Baby shower centerpiece


Hi everyone! I am so happy to be posting for the first time on the Smoothfoam blog!

My DD1 (darling daughter #1) is having her own DD1 later this fall, so of course I must use my craftiness to make her baby shower decorations. Her theme is a beloved girly theme park character, so I knew that I could make something amazing with Smoothfoam balls (and thank goodness she changed her mind, originally she wanted Pink Transformers, which just made my head hurt thinking about trying to make).

Anita Scroggins Minnie Centerpieces1

To make a baby shower centerpiece like this, you will need:

One 4-1/2″ Smoothfoam ball
Two 2-1/2″ Smoothfoam balls
3″ Smoothfoam cube
Clay flower pot
Wood dowel
Craft paints – black, pink, white
Crinkle-cut paper filler
Curling ribbon
Wire ribbon
Craft glue
Corsage pins
Paint brush
New pencil

AnitaScroggins Miinnie Centerpieces2

1. Paint the clay pot pink, let dry, and then add polka dots by dipping a new pencil eraser into white paint – use it like a rubber stamp. Press the Smoothfoam cube into the pot – glue it to the bottom if needed to secure.

Anita Scroggins Minnie Centerpieces 4

2.  Attach the smaller balls to the larger balls with toothpicks and glue, trimming just a bit off of each for a better fit.

3.  Press a dowel into the bottom of the large ball to make it easier to paint black. Push the opposite end of the dowel into the cube to dry.

4.  When dry, add a wire ribbon bow on top, curling ribbon underneath and paper filler inside the pot to cover the cube. I used corsage pins to attach everything – this makes it much easier to move something if needed. Try using different fillers like tulle or extra-wide ribbon.

AnitaSCroggins Minnie Centerpieces 6


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