Mini bulletin board


smoothfoam mini bulletin board

A mini bulletin board to hang on your door, cabinet or wall is a simple but effective way to display photos, notes, and small artwork. One of the things that I love about Smoothfoam is that it’s lightweight and makes for easy projects for your home or dorm room.


Smoothfoam disc
Craft paints in bright cheerful colors
Washi tape
Picture hanging hardware
Tacky glue
Foam paintbrush
Photos and push pins

smoothfoam mini bulletin board with washi tape

Paint your entire Smoothfoam disk one color. When dry, accent the edges with a pretty metallic paint. Add your washi tape to the outer rim. Attach your picture hardware to the back of the disk by pushing into the foam and securing in place with the tacky glue.

Pin your photos and enjoy!

Foil-Wrapped Easter Eggs

smoothfoam foil wrapped easter eggs

Ever since I was little girl, I loved to save the pretty foils that covered chocolate eggs. I would flatten them out and collect them in empty tins. Later I would open those tins and view my foils – little treasures, some still smelling faintly of yummy chocolate!

Here I have recreated those eggs but on a larger, more permanent scale. The nice thing about these decorative Easter eggs is that you can enjoy them year after year! Learn how to make these foil-wrapped Easter eggs below.

You will need:

Smoothfoam Eggs
Wide double-sided tape
Heavy-duty kitchen aluminum foil
Bright permanent markers
Soft bathroom tissue

foil wrapped easter eggs

Cover your eggs with the tape. Then wrap with the foil, covering the tape. Cut off excess foil. Roll the eggs onto a hard surface to smooth out the creases and hard edges of the foil. if you press too hard and tear the foil, just add some tape and more foil.

inking foil wrapped easter eggs

Grab two tissues and a pen. Place one tissue in your hand to hold the egg. With your other hand, scribble the egg with the marker in small sections. Quickly use the other tissue to blend the ink. Continue, working in sections, overlapping the color until you are happy with the shade. If you feel an egg color is too dark, go over it in sections with a lighter shade and a clean tissue to blend.

If you need to start over with a egg, you can use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

smoothfoam foil easter eggs

Mexican Folk Art Frame

smoothfoam mexican folk art frame

I have an overwhelming love for Mexican folk art. I believe it began with with my dad, (top left in my photo) who’s mother was from New Mexico. Then while my mom was pregnant with me, she had intense cravings for Mexican food – and I love Mexican food!

My dad loved to take us to Mexico to visit colorful exhibits and experience the culture first-hand. Since then, I can’t seem to get enough of the art and history of Mexico.

The tin folk art has always attracted me most, with it’s embossed designs and vibrant colors. But working with tin is not easy or something that can made quickly. So here I have created an alternative using Smoothfoam. Enjoy!

Materials needed:

Two 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mounts
Heavy duty aluminum foil (from your kitchen)
Aluminum tape (from the hardware store)
Ruler, craft knife
Tacky glue
Bright permanent markers (dual-point are best)
Favorite photo

Cover one Smoothfoam sheet with foil, adding glue just to the sides and back. Set aside.

Center and trace your photo in the center of the 2nd Smoothfoam sheet. Cut the traced rectangle out of the Smoothfoam and gently remove it. Spread glue on the inside and outside edges of the open space, plus on the back of the sheet and cover with foil, same as the first sheet. Cut and fold the foil around the edges of the cut-out as shown. Use glue to hold them in place. Enforce frame cut out with the aluminum tape at the inside edges.Processed with MOLDIV

Place the sheet with the open space on top of the other sheet and gently trace the opening with a marker. Glue photo in place onto bottom sheet. Adhere the two sheets together with squares of aluminum tape at the corners.

Now for the fun part!

Gently draw your designs on the foil with the markers. Use the writing tips for details and the chisel tips to fill in color. Since the foil is thin, refrain from pushing too hard or the foil may tear. Gently push the ruler into the foil, rocking side to side to create the effect of tiles. Use a silver or grey marker for a pale tone-on-tone effect. You can find pattern inspiration by looking online or visiting your local library.



Festive Cupcakes

smoothfoam cupcakes

Happy New Year! Let’s make some festive, glittery cupcakes – they’re a quick party favor or decoration, perfect for any occasion!


Smoothfoam balls (or half-balls)
Clear craft glue
Fine and chunky glitters
Large beads
Decorative head pins
Cupcake tins, paper liners
Mixing cups, foam brushes
Lace trim (optional)


Pour some clear craft glue into a cup with fine glitter and mix well. Paint each Smoothfoam ball with 1-2 coats of this mixture. Let dry in between coats.

Brush more clear glue (without glitter) to each ball, then sprinkle on chunky glitter.

Glue each ball into a cupcake liner or tin, then glue a large bead to the top of the cupcake.

Push a decorative head pin through the bead down into the cupcake. Embellish the base with lace trim if desired.

Monogram Magnets

smoothfoam letters monogram magnets

I really love how these monogram magnets turned out! Smoothfoam letters make perfect gifts, stocking stuffers or present-toppers that can be used all year long to hold precious memories and reminders on any metal surface!


4″ Smoothfoam letters
Pearlescent craft paints
Glitter paint
Heavy-duty craft glue

painted glittered smoothfoam letters


Paint your letters front and back with the craft paint.

When dry, add some glitter paint.

When the letters have completely dried, glue your magnets to the back.

Package each letter in a cute treat bag!

Decoupage Tissue Paper Ornaments

decoupage smoothfoam christmas ornaments

Smoothfoam ornaments are perfect for holiday gifts. The smooth surface is perfect to paint, sand, decoupage and cut. The possibilities are endless!


3-5/8″ Smoothfoam ornaments
1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Decoupage medium
Mini Dew Drops embellishments
Assorted tissue paper napkins
Sequins, glitter
24-gauge colored floral wire
Decorative bead or jewel
Holiday wire, beading pliers
Foam brush, scissors
Tacky glue
Bamboo skewer, toothpicks

smoothfoam ornaments

Carefully push your bamboo skewers through each ornament as shown.

Your tissue napkins will be 3-ply. Remove one ply and cut your desired design into small triangles and short strips. Always cut more than you think you need so you won’t have to try cutting tissue paper with sticky fingers later.


tissue napkins

Use the foam brush to apply decoupage medium to the ornament, add a tissue piece and paint over it with the medium. Keep repeating these steps until you have covered your ornament.

Poke one end of the toothpick into the ornament and the other end into the Smoothfoam sheet so the ornament can dry upright.

After the ornaments are no longer sticky to touch, glue on your embellishments, glitter, sequins and trims as desired. Once again. prop up the ornament with the toothpick to set.

Measure 12″  of craft wire and fold in half. Thread your bead or jewel so it drops to the end of the wire, twist to secure. Thread a couple of sequins to cover the top and bottom of your ornament.

Push wire up through the bottom of the ornament to the top. Add another sequin, then make a loop with the remaining wire. Wrap the tail of the wire around the base of the loop and snip off excess. beaded ornament dangle

Spider Surprise Halloween Candy Dish


Now that it’s October, it’s time to plan those Halloween gatherings! Here is a easy-to-make candy dish that has a spooky surprise inside!


Smoothfoam half-ball
Glass stem candle holder (check your local Dollar Store)
Small plastic spiders
Glittered or realistic-looking medium size spider
Silver acrylic paint
Silver spray paint
Super thick tacky glue

paint smoothfoam half ball

Paint your half-ball with the silver acrylic paint. This may take a few coats to get it really shiny. Let dry in between coats.

Spray paint your candle holder silver, let dry, then glue your bowl to the top of the candle holder. Let the glue completely set before the next step.

Glue the small spiders to the outside of the bowl and candle holder. Glue the medium spider to the inside bottom of the bowl.

smoothfoam halloween candy bowl

Fill with candy and wait for someone to shriek when they think they are going for the last piece of candy but instead they get the spider! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Ghosts

smoothfoam halloween ghosts

I have purposely let my front yard grow ragged and weedy so I could have some good cover for Halloween decorations. I think these ghosts will work perfectly for Halloween!

To make these ghosts, you will need the following:

12″x12″ Smoothfoam sheet (1 per pair of ghosts)
12″x12″ paper folded in half
Hot craft knife/tool set
Pencil, black marker
Scissors, bamboo skewers
Black acrylic paint, brushes

ghost templates on smoothfoam sheet

On your craft paper, draw two ghost shapes with the pencil, utilizing the entire paper as much as possible. Cut the ghosts out and arrange on the Smoothfoam sheet. Trace ghosts with a black marker.

cut out ghost shapes from smoothfoam

Attach the cutting blade to your hot tool and set to high. Once hot, use this to cut the ghost shapes from the sheet.

chisel smoothfoam edges with hot knife

Use the hot blade to chisel off the edges, front and back of each ghost. Turn off hot tool and let cool.

smoothfoam ghosts

Draw spooky eyes and mouth with your marker. Check to see if the tool is cool, if so, use a dry cloth to remove the blade and attach a tapered tool. Turn on tool to high.

carve smoothfoam with heat tool

Use the hot tool to remove just some the insides of the spooky eyes and mouth, careful not to burn all the way through. Paint those areas with the black paint. When dry, carefully insert the bamboo skewers at the bottom then decorate your front yard or potted plants.


Glue-Resist Spider Web

smoothfoam spider web halloween decoration

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s a chance to be mysterious and a little scary. I love the decorating part more than the dress-up part! Last year I turned half my garage into a haunted house for the trick-or-treaters. It was simple with few effects, yet dark and unknown to the kids and adults. It was a hit! Since then I have been dreaming up new ideas and props, like this spider web idea – enjoy!


Any size Smoothfoam disc
Tacky glue
Black acrylic paint
Baby wipes or damp paper towels
Small paintbrushes, foam brush
Rubber spider
Straight pin, ruler

Processed with Moldiv

Use your ruler to press line indents into your disk creating even pie shapes. Cover those indents with thick lines of glue. Starting at the outer edge of the disk, draw the webbing detail in glue, working around toward the center. You can find spider web images online for reference. Let glue set until it is no longer soft and sticky. The tacky glue seems to work best as you want a ‘raised’ web when dry. Other glues either dry to a flat finish or remain sticky, and a hot glue gun could melt the Smoothfoam. When ready, paint the entire surface black.

Processed with Moldiv

Working quickly before the paint can fully dry, use the wet wipes to pull some of the black off the dried glue. Next, fill in the background with the paint and smaller brushes. When dry, push the straight pin through the rubber spider and attach onto the spider web. Display on a bookshelf, wall or in a haunted house! A black light will make the web glow ever so spookily!