how to make these bedroom door signs below.



Two Smoothfoam blocks 2″x4″x12″
TCW stencil – Flower Frenzy
Delta Creative stencil – 2.5″ Squiggle Alphabet
Tulip sponge pouncer
Mod Podge Matte
Tissue paper – 2 colors
Rick rack – 2 colors (36″ length for each)
100 plastic silver beads
2 plastic crystals
20-gauge colored wire
Acrylic paint markers -2 colors
Parchment paper
Angled sponge brush
Liquid glue
Skewer or piece of 16 gauge wire
Needle nose pliers


1. Before starting your kids’ room door sign, lay out a sheet of parchment paper as a work surface. Cut the tissue papers into small squares. Decoupage the tissues on to each block (image 1) using the angled sponge brush and Mod Podge. Allow to dry.


2.  Pour a bit of paint onto the parchment paper. Place the Flower Frenzy stencil on top of the block and lightly dab paint on the stencil (image 2) with the pouncer. Gently lift and shift the stencil to to cover the whole block. Allow to dry. Wash off the stencil and repeat with another color on the second block.

3.  Draw a guide line 1/2″ up from the bottom on each block. Position the letter stencils for your name along the line on each block (image 3) and trace inside the stencil with a pencil (image 4). Color the letters with the acrylic paint markers and. ObermeyerDoorSign3a Allow to dry.

4. Glue the rick rack around the front edge of each block and allow to dry.

5.  To prepare for hanging, decide which block will hang on top of the other. Punch two holes straight through each block, from bottom to top, with the skewer or 16 gauge wire; each hole should be about 3″ in from each side (image 5).

6.  Cut a 30-40″ piece of 20 gauge colored wire (image 6).  Bend one end of the wire into a loop with the needle nose pliers.  Thread the wire through a crystal bead and through the left hole in the bottom block (image 7).  Add 2.5″ of silver beads to the wire above the block, and then thread it through the left hole in the bottom of the top block (image 8).  Thread on 12″ of silver beads, then push the wire through the right hole of the top block and then thread another 2.5″ of silver beads under the top block. Push the wire through the right hole of the bottom block and add a crystal bead. Trim excess wire leaving a 1/4″ piece to bend into a loop to finish.


This sign could also read “Natalia’s Room” with the name on the top block and the word “room” on the bottom block. Try a star stencil instead of a flower to make kids’ door name signs for boys.


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