Tower of Blocks Centerpiece

Smoothfoam tower of blocks centerpiece

I love my new tower of blocks as a centerpiece for my table or kitchen island – it shows off all the cool monoprints I’ve been making. Create a themed tower of blocks for party table decoration!

I have been doing a lot with monoprinting on cardstock and now I have a PILE of cool prints and didn’t know what to do with them all. So this project was designed to use a bunch of prints in a creative way. Check out the monoprinting tutorials online to see all the possibilities for printing your own themed or patterned papers using acrylic paints and stencils.


8″ Smoothfoam cube
5″ Smoothfoam cube
3″ Smoothfoam cube
Gel Press™ Printing Plate
Acrylic paints
Stencils, paint brushes, brayer
White cardstock
Craft glue
Permanent markers
Stamps, inkpads

Mono Print

After your monoprints are dry, trim them into squares to fit each side of your Smoothfoam cubes. Treat the monoprinting like a background and then stamp your favorite focal image on top.

smoothfoam cubes

Glue a square to each side of the cube, plus the top, and let dry.

stamping on monoprinted paper

Color the corners of each cube with a marker and you’re done! Stack the cubes in a tower – glue in position if you want, or leave them loose for more versatility. A single decorated cube makes a great riser for a little statue or art piece. I love pears, so I added a faux pear to the top.

tower of smoothfoam cubes

Spring Flower Wreath

smoothfoam spring wreath

Hello!  Today I’m sharing a fun and bright DIY flower wreath. Smoothfoam now has wondertul wreath forms that have measurement marks to make our crafty lives easier!

Supplies you will need:

Two nesting Smoothfoam wreaths (mine are 16″ and 11″)
Silk flowers
White glue & hot glue
Straight pins

Wrap the larger wreath with darker ribbon and secure the ends with glue and/or pins.

Wrap the smaller wreath with a lighter ribbon. Glue the two wreaths together and set aside to dry.


Attach the flowers in between the wreaths with pins. The final touch was this little garden fairy in the center, attached with some hot glue.

IMG_0003 (1)Hope you all enjoy the coming warm weather and beautiful flowers! For more of my work, visit my blog and Facebook page!

Lucky Shamrock Coin

smoothfoam shamrock wallhanging

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day home décor idea to share the Luck of the Irish! I’m actually from a long line of Murphys, so this shamrock coin craft works for me. And if you’re not Irish, you can join us anyway! Learn how to make this shamrock wall hanging below.

You will need:

4 Smoothfoam panorama hearts
One 8″ Smoothfoam disc
Glitter (I used the Art Institute brand – it dries clear and quickly)
Craft glue
Crystal or gem
Hot glue gun
Foam brush

smoothfoam hearts

Use a foam brush to apply glue around the edges of each heart and then sprinkled dark green glitter on top. Shake off excess glitter and set aside to dry.

glitter smoothfoam heart

Cover the Smoothfoam disc with glue and sprinkle with gold glitter. Shake off excess glitter and set aside to dry. Glue and glitter the centers of each hearts with a brighter Emerald Green and let them dry.

glitter smoothfoam shamrock

Adhere each heart to the gold coin with hot glue as shown. Glue a “lucky green stone” in the center.

smoothfoam st patricks day decoration

Mixed Media Monoprint – Unlock Your Dreams

smoothfoam mixed media paintingI love getting to spend time around my creative friends – all of the Smoothfoam designers are so fun and inspiring. Today I am sharing a mixed media monoprint – unlock your dreams!

Smoothfoam 12″ x 12″ sheet
Gel Press printing plate
Acrylic paints, paint pen
Dimensional paints (I used Liquid Pearls)
Embellishments, crystals, chain

monoprinting on Smoothfoam

I started by painting a base coat of color to the Smoothfoam sheet. I then spread a second glossy color on the Gel Press with a brayer and pressed the stencil on top. I pressed the Smoothfoam sheet on to the stencil/plate to make a monoprint.  I repeated the process with several colors and stencil designs to create a varied  background.

stenciled background

I stenciled some key shapes and wrote a sentiment on the surface with dimensional paint. I embellished my piece with some bling and a key on a chain.

IMG_0008 (6)

Love Blooms Wallhanging


smoothfoam love wallhanging

As we are starting a New Year, I wanted to start mine in a positive way with a reminder to plant love wherever I go.


Eight 3″ Smoothfoam hearts
6″ Smoothfoam disc
Craft paints – purple, magenta, champagne
Heavy-duty craft glue
Paint marker
Yarns and fibers


smoothfoam hearts


Squeeze multiple colors of paint out on a paper plate.

Dip each Smoothfoam shapes in the paint and swirl them around. As you lift the shapes up, the paint makes little peaks. After each piece is dry, paint the edges with the darkest color and let dry.

Use toothpicks to attach the rounded parts of the hearts to the circle and secure with glue. Let dry.

smoothfoam painted hearts

Write your favorite motivational quote in the center of the flower and trim with fibers. May 2016 be filled with love and happiness!

Snowman Trio

smoothfoam snowmen

As much as I am NOT looking forward to snow and winter, I do love a happy snowman!  I decided to make a snowman trio for a fun wintery display. This is nice to leave out even after Christmas.

2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
3 each of three sizes of Smoothfaom balls – 2″, 1.5″, 1″
Craft glue, black glitter glue
Acrylic paints – blue, white
Heat carving tool
Orange dimensional paint
Faux snow
Ribbons and fibers


To make each snowman stack a little easier, carve a little divot in the two bottom balls and also in the base block. Carve the words “LET IT SNOW” into the front of the block with heat tool.

IMG_6723Painted all the Smoothfoam pieces white and let dry. For the front of the carved block, paint it blue, using a flat foam brush to allow the white inside the letters to show.

Cover the balls in white glue and roll them in the faux snow, then let dry. Paint a face and buttons with black glitter glue, and dab some orange dimensional paint for the nose.

Glue each set of three balls together to assemble each snowman, then glue them to the block. Tie some ribbons and fibers around their necks.

Halloween Tombstones to DIE for

smoothfoam halloween tombstone decoration

I am so excited to show you some more of my CREEPY creations using blank Smoothfoam tombstones. After making one tombstone craft for my post from last month, I realized one tombstone wasn’t enough…I just needed more. These DIY Halloween tombstones are so great for Halloween party décor. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and Happy Haunting!


Smoothfoam tombstones
Smoothfoam letters
Smoothfoam ball
Heat tool with stylus
Acrylic paints and brayer
Connie Crystal black rhinestone sheet

smoothfoam letters BOO

I like the rounded top of this tombstone – perfect for carving in a spider web. Use a stencil for the basic web lines, then carve in the rest freehand. After carving, paint a blend of black and white paints over the top using a brayer. Paint the Smoothfoam letters – BOO – black and then distress with bits of white.

To make the spider body, paint a small Smoothfoam ball (cut in half) black.

Smoothfoam crystal spider

After gluing the spider body to the web, trim strips from the crystal sheet for the head and legs and glue in place. Add a little diamond of crystal on the spider’s back. Glue on the letters and let everything dry.

carved smoothfoam tombstone

As you get more comfortable carving Smoothfoam with a heat tool, try to make faux stone – it’s so fun! Carve out the individual stones and add texture to each stone. Paint a few recessed lines black, use the brayer over areas where you want white carving to show through, then paint the rest of the stone with a brush, blending several different earthy colors.

carved faux stone smoothfoamMy third tombstone is a fun one. My niece does not like chickens or roosters, so this is my tribute to a pet cemetery. I also wanted to add some color to the stone. I used my stencils to carve the face of the project, then used a small brush to paint all the colors inside the carved out areas. I made sure to blend fun, bright colors on the rooster and also the sun.

pet cemetery smoothfoam tombstoneOn all these DIY Halloween tombstones, when I was done carving and adding paint to the recessed areas, then I used the brayer to cover the rest of the flat surface. The rooster really came out nice and very colorful – my niece even told me she thought it was cute!

Halloween Tombstone

smoothfoam headstone


Smoothfoam Tombstone
Heat tool
Stencil, painters tape
Acrylic paints

First I taped a large 12″ X 12″ Day of the Dead skull stencil on the Smoothfoam tombstone and used a heat tool with a pointed tip to carve out areas on the stencil. Be careful with the tool as it gets very hot and you barely have to touch the Smoothfoam for it to melt away! I like being able to control the depth of the melt. After finishing with the stencil, I went freehand with the heat tool to write RIP.

After I finished carving, I spread some paint on a flat surface and rolled the brayer in it to transfer the paint to the surface of the tombstone. By using a brayer instead of a brush, paint only went on the raised areas. The recessed areas stated white.

Day of the Dead Smoothfoam carving

When I was editiing the photos I thought it would be cool to make one black and white…gives it a creepy look. I am hoping to have several more done in time for Halloween to decorate my whole yard!

black smoothfoam headstone

Lollilop Flower

smoothfoam lollipop flower

As summer comes to an end, I see the last of the flowers coming up. A friend of mine asked me for a kid-friendly flower project, so I thought using Smoothfoam to make this lollipop flower was the perfect idea! The kids LOVED it – it was fun and easy to make. Ages 3 and up can do this with help!


10″ Smoothfoam disc
6″ Smoothfoam disc
12″ Smoothfoam rod
2″ X 4″ X 4″ Smoothfoam block
3/4″ Smoothfoam balls
Acrylic craft paints: red, orange, yellow, dark green, light green, bronze
Craft glue, wood skewer, toothpicks
Chunky white frost glitter

I started by painting all of the Smoothfoam – the block is bronze, the rod is two blended shades of green, and the discs/balls are blended with red, orange and yellow. To make it more fun for the kids, I put two colors of paint in a plastic bag and just squished the 3/4″ balls around inside until coated. Set aside on a paper towel to dry.

While the two discs are still damp with paint, sprinkle on the glitter.

glittered smoothfoam discs

Once all is dry, layer and glue the two discs together. For the base and flower stem, glue the rod to block – for extra security, I used a long skewer to hold the two elements together, inserted from the bottom of the block. Use toothpicks and glue to attach the stem to the back of the flower. Glue a few metal washers or coins to the bottom of the block if needed to weight the flower so it stands straight and balanced.

Glue the balls to the outer rim of the larger disc to make “petals!”

Pac-Man vs. Poké Ball…Game on!

smoothfoam pacman sign
I have two boys and they are huge into gaming. Of course I am “old school” and played Frogger, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The boys are from the world of Mario, Pokémon and so much more! My goal with this sign project that I made for them was to show the superiority of my games…Pac-Man vs. Poké Ball. I think the photo tells the story in one big bite!


6″ Smoothfoam disc
8″ Smoothfoam disc
1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Acrylic paints
Heavy-duty craft glue
Craft knife, pencil, paintbrushes


1.  Draw two intersecting lines through the center of the 8″ disc and cut away the right side with a craft knife for Pac-Man’s mouth. I made my cut a little jagged to make it seem like my Pac-Man has teeth. You can use a hot knife for a smoother cut.cutting pacman mouth in smoothfoam disc

2.  Paint this disc with two shades of yellow to add a little variation and let dry. Paint around the outside edge with black and add the eye to the front, let dry.

3.  For the Poké Ball, paint the 6″ disc white and let dry.

4.  Mark the center with a circle. I used a lid to trace around, then used a ruler to draw lines across the center.smoothfoam poke ball

5.  Paint the top part red and the middle area black. Let it all dry, then paint around the edge with black. Let dry.

6.  For the sign backer, paint the Smoothfoam sheet black and let dry. Glue both discs to the sheet.