Spell it out!

smoothfoam letters

Smoothfoam letters are a great way to spell it out! Whether it’s an initial or a sentiment, these block letters add a lot of dimension to your craft projects. Paint them, glitter them, burnish them, crackle them, cover them with washi tape – spelling is more fun with Smoothfoam! Check out these projects from some of our designers – great for last-minute gift ideas, too.

Lake sign
Hugs and kisses
Monogram magnet
Basket organizer
Family frame

Ornaments with vintage charm

vintage style smoothfoam ornaments

We all love the ornaments we remember seeing on the Christmas tree in our grandparents’ (or even our great-grandparents’) home. Re-create your family favorites with Smoothfoam balls and some very inspiring craft techniques. Try your hand at tissue decoupage, no-sew fabric piecing, clay molding and more with these fun tutorials from talented designers.

vintage cameo ornament smoothfoam

victorian style smoothfoam ornament

smoothfoam quilted ornament

vintage santa smoothfoam ornament



Holiday ball ornaments for all seasons

holiday ball ornaments

Who says you can only hang ornaments on a Christmas tree? We love to see DIY ornament balls made with everyday materials like cording, paper, buttons, yarn and fabric scraps. Smoothfoam balls make any ornament project easy and more fun! After the tree comes down, these all-season ornaments can be hung from your lamp switches, doorknobs, under cabinets, or on your curtain tie-backs. Find tree ornaments for all seasons below!

Metallic ball

Ball of yarn

Fabric scrap ball

Cord-wrapped ball

Paper hearts ball

Button ball


Time to trot out the turkeys!

smoothfoam thanksgiving turkeyGobble, gobble, gobble! Give your wattles a shake and get ready for Thanksgiving decorating with these turkey craft projects. Every family gathering needs some crafty little Toms for the centerpiece, a hostess gift, place card holders or a sign of gratitude. These Thanksgiving arts and crafts projects use some very creative ideas for the turkey feathers, from ribbons to Popsicle sticks to coffee filters. Have fun!

Turkey place cards
Burlap turkey
Mason jar topper
Turkey centerpiece
“Give Thanks” sign


Glitter me crafty!

glitter smoothfoam projects

Glitter, glitter everywhere – and every drop is fabulous!  Your favorite Smoothfoam shape holds tacky glue and glitter beautifully – whether you want to just gently sprinkle a little, or splurge with a lot to get a smooth, shimmering surface. Check out these sparkling ideas from our designers!

Star wand
Alpha magnets
Ladybug photo holder
Rainbow snowflake
Faux cupcakes
Decorative spheres


DIY Bulletin Boards

diy bulletin boards

DIY bulletin boards don’t have to be made with cork – have you ever tried Smoothfoam sheets, discs and blocks? The smooth, dense and lightweight surface is not only fun to paint and embellish, it also holds straight pins snugly. If you need a small bulletin board to post a few reminders and photos, these cute designer projects are for you! Put one in your school locker, at your desk, on the cupboard door or even inside the closet.

Piñata bulletin board
Scrapbook bulletin board
Chevron bulletin board
Burlap bulletin board with key hooks
Round bulletin board
Denim bulletin board with pockets


Smoothfoam beads and jewelry displays

smoothfoam beads jewelry display

Smoothfoam balls are so fun to paint and embellish for using as beads in jewelry and accessories. Whether you work with the tiniest 3/4″ diameter or the larger 1.5″ size, they are lightweight enough to wear comfortably as earrings and necklaces. Plus they float, so they make perfect beads for key fobs and sunglass holders for all you water sports fans. If you like to sell your own handmade jewelry, Smoothfoam blocks, rods and sheets can be painted or covered to create custom jewelry display forms. Check out some of our designers’ fantastic ideas right here:

Necklace stand

Bracelet stand

Black sequin pendant

Black sequin earrings

Silver sequin earrings

Key fob

Polka dot beads