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I am a designer, author and demonstrator in the craft & sewing industry. I love to make pretty things and I believe creativity is as essential to life as breathing!

Heartfelt Felt Flower for Valentine’s Day

felt heart flower

For Valentine’s Day, a day of hearts and flowers, I was inspired to use a heart shape to make a big Valentine flower for my heart vase. Half of a Smoothfoam ball makes an ideal flower center – just add fun polka dot straws for a stem and there you have it!  Make a bouquet and tuck a love note into the back. Be Mine, Valentine!

You will need:
2” Smoothfoam ball
9” x 12” Kunin Felt Craft Cuts – 3 sheets Red, 1 sheet Candy Pink
Heart shape die (mine is for a Sizzix Big Shot machine)
Buttons – pink, white, red
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion
Fabric heart embellishments or stickers
3 paper straws
12” piece of 1/8” dowel
Scissors, clamp, craft knife

make red felt heart flower

1.  Cut the Smoothfoam ball in half and glue buttons to the round side with Turbo Tacky. Overlap to cover completely. Set aside to dry.

2.  Die-cut six red and two pink hearts.

how to make felt heart flower
3.  Use Fabric Fusion to glue a 1-½” center line in each red heart. Fold in half, finger press.

4.  Use a clamp to hold each heart petal while gluing the next one. Repeat for all six. For pink hearts, glue along the entire edge, fold in half, finger press.

5.  Place the half ball round side down. Glue flower petals overlapping slightly, spacing evenly around flat end of ball.

6.  Cut the dowel in half. Insert into straws to join together and glue if needed. Glue straw to back of flower. Glue pink heart leaves overlapping at join of first two straws.

7.  Add fabric embellishments and buttons as desired. Trim stem to appropriate length.

Sweet Little Snowbaby

smoothfoam snowman

I love snowmen and this little snowbaby is super cute and easy to make. I have a collection I add to each winter season. This little one is ideal for a shelf or tablescape, and of course ideal as a gift. With the long winter ahead, this snowbaby will always make you smile! A family of snowbabies adds up to a very cute winter scene. Even just one is pretty darn cute! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

You will need:
One 3” Smoothfoam ball
One 4” Smoothfoam goose egg
9” x 12” White Kunin Prestofelt
¼ yard Red Snowflake Kunin Seasonal Felt
2-3/4” and 3-1/2” buttons
8mm black bead
1 chenille stem
4” plastic snowflake
Crystal glitter
Wood skewer, blush, scissors
Fabri-Tac adhesive
Measuring tape, ruler, pencil, wire cutters

smoothfoam snowman assembly

1.  On the back of the Prestofelt, draw measurements as shown in step 2. Cut along drawn lines.

2.  Cut a thin slice off both ends of the egg. Insert a 4″ length of skewer into the narrow end, press the ball on top of the egg and push the pieces together.

3.  Clip a ½” fringe along both long sides of the two white felt strips. Peel the paper off of the felt for the head and wrap around the ball. Cut off excess and smooth in place. Repeat for the body piece as shown in Step 3. You will have a few small pleats on both the head and body.

stitching felt 4.  Cut the snowflake felt to 9” by 12” for the hat, plus a 4” by 18” piece for the scarf. Mark the center point at one end of the hat piece. Draw a line from each outside corner at bottom to the center point to make a triangle. Cut it out as shown in Step 4.

5.  Flip over the hat piece and glue the chenille stem to the center, 3”down from top as shown in Step 5.

6.  Fold the hat with the wrong sides together and glue along the back seam. Place on the snowbaby’s head and pull the chenille stem so the hat wrinkles. Trim off the excess stem and glue the hat in place.

7.  Fringe the ends of the scarf piece, fold in half and tie it around the neck. Glue in place and add buttons as shown.

8. Glue the plastic snowflake to the bottom of the snowbaby so it will stand up.

Snow Globe

smoothfoam snowglobe snowman

This time of year with the gift giving season upon us, ideas for creating special (also quick and inexpensive) gifts for teachers and coworkers in gift exchanges are welcomed. This pretty snow globe is easily created from a recycled glass jar, craft glitter and foam shapes. This is a great way to use up small leftover bits of trims, too.

You will need:
Smoothfoam 1-1/2” ball
Smoothfoam 2” ball
Smoothfoam 2-½” egg
Large, clean, empty glass jar with lid
¼” x 8” scrap piece red felt
3-1/4” green sparkly pompoms
Six 1” white snowflakes (paper, plastic, etc)
Three 4” glitter twigs; two 1” twigs
12” length of ribbon
2 toothpicks
Mod Podge
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Scissors. measuring tape, ruler, pencil
Marker, paint brush, knife, long needle

1.  Cut a slice off one end of the 2” Smoothfoam ball.
2.  Make holes through the center of all three foam pieces. Place glue on toothpicks and insert through center of all three assembling as shown. Place more glue between pieces before pressing firmly together.

smoothfoam snowman assembly 3.  Glue the snowman to the under side of the jar lid and let dry. Draw a face on him with a marker.
4.  Brush the snowman and inside the lid with Mod Podge, then sprinkle him with glitter, shaking off the excess.
5.  Make holes for his arms and insert 2” twigs. Tie the scrap felt around his neck and glue on the pompoms for buttons. Brush the twigs, scarf, and pompoms with Mod Podge and sprinkle on a little more glitter. Glue the other twigs to the side of the snowman.
6.  Insert the snowman carefully into the jar and screw on the lid. Glue the ribbon around the base of the lid and glue snowflakes randomly around the jar. Brush the outside of the jar with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter.
7.  Add a snowflake gift tag and present to a favorite someone to enjoy!

Last Minute Halloween Decoration – Bat Mobile

Smoothfoam halloween bat mobile

Holy Bat Mobile! Not exactly the famous batmobile of Batman and Robin, but a perfect project for striking Halloween home décor. It’s quick and easy – you can have it hanging before the little trick-or- treaters stop by tonight. Happy Halloween!

You will need:
Smoothfoam 12″ half-ball
1/3 yard Black Kunin Eco-fi Plus Felt 
5 yards of 3/8” wide orange ribbon
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Adhesive
4 wood skewers
Black craft paint
1 black button
Foam brush, paper, pencil, pins
Cutting mat, scissors

smoothfoam bat mobile tutorila

1.  Paint the skewers and the half-ball black, inside and out. Set aside to dry. Glue ribbon in stips as shown. Finish the edge by gluing a ribbon around it.

2.  Print and cut out my bat pattern (click here) – then mark and cut out six bats from the felt.

3.  Make a small hole in the center of each bat and insert a skewer. Put two bats on two of the skewers and one bat on the remaining two skewers. Squirt a line of glue along the center of each bat and press in half to glue skewer in place.

4.  Make a hole in the center of the top of half-ball. Cut an 18” length of ribbon, thread it through a button and tie a knot to secure. Pull the ribbon through the hole in the half-ball and pull it up so the button rests snugly agains the inside.

5.  Poke pilot holes with a skewer, evenly spaced around the rim of sphere. Glue each bat skewer in place. After taking the pictures, I decided to trim off the skewers that had only one bat, to make them look like they are flying.

I admit to having had some trouble with this design. Originally I envisioned the bats hanging from ribbon but I could not get them to balance, my mobile hung crookedly. There is always a creative solution and so the skewers worked perfectly. What I also discovered was that this is very cool when hanging from a ceiling fan blade put on low speed so the bats look like they are swooping around the room. Also make sure to hang it high enough above anyone head.


Fall Pumpkin

corduroy smoothfoam pumpkin

Fall is so festive, with vibrant foliage on the trees and fields of pumpkins…the inspiration for my fall corduroy pumpkin. I had picked up some soft orange corduroy and brown polka-dot felt that was ideal for a Smoothfoam pumpkin patch!

You will need:
4-1/2″ Smoothfoam ball
8″ x 16″ rust corduroy or felt
4″ x 10″ polka-dot corduroy or felt
5″ square green Felt
5″ dowel
Leaf embellishment
1/2 yard raffia or yarn
Fabri-Tac Glue
Scissors, knife, ruler, pencil

1.  Cut off a thin slice from both the top and bottom of the ball. Make a hole in the center of one end of the ball.
2.  Wrap the corduroy piece around the ball, leaving a 1″ overlap and enough on either end to meet in center. Trim off excess. Glue the overlap first and then fold fabric over both ends and secure with glue.
3.  Make hole in center top of the pumpkin. Roll a 4″ by 10″ strip of brown polka dot around a 5″ piece of narrow dowel. Push the bare end of the dowel into the top of pumpkin with a little glue.
4.  Cut a leaf shape out of green felt to glue to the top. Tie on some raffia or yarn. Add a rusty leaf accent and you have a pumpkin!

So quick and easy, you can make a whole pumpkin patch in no time! Make smaller pumpkins as place card holders or party favors. I originally added a flat piece of fabric covered cardboard to the bottom, but that’s optional. Find numerous fall pumpkin crafts here today!

Wine Bottle Heart Charm


Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays…there are so many occasions we celebrate with a bottle of wine or champagne. How about making a heart charm to make that bottle even more special? This is a super quick and easy project – perfect for hostess gifts.

You will need:
Flat Smoothfoam heart
Beaded charm dangle
Bracelet chain
Small flat heart charm
Silver metallic paint
Two 1” cotter pins
Paint brush
Jewelry glue
DQuartermainWineBotCharmPhoto21.  Paint the heart with two coats of silver. Let dry in between coats.
2.  Loop the dangle on one cotter pin, and put the trinket chain in the other cotter pin.
3.  Carefully push the pin with the dangle into the bottom of the heart, then push the pin with the chain into the top of the heart. Dip the ends of the pin into a bit of glue to secure, if desired.
4.  Glue the heart charm to the center of the Smoothfoam heart.

Bunny Door Hanger

There is a new addition to our family, a sweet baby girl. Her nursery has a bunny theme with gray walls and pink accents. Since her bedroom door is often closed while she is napping, I decided to create a “somebunny special” DIY bunny door hanger with a Smoothfoam hollow half-ball. Use pins instead of glue to attach the hat – then you can easily change the hat for each season or holiday. Learn how to make this Easter door hanger craft below.

Smoothfoam bunny door hanger

You will need:
8” Smoothfoam hollow half-ball
9” x 12” Kunin Classic Felt – 1 Classic Pink, 1 Candy Pink
18” x 22-½” Kunin Plushfelt – white
2/3 yard white ribbon
2-1/2” black buttons
Straw hat
Scissors, ruler, pencil, paper
Straight pins, blush
Low-temp hot glue gun

1.  Draw or trace a 12” circle on the back of the Plushfelt and cut it out.

2. Draw or trace an 8-10″ long bunny ear shape (as shown below) on to paper to make a pattern and cut out. Trace the ear pattern twice on to the pink felt and twice on to the white plush felt and cut out. Glue the wrong side of the plush felt to pink felt for each ear.

smoothfoam bunny parts3.  Center the half-ball, hollow side up, on the wrong side of the plush felt circle. Bring one side of the plush felt up over edge of the ball and glue into place, then bring the opposite side up to glue. Repeat for the other two opposite sides. For the remaining felt in between, gather it evenly and glue it in place to cover the half-ball.

smoothfoam bunny head
4. Glue on buttons for eyes and trim a rounded triangle from the candy pink felt for the nose and glue in place. Blush the cheeks. Pinch the tops of each ear and glue to each side of the head.

5.  Pin or glue the hat to the top of the head. Glue each end of a ribbon on either side, under hat band, for hanging on a door knob.


Vintage baby block


With Mother’s Day a few days away and my daughter only a couple weeks away from becoming a mom herself, I wanted to create a vintage baby block for her. My daughter loved her baby bonnets and wants me to make them for the little one on the way. She also has a favorite childhood teddy bear, so I made sure to include that in my design.


You will need:
5” Smoothfoam cube
2 sheets Quilt Attitude Inkjet Film
Vintage images (copyright-free)
Kunin Craft Cuts Felt – 3 shts Classic Pink, 2 shts white adhesive Prestofelt
2 yards ribbon
2 paper flowers
3” lace doily
3 buttons
16 brads or small buttons
Adhesive pearls
1 wood skewer
Scissors, ruler, rotary cutter
Inkjet printer, glue gun


1.  Choose your vintage imagery (scan your own or use this site that I like)  and print it out on a Quilt Attitude film sheet, following manufacturer’s instructions. Use 4″ square images for the cube and fussy-cut images for the top. Remember to print directional images in reverse. Allow the ink to dry, then cut the images out of the sheets, keeping the liner in tact.

2.  Cut six 5” squares from pink felt. Cut four 4” squares from white Prestofelt. Glue each pink square to one side of the cube.

3.  Peel the backing off a white Prestofelt square to expose the adhesive. Peel the backing off a square image and carefully place (ink side down) on the sticky side of the Prestofelt. Smooth the film with a credit card and trim the edges of the film and felt flush together if needed. Repeat for remaining three square images. Glue these squares to center of each side of block, on top of the pink felt. Push decorative brads into the corners on each side of the cube (make a pilot hole with the tip of your scissors first.

4.  Cut rough shapes from the Prestofelt to fit the fussy-cut images. Peel off the backingfor both and adhere together as in step 3. Cut the felt more closely around each image as desired.

5.  Make a pilot hole in the top of the cube with the point of your scissors and insert the pointed end of the skewer down into the foam. Cut off the top of the skewer as needed to fit your image(s) and glue them to the skewer, standing up. Glue the doily to the top of the block as shown.

6.  Tie and stack a couple ribbon bows and glue to the front of the stand-up image. Add flowers, smaller images, buttons and pearls. Embellish away!

Vintage Easter egg decoration


Vintage images are so appealing, and they’re perfect for the Easter holiday. The Easter and spring vintage collections that are available as downloads are very pretty. I’ve been wanting to try some Craft Attitude film with Smoothfoam. It worked beautifully and I was able to create my own vintage Easter egg similar to the decorative eggs I have always admired in high-end gift shops.DQuartermainSFVintageEgg

This is such a quick and easy project with lots of charm – try other holiday or seasonal vintage images and Smoothfoam shapes for vintage decorations all year long!

You will need:

5-1/2″ Smoothfoam half-egg
1 sheet Wood Attitude film
1/2 yard ivory eyelet trim
1/2 yard ivory cream braid
1 yard sheer ribbons – pink, ivory
½ yard vintage or ivory pearls
5 paper flowers
6 oval ivory pearls or beads
6” length white floral wire
Glue stick
Fabri-Tac adhesive
Computer and inkjet printer

1. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, choose your digital imagery and print it on to a Wood Attitude film sheet (in reverse if necessary). Trim out the image with the paper liner in tact, then peel back one small corner of the liner.

2.  Cover the egg’s surface smoothly with a liberal amount of glue stick. Place the image, printed film side down, on to the glued area, then carefully peel off the whole liner. Smooth the image on to the egg with your fingers or an old credit card.

Craft Attitude vintage image Smoothfoam egg3.  Glue the braided trim around the edge of the egg, beginning and ending at the bottom. Glue the pearl trim just inside the braided trim. Glue the eyelet trim behind that, around the outermost edge.

4.  Make a double bow with the ivory ribbon and glue it to the bottom of the egg. Glue a pink bow on top of the ivory bow. Use the floral wire to twist flowers and pearl beads around the bows, and embellish the top of the egg as shown.


Little Bunny Tutu – Easter egg decoration


Bunny time! I have always loved designing and making bunnies, especially for Easter decorations. This Little Bunny Tutu is framed by a Smoothfoam panorama egg. The tutu skirt adds a whimsical finish to the pedestal dish. Display this Easter egg bunny decoration on the mantle or create a centerpiece for your table by surrounding it with small glittered eggs. These cute Easter decorations will make a sweet addition to your spring and Easter decor. Enjoy!

DebraQ Tutu Bunny Egg Fr

You will need:

4-3/4″ Smoothfoam panorama egg
9” x 12” sheet of Kunin Printzfelt – Saralma
9” x 12” sheet of Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt – Candy Pink
White felt scraps
¼ yard pink tulle
1 yard decorative trim
2′ lengths of sheer ribbon – white, green, yellow
1 yard pink sheer ribbon
1 yard lengths of embroidery floss – pale pink, black
Mod Podge Fabric Medium
Crystal glitter
Flower embellishment
Flat-back gems
Cotton balls
Fabri-Tac Glue
Pink Easter grass
Scissors, pencil, paper
Large floral pin, paint brush
Embroidery needle, measuring tape

DebraQHowto1 Bunny Egg

1.  Brush the outer surface of the egg with a generous amount of Mod Podge Fabric medium.

2.  Cut 2″ slits along one edge of the Saralma felt and wrap it around the outside of the egg as shown. Smooth the strips of felt into place on the back of the egg, adding more Mod Podge as needed. Trim off any excess.

3.  Brush a light coat of Mod Podge over the top of the felt-covered egg and sprinkle with glitter. Set aside to dry.

4.  Adhere decorative trim to the front of the egg.

DebraQHowto2 Bunny Egg

5.  Trace paper cut-outs of a bunny body and ears on to the pink felt, then cut smaller inside ear pieces from white felt.

6.  For the bunny’s face, make four straight stitches together for the nose with pink floss; add one straight stitch for the mouth. Make a french knot for each eye with black floss. Whipstitch the two sides of the bunny’s body together, leaving 1” open at bottom. Place a cotton ball inside head and another inside the body and stitch the bunny shut. Stitch the white and pink ear pieces together, then pinch the bottom of each ear and stitch through to secure. Glue the ears to back of head. Brush the bunny lightly with Mod Podge, sprinkle with glitter and set aside to dry.

7.  Cut two 1-1/4” x 18” lengths of tulle for the tutu. Baste the two pieces together at one edge and pull the basting stitches tight to gather the tulle and tie it around the center of the bunny. Glue a small ribbon bow to the front of the tutu.

8.  To decorate the pedestal dish, cut a two pieces of tulle 5” x 36”. Baste the pieces together on one edge and pull the stitches to gather. Adjust it to fit around the edge of the dish, glue into place and then glue some decorative trim around the edge.

9.  Tie each 24” length of ribbon into a bow. Layer and glue the bows together and add a flower embellishment to the center. Adhere to the side of the pedestal dish.

10.  Place Easter grass in the dish and place the bunny inside the egg. Adhere flat-back gems to the front of the egg, then position it on the grass. Insert a floral pin in the back of the egg at an angle to act as a stand, if needed.