Ring toss carnival game


I was recently give the task of creating a Ring Toss Game for my grandson’s carnival-themed birthday party. After washing, spray painting and nesting all the bottles in a plastic tote, I needed to find something lightweight that would be safe to toss on to the glass bottles. Smoothfoam 4″ mini wreath forms to the rescue! Just 1-2 coats of paint and now every kid at the party will have fun trying to make a ringer and win a prize!


Birthday Party Glasses

smoothfoam birthday party glasses

My (much) older and wiser sister is turning 60. Being the sweet little sister that I am…I thought I’d make and model a pair of “special” birthday party glasses to embarrass, I mean, celebrate her.

cutting the foam 6113


Smoothfoam sheet
Acrylic paint
Craft knife, paintbrush
Decoupage medium
Superfine glitter
Wood dowel
Paper flowers

Print large numbers from your computer and cut them out to make a template. Tape the numbers together, then trace them onto the Smoothfoam sheet and cut them out with a craft knife, leaving them connected in the center.

Paint the numbers – I chose a lipstick pink. After they have dried, coat them with decoupage medium and sprinkle with superfine glitter.glittering the numbers 6130

Decorate the glasses with white paper flowers. Paint a thin wood dowel gold paint and push it into one side of the glasses as a handle.

60's glasses 6150 2

Speckled Eggs Easter Decoration

Smoothfoam speckled Eggs easter decoration

I love the look of soft pastels for my DIY speckled Easter eggs – this is a simple, yet beautiful spring or Easter decoration.

Speckled Eggs Supplies 4847

So… I grabbed my Smoothfoam eggs, gently sanded away the ridged seam and painted them with a soft chalky finish.

The best way to paint an egg 4895

Use an small glass or candle votive to hold the egg. Paint one half of the egg at a time.

Speckled Eggs Close Up 4943

I especially like the look of speckled eggs, which you can create with an old toothbrush by lightly dabbing it into brown paint and gently flicking the paint onto the eggs. Make sure to wear an apron to protect your clothing. Flicking can be quite messy! Find numerous foam Easter egg crafts here!

Mini Rose Topiary

Mini Rose Topiary smoothfoam

This mini rose topiary is perfect for Valentine’s Day and all year round – it can be easily adapted to be larger, depending on the space you want to decorate – I just happen to like this miniature silk rose topiary. Try using larger Smoothfoam balls with silk flowers inserted into a pail, vase or other decorative containers.

How to make a Mini Rose Topiary


2″ Smoothfoam ball
Mini paper roses  (I used about 60)
Red spray ink  (I used Tattered Angels)
4″ wood dowel  (the width of a Tinker Toy stick)
Small wood spool  (with a hole that fits the dowel)
Green acrylic paint, paintbrush
Fast-drying craft glue
Red and cream ticking material
Crinkle ribbon
Small wood heart


Spray the roses and the heart with red ink. Allow plenty of time to dry.

Paint the Smoothfoam ball  and the dowel green, let dry.

Poke a hole into the end of the ball. Squirt a little glue in the hole and insert the painted dowel.

Starting at the top of the ball, glue on the roses, one by one, until covered. After the rose ball is formed, you may want to go back and re-mist the flowers with more ink for additional coverage.

Cover the wood spool with the ticking material and glue the end in place. Tie a small piece of crinkle ribbon around the ticking and glue the wood heart on top.

Insert the rose ball into the wood spool.

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight smoothfoam

Winter’s her – is it snowing where you live? It’s time for some good old-fashioned fun – ready for a snowball fight?

Snowball Fight 3249

Here’s what’s you’ll need:

Smoothfoam snowman body
6″ Smoothfoam disc
1″ Smoothfoam balls  (I used 12)
2″ Smoothfoam ball
Snow-Tex Medium
DecoArt Craft Twinkles Paint, Crystal
Tim Holtz Craft Pick
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Vintage Photo
Paintbrush, Stipple brush
Palette knife, craft knife, scissors
Craft glue
Beacon Fabri-Tac Adhesive
Toothpicks, bamboo skewer, craft sticks
Fabric scraps
Paint markers

Snowball Fight Supplies


Cut the 2″ Smoothfoam ball in half. Cut the top off the rounded side of one of the balls.

Poke two holes into the bottom of the snowman body using the craft pick. Break a toothpick in half, dip ends into craft glue and insert in holes. Attach the sliced ball onto the snowman body.

Apply Snow-tex with palette knife over the newly formed snowman and the 6″ disc. Allow both to dry fully.

To Create a Snowball Wall…
Poke holes into the 1″ balls with the craft pick. Insert toothpick halves with craft glue on the ends into balls. Build wall by sticking the balls together.

Apply Snow-tex onto wall using the palette knife. Allow to dry.

Create a scene by attaching the snowman and the wall onto the disc. Reinforce the pieces with toothpicks and craft glue.

For a shimmery, snowy glow…
Paint all the pieces with Crystal Twinkles paint. Allow to fully dry.

Add shadows to the snowman and snowballs by gently applying vintage photo ink with a stipple brush.

To Create the Snowman Hat…
Measure and cut fabric to fit around snowman head. Fold over and glue one of the long edges of the fabric to create a brim. Glue fabric ends together to create a tube. Tie top of the tube with a piece of string, cut excess fabric off top of the tube and fray the ends by making small cuts with the scissors. Glue to the top of the Snowman head.

Add arms to the Snowman using small twigs. Warm him up with a fabric scarf and mittens cut from the fabric scraps.

For the Snowman’s Face…
Use two small black micro brads inserted into the snowman face for the eyes. Paint the tip of a bamboo skewer with orange paint, cut and insert into the face for the nose. Add a smile to the snowman’s face using a extra fine black paint marker.

Make a small snowball using a small pieced of paper wadded up and covered with Snow-tex. Glue finished and dried snowball onto mitten.

Snowball Fight Close Up 3194

Rag Ball Ornament

Rag Ball smoothfoam Ornament

This year, I wanted to do a small Christmas tree for the dining room. A simple, homespun tree with handmade ornaments and strung cranberries. Rag ball ornaments are just the right touch! But instead of just wrapping strips of fabric until they formed a ball, I made the rag ball using Smoothfoam.

smoothfoam Rag Ball Ornament Supplies

Supplies used:

2″ Smoothfoam ball
Fabric scraps cut into 3/4″ strips
Decoupage medium
Twine, ribbon
Craft glue
Paintbrush, sanding block


Lightly sand away the center seam on the Smoothfoam ball.

Apply decoupage medium to the back of each fabric strip and adhere to the ball.

Work with one strip at a time until the ball is fully covered, leaving the pilot hole uncovered at the top of the ball.

Brush a coat of medium over the ball to finish and seal.

Dab a bit of glue into the pilot hole and insert the ends of a twine loop to use as the ornament hanger. Let dry.

Glue a bow on top and enjoy!

How to Build a Snowman

Smoothfoam Snowman

How to build a snowman…building a snowman is pretty easy with some time and just a little patience…and a few key ingredients!

snowman parts

2″ Smoothfoam ball
3″ Smoothfoam ball
4″ Smoothfoam ball
DecoArt Snow-Tex texture medium
DecoArt Crystal Craft Twinkles Paint
Acrylic paints – white, orange
Palette knife, paint brush
3″ black felt top hat  (I found this at Jo Ann Fabrics)
Gingham fabric scrap
Grey felt scrap
Small brads and holly embellishment
Craft knife, wood skewers, scissors
Craft glue


Cut away a small section from the bottom of the 4″ Smoothfoam ball so that it sits flat.

Cut a couple of 3″ lengths from a skewer. Stick the skewer into the center of the 2″ and 3″ Smoothfoam balls.

put a stick in itAdd craft glue to the ends of the skewers before sticking the three balls together to form the snowman base. Allow glue to fully dry before continuing to the next step.

Smooth Snow-tex over the snowman with a palette knife. Here’s where the patience comes in…allow a couple of hours for the Snow-tex to completely dry.

Paint the textured snowman white and let dry. For a frosty look…paint a second coat with the glitter paint.

Cut a thin strip of grey felt and glue it around the base of the hat to create a band. Glue the holly on the band to cover the seam. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman’s head.

Cut a strip of gingham fabric and tie it around the neck. Cut small slits into the ends of the fabric for fringe.

Push two small black brads into the head for the eyes.  Push in micro black brads for the mouth.

Cut the pointed end from a bamboo skewer and paint it orange. Push it into the head for the nose.

Here’s a close-up of Mr. Snowman. Isn’t he hjandsome?

Snoman Face

Frosted Pinecone Wreath

smoothfoam Frosted Pinecone Wreath

I like making projects that serve more than one purpose, like this pinecone wreath. After I’m done with my fall decorations…I plan on adding red berries and re-making it into a Christmas wreath.

Here’s how to make a frosted pinecone wreath!

You’ll need:

14″ Smoothfoam wreath form
White spray paint
Craft moss
Craft glue, hot glue gun
Ribbon and raffia
Thin wire


paint pinecones with white spray paint


Gather an assortment of various sizes of pinecones. Spray paint one side of the pinecones white.

Glue the moss on the Smoothfoam wreath (leave the outside of the wreath bare).

cover smoothfoam wreath with moss

Hot glue and wire larger pinecones on the wreath first, then fill in the wreath with the smaller pinecones.

Tie a ribbon around the outside of the wreath and add raffia bow.