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I'm a work-at-home mom of 3 and a creative professional. I love all things creative and I enjoy working with all kinds of materials from handmade mixed-media crafts, fabric and sculpture to Illustration, painting and digital design. I'm always looking to learn something new and make something fun, and I strive to inspire this same passion for creativity in all ages.

Carve your own stamps for greeting cards


Did you know you can carve your own DIY ink stamps out of Smoothfoam? All you need is a hot knife or other heated cutting tool and your creative mojo. Smoothfoam’s surface creates a really cool, rugged texture when you apply stamping ink – I love this distressed look!

Smoothfoam stamp art


Since July 4th is coming up, I thought I’d show you how to make carved foam stamps you can use to show off your patriotic spirit.

Stars and stripes are pretty simple to design. Make all different shapes and sizes and have fun!



Smoothfoam block (any size)
Heat carving tool
White cardstock
Blue fabric – 5″x9″
Wide red ribbon
Red embroidery floss
Fabric glue
Dimensional and flat glue dots
Red and white buttons
Pinking shears
ClearSnap ColorBox Crafter’s Ink in red and blue



1. For the star-shaped DIY ink stamps, draw a star (approx. 1″ wide) on to the Smoothfoam and carve away the area of foam around it with your heat carving tool. Carve an outline into the solid star to create a double star as shown.

2.  Cut another piece of the block down to a square (approx. 2″ wide) for the square background stamp.

carved smoothfoam stamps

3.  Stamp 3 squares with red ink and stamp 4 stars (separately) with blue ink on to white cardstock. Allow to dry (or heat-set if necessary). Cut out all 7 shapes, allowing a thin white border on the outer edges, and set aside.

4.  Trim and score another sheet of cardstock to fold into a 5″x7″ greeting card.

5.  Trim the blue fabric on all sides with pinking shears and wrap around the front panel of the card as shown. Adhere to the card with fabric glue, allow to dry.

6.  Wrap and adhere the wide red ribbon around the front panel over the fabric. You may wish to glue another piece of cardstock to the inside of the front panel to cover the fabric and ribbon edges. Allow to dry.

7.  Layer a star on top of each square with dimensional glue dots and adhere each square to the front of the card with flat glue dots or fabric glue, as shown.

8.  Tie embroidery floss through button holes and adhere buttons to center of stars with dimensional glue dots. Adhere the last star to the ribbon border. You can use this same technique to create carved foam stamps in a variety of other shapes.


Painted flower stakes

Hand painted flower decor stakes


We give a lot of plants and flowers as gifts in our family and I always like to add a little something extra. Sure, I could make a handmade greeting card, but why not make something that can be used well after the flowers are gone?

So I decided to create these pretty carved and hand-painted flower stakes. They can be added to a bouquet of flowers, poked into potted plants or you can even use them in the garden. Make them in a variety of colors for a whole bouquet.



Smoothfoam sheet – any size
Foam carving tool
DecoArt Americana Craft Paints
Buttons and twine
Hot glue gun
DecoArt Glamour Dust
Wood skewers

Carve flowers from the SmoothFoam


1.  Sketch flower designs on the Smoothfoam then carve them out.
Tip:  Use a pencil or light-color pen to sketch your flower design. Darker color pen strokes are likely to show through the paint.

2.  Use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

3.  Paint each flower with 2-3 coats of desired color(s), allowing paint to dry between coats. Immediately after applying the last coat of paint, gently sprinkle Glamour Dust over each flower.

4.  Thread twine through button holes and tie a knot. Using hot glue, adhere buttons to the center of each flower.

5.  Insert skewer into bottom of each flower.

Add buttons and sticks



Faux bronzed alphabet block

Bronzed Alphabet Block Home Decor by Jen Goode

By combining carving techniques and layers of paint, you can create a pretty décor accent for anywhere in your home that looks like real stone or metal. I wanted this faux bronze alphabet block to look a bit like a bronzed wooden block. I think this DIY Father’s Day craft would make a great gift—it’s masculine and charming and it complements a rustic or old world décor. Make more than one to spell out a name or inspirational word.



4″ Smoothfoam cube
Clay carving tools and/or a heat tool
DecoArt paints in 3 shades of brown, cream, gold
DecoArt Triple-Thick Gloss Glaze
Paper towels and wax paper


1.  Carve a design into the Smoothfoam block. I began with clay-carving tools but found a heat tool allowed me to get a little more detail much quicker. Each side features a different letter, to spell LOVE. The top and bottom are heart designs.

Carving Smoothfoam block

2.  Paint the entire block using a medium brown.

3.  To use a paper towel as a blotting cloth, fold it lengthwise and twist the ends together into a handle to hold, leaving the flat folded area to blot with. Tap the towel into some paint, then tap off the excess on to a sheet of wax paper before applying it to the block.

Painting Smoothfoam carved block

4.  Add layers of color using this blotting technique. Start with gold, then dark brown, then cream, then medium brown. Placing lighter shades under the darker colors will give your piece more highlights and shadows, creating a “bronzed” texture. Allow to dry.

5.  Apply a generous coat of glaze on each side, one at a time, allowing it to dry before doing the next side to prevent dripping.

Gloss glaze coat on carved Smoothfoam block

Bronzed Alphabet Block up close

National Craft Month: Easter tile art

You can create this lovely tile art to compliment your Easter holiday décor.

I used a dry-brush painting technique to combine colors and add texture without overpainting, which results in a really neat, natural stone tile look.

Smoothfoam is a great alternative to canvas for painting. You can add texture by creating dents and holes or even carving in addition to add layers of other materials.

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12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
DecoArt Americana Craft Paint – tan, yellow, pink and purple
DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint – Ice Crystal
Liquid craft glue
Stiff bristle paint brushes – 1″ and 1/4″
Ballpoint pen

1.  Carve an egg shape in the middle of the foam with the tip of a retracted ballpoint pen (don’t leave ink marks on the foam). Pierce holes on the foam’s surface around the egg shape to create a background pattern.

2.  Squeeze out lines of glue to create a design on the egg and to create dots throughout the background and allow to dry thoroughly.

3.  Paint the foam (over the top of dried glue design) with tan paint, making sure to leave no white foam showing.

4.  If the glue design is not distinct enough, apply a second coat of glue on top of the first coat and allow to dry again.


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National Craft Month: Decorate with glitter spheres!



I love glittery accents in décor, but so many of the pretty, sparkly spheres in the stores can be very expensive. Why spend all that cash when it’s so easy to make your own!

You can add colorful, glittery yumminess to baskets, place settings and mantels with Smoothfoam balls and this technique. Add a little extra color-coordinated twinkle to any room in no time at all.

Visit my website for the full step-by-step instructions to make your own glittery spheres.

Want a chance to WIN $100 worth of Smoothfoam sheets and shapes? Just leave on comment on this post (click the “replies” link below) and come back to leave a comment on every post in March to enter! That’s up to 31 chances to win…good luck!