Autumn Apple Décor

Apple decor teacher appreciation giftsYes, Smoothfoam makes fake fruit! And apple craft projects are perfect for the upcoming fall season. Stock-up now! Here are three great fall apple crafts that use Smoothfoam apples:

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Back-to-school season begins very soon and it’s always nice to start the year off right. Why not give your child’s new teacher a gift that will look adorable on her desk the entire school year?


Smoothfoam apple
Red craft paint
1″ length of wood skewer
Green felt for leaves
Clear plastic gift box or bag
Apple for Teacher Printable Tag


1.  Paint the apple red – 2 or 3 coats will give you really good coverage. Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely between coats.

2.  Cut 2 small leaf shapes from green felt and glue to the top of the apple.

3.  Push the wood skewer into the top to create the stem.

4.  Place your apple in the gift box or bag, tie with a ribbon, and print out a sweet gift tag.


Poison Apple smoothfoamPoison Apple for Halloween

Paint your apple as instructed above using black paint. Add leaves and stem. Be sure to create your own little tag to let people know it’s a poison apple! Poison apples make unique Halloween decorations. They are also a creative accessory for a witch or Snow White costume.

apple decor smoothfoamApple Décor for the Table

Try yellow and green paints to create different types of apples. Smoothfoam apples are great for fall centerpieces or they look cute sitting in bowl or basket. Individual apples could also be used as place card holders on your festive Thanksgiving table!


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