About Candice Windham

I love to paint, play with my pups, sing with my hubby (who makes everyone sound good), read, play with my camera and create interesting art out of nothing much.

Monogram Wallhanging

Smoothfoam monogram wallhanging

I have been working on a series of variations on the letter W, since that’s the first letter of my last name. I plan to make these into a full-wall installation in my home. Most of the letters are chipboard, wood or plastic, but I wanted something a little different as well. Smoothfoam to the rescue! The best part is that this wallhanging is so lightweight, it can be hung with just a straight pin, making a much smaller hole in your wall.


12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount
Ink sprays  (I used Clearsnap)
2″ corrugated trim
Patina glaze
Metallic Wax Rusb  (I used Viva Decor)
8 feet of 1″ wide brown grosgrain ribbon
Fabric glue
Foam glue (or general craft glue)
Non-stick craft sheet
45° triangle template
Pencil, scissors, stiff paintbrush, straight pins


Place protective sheet on your work surface because this can get messy. Spritz the Smoothfoam square with a variety of ink colors, adding as much or as little color as desired. Set aside to dry.

ink sprays on smoothfoamCut the corrugated trim into four 12″ lengths to surround the square. Miter the corners with the triangle, marking each cut with the pencil, then trimming with scissors. The corners should fit together like a picture frame.

miteed corners corrugated strips

Paint the corrugate trim with the patina glaze. When it has dried, spray over it randomly with brown ink, then brush the ink in roughly with a stiff brush.

patina glaze and spray ink

When it has dried, rub over it randomly with 2 different shades of metallic wax. Adhere the corrugated trim to the edges of the Smoothfoam sheet.

framed smoothfoam scrapbook mount

Rotate the square so that there are points at the top and bottom. Trace and cut out your initial (or die-cut) from chip board and rub with metallic wax.

metallic wax on painted chipboard

To create the highlight, rub copper and platinum wax onto a scrap of paper larger than the highlight opening. Place the letter over the card stock and use a pencil to mark the sides of the letter. Trim it out and glue it behind the letter.

embellish chipboard letter

Trace and cut (or die-cut) several swirls from chip board and accent with two shades of metallic wax rubs.

chipboard swirlGlue the swirls and the initial to the framed Smoothfoam sheet.

framed smoothfoam sheetUse fabric glue to adhere the ribbon around the bottom and sides of the sheet, keeping the length at the top. Pin the ribbon in place to secure until the glue dries. Tie a loose bow about 6″ above the top point for the the hanger.

Light-Up Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Smoothfoam light-up halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkin

I love this time of year and fall colors are my favorite thing. I love the red and brown of the leaves, the purple, the gold and burgundy of the the flowers and, of course, the orange glow of pumpkins. Literally.

This pumpkin with it’s spooky message is designed to glow with a battery-operated tap light.

Here’s how easy it is to make with Smoothfoam:

Two 12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount sheets
Spray inks – red and yellow
Craft paints – orange, metallic gold, dark green, black
Dimensional paint pens – gold and copper
Black glitter pen
Craft knife
Extra-strength craft glue
Toothpicks, pencil
3″ tap Light


Draw and cut the pumpkin and BOO! shapes from Smoothfoam. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Cut a 6″ x 4″ piece of Smoothfoam for the back support. Sand the edges to remove any rough spots.

Smoothfoam BOO Pumpkin cut outs CWindhamTip:  Rubbing wax along your cutting blade with make it glide through the Smoothfoam – thanks to Cindi Bisson McGee for this tip!

Paint the BOO! cutout black. Spritz the pumpkin with red and yellow ink. The spray inks make it easy to get the color inside the eyes, nose and mouth.

Smoothfoam BOO Pumpkin Spritz color CWindham

Highlight the shape of the pumpkin with orange craft paint, then metallic gold. Paint the stem green and black. Paint the back support orange. Allow to dry.

Smoothfoam BOO Pumpkin Spritz all color with stemCWindham

Draw the outline and ridges of the pumpkin and outline the features with dimensional paint pens.

Smoothfoam Boo Pumpkin Add Pearl pens CWindhamDot the BOO! with black glitter pen and outline the edges with copper pen. Allow to dry.

To assemble, insert two toothpicks dipped in glue into the base of the BOO! about halfway. Dip the remaining ends in adhesive and insert them into the top of the pumpkin.Smoothfoam Boo Pumpkin toothpicks 1 CWindhamInsert the two remaining toothpicks dipped in adhesive into the base support about 3/4 of the length of the toothpicks and insert the remaining ends, dipped in adhesive, into the bottom back of the pumpkin.

Smoothfoam Boo Pumpkin support toothpicks 1

Place the pumpkin on a tabletop or shelf and place the tap light on the base support. Turn it on for an eerie glow.

Smoothfoam Boo Pumpkin Tap Light CWindham

Apple of My Eye Mirror

Smoothfoam fall leaves mirror

I love autumn with its gorgeous colors, crisp juicy apples and the smell of campfires and burning leaves. My house is decorated in fall colors, so this mirror will fit perfectly in any room. Every time you look into this mirror, remind yourself that you are the apple of someone’s eye, and as Lennon and McCartney said, “Love is all you need.”

Smoothfoam balls make perfect apples with just a little bit of slicing and carving. This project took less than two hours from concept to completion, so it’s easy to make and pretty to look at!


Five Smoothfoam 2″ balls
12″ beveled mirror
Acrylic paints –  Bright Gold, Crimson Red
Black permanent inkpad
Brown air-dry clay
Branch push mold for clay
Fabric leaf picks
Heavy-duty craft glue
Self-adhesive hanger
Hotwire foam cutter, craft knife
Sand paper, scissors, skewers
Paint brush, sponge

1.  Cut each 2″ Smoothfoam ball in half, sand any rough spots, and cut a small V-shaped wedge from the top of each half. Sand smooth the edges in the V.

2.  Mix the two paints (50/50) to create a metallic burnt orange shade. Insert a skewer into the flat side of each ball, making sure it doesn’t go all the way through and paint them front and back. Place the skewers into a wide-mouth jar, making sure the apples are not touching, until the paint dries.

3.  Cut the leaves from the floral stems and separate them into 3 sizes. Set one medium leaf aside to use to trim smaller leaves for the apples. Glue the largest leaves around the mirror, about 1″ inside the edge. If you do not have enough large leaves to complete the circle, just add a couple of medium leaves, randomly but evenly spaced, and move them to the outer 1/2″ edge of the mirror.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Leaf base CWindham4.  Repeat using the darker leaves and coming about 1/2″ farther into the center and press down for a few minutes to allow the glue to set.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Add Second finished leaf layer CWindham.jpg 5.  Add more smaller leaves, again moving in another 1/2″. Press and allow to dry.

6.  Trace a 12″ circle onto poster board with a plate or template.

7.  Trim out the circle and glue it to the back of the mirror. Attach a self-adhesive picture hanger to the upper center of the poster board.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Add back CWindham8.  Glue the apples on top of the leaf ring, spacing them evenly around and turning the tops either left or right.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Apple close-up CWindham

9.  Push some brown clay into the branch mold, then cut into small piecs to make the apples stems and sponge each stem with black permanent ink. Cut ten small leaves from the leaf you had set aside. Glue the leaves and stems to the top of each apple.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Cut Stems CWindham

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror cut small leaves CWindham

Show Your School Pride!

Smoothfoam School Pride signOur schools here in Brighton, Tennessee started this week, so it’s time to show our school pride! I thought I would make a display piece for my young friends Ethan and Preston, who attend Austin Peay Elementary School, home of the Patriots.

Smoothfoam sheets made this project quick and easy, and although this mascot is in primary colors, using the Creme Wax on top gives it a rustic look that will be attractive in any boy’s room. The hand-carved effect also allows you to be a little less-than-perfect when applying the lines and stars.

This really is an easy-peasy, get-it-done-in-an-afternoon project. The hardest part was trying to decide if the mascot colors on the school website were true, especially since the patriot’s hat was purple, and the blue on the drum was actually teal. I took some artistic license and made both of them a nice patriotic blue, which made me happy.

Now, go make your own School Pride sign for your kids. I guarantee they will love it!


1/2″ thick Smoothfoam sheet
1″ thick Smoothfoam sheet 
Craft paints in school colors
Americana Décor Creme Wax – Espresso
Walnut ink
8.5″ x 11″ white copy paper and cardstock
12″ x 4″ blue cardstock
Tracing paper
Paint brushes
Black permanent marker
Hot knife
Dimensional paint markers – black, cream
Extra-strength craft glue
Gel medium
Pencil, masking tape, sand paper


1.  Print out your school mascot on white copy paper. Tape the image to your table top and tape the tracing paper on top. Trace the image onto the tracing paper with a black permanent marker.

2.  Lightly shade the back of the tracing with pencil (to make it easier to see) then tape the tracing, face up, to the 1/2″ Smoothfoam sheet.

Smoothfoam School Pride tracing back CWindhamSmoothfoam School Pride tape tracing paper to SF CWindham

Trace the image on to the Smoothfoam, being careful not to apply too much pressure. You won’t get a perfect outline, but you’ll be able to see the lines.

Smoothfoam School Pride trace lines onto SF CWindhamDraw over the lines on the Smoothfoam sheet with the black permanent marker.

Smoothfoam School Pride tape trace Sharpie onto SF CWindhamCut out the image with the hot knife. Use a piece of sandpaper to remove any rough edges.

Smoothfoam School Pride cut with hot knife CWindhamPaint the mascot image with two coats of craft paint, including the edges, allow to dry and then apply a coat of gel medium and allow to dry again. The gel medium ensures that your colors won’t absorb too much of the Creme Wax in a later step.

Smoothfoam School Pride Paint imageCWindhamPrint out your title on white cardstock, then mount to blue cardstock. Sponge the edges with walnut ink.

Smoothfoam School Pride sponge image CWindhamMeasure how much of the 1″ Smoothfoam sheet you need for the sign backer by placing the mascot and title on top. Cut out the backer with a craft knife.

Paint the sign backer red (or whatever color matches your mascot), allow to dry and then apply the Creme Wax with the foam paintbrush. Wipe it off with a paper towel before it dries. Repeat the waxing process with the mascot.

Tip: I used a small 6″ fan with a clip to attach it to my table edge to dry things quickly.

Go over the lines of the mascot image with the black dimensional paint marker, including the edges. Draw the stars around the drum with the cream paint marker. Allow all to dry.

20150809_175438Smoothfoam SchoolPride Stars CWindhamGlue the mascot and title block to the sign backer. Display on a small easel or glue a ribbon loop to the back of the Smoothfoam to display on a wall.

Celebrate Summer with a Birthday Bouquet

Smoothfoam-Birthday-BouquetSummer is upon us, and what better way to celebrate a summer birthday than a handmade flower bouquet that never fades?

Start with a Smoothfoam half-ball and it’s smooth sailing after that! The hollow half-ball was the perfect size for my gorgeous vase, which was a $2.99 Goodwill find and the only thing I had to purchase for this faux flower bouquet project. I filled it with beach glass to hide the lack of stems for the flowers.

I think it actually took me longer to find my container of beach glass (relegated to the storage room in my recent purging episode) than it took to make all the flowers. I also used some older materials, such as the vellum, from my stash – in the interest of purging. You could also use printed papers from your scrap box to make the flowers.


Smoothfoam half-ball (to fit vase opening)
Round foam adhesive pads and/or sheets (paper lined)
1/2″ extra-strength double-sided adhesive tape
Green microbeads
12×12 vellum scrapbook paper – 1 sheet for every 2 flowers, plus scraps for filler flowers
Paper punches: 1-3/8” circle, 1” circle, ½” circle and  ¼” hole
Diecutting machine and flower/leaf dies
1 yard ribbon
“Happy Birthday” tag
Beach glass

1.  Fill a large vase with beach glass. Place foam adhesive pads along the top of the vase rim, about 2” apart. Set aside.

Smoothfoam vase with tabs

To make a layered Dogwood-style flower, die-cut two flowers for each bloom and pinch each petal edge together to create a lengthwise crease down the center. Layer two flowers together with a foam adhesive pad in between, then place a round adhesive pad in the center (you can punch your own large circles or small dots from foam adhesive sheets) on the top of the flower and sprinkle microbeads to adhere to it. Play with different petal shapes!

Smoothfoam #1 assembled


Smoothfoam Flower #2 with center

Smoothfoam Flower #2 with glitter 1

Smoothfoam Flower #3 with tape center

Smoothfoam Flower #3 Final

Place a strip of double-sided tape around the bottom of the Smoothfoam half-ball, about 1” from the rim. Place leaves along the adhesive strip, hanging towards the bottom of the half-ball.

Smoothfoam half ball

Smoothfoam leaves on half round

Arrange and addhere the flowers to cover the half-ball. Diecut a few plain smaller flowers to fill in any empty spaces as needed. Remove the paper liners from the adhesive tabs on the rim of the vase and press the edge of the half-ball down snugly to adhere.

Tie the ribbon around the top of the vase, securing it in place with a little adhesive on either side of the knot. Punch a hole in the tag, slip it onto one side of the ribbon, and then tie a bow.

This faux flower bouquet will remind the recipient of you every time she sees it, and there is no need for her to remember to water it. That’s my kind of plant! Play with colors and shapes to create handmade flower bouquets for other seasons.

Favorite Herbs – Mixed Media Wallhanging


smoothfoam mixed media wallhangingSummer is almost here…well, it’s actually pretty hot here in Tennessee already. I’ve been working in my yard, discovering how things have multiplied and moving plants that came up where they shouldn’t have.

One of the nice surprises was that my sage and basil herb plants weathered very well over the winter. And the mint…what can you say about mint except that you can’t kill it.

I decided to do a little homage to these hardy plants with a mixed media wallhanging for my kitchen. Smoothfoam made it quick, simple and very easy.



1″ thick Smoothfoam sheets:  three 8″ squares plus three 6″ squares
3 sheets 12″x12″ newsprint
Craft glue
Craft paints – sage green and cream
Patterned cardstock cut to 5-3/4″ x 6-3/4″ (3 pcs); 6″ x 6″ (3 pcs); 8″ x 8″ (3 pcs)
Two 3-yard lengths string
Double-stick tape – 1/2″ wide and 1″ wide
Ink pads (I used Peeled Paint, Tea Dye and Rusty Hinge from Ranger)
Alphabet stamps
KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square and Multi-Mat Docking Station
Craft foam adhesive



Mix craft glue 50/50 with water. Brush this mixture onto the 8″ squares of Smoothfoam.

Crumple the newsprint into three balls, then smooth out each sheet and decoupage it to each square.

Brush the glue inside the edges of the paper and wrap the sides, bringing the excess paper around to the back of the square. Repeat with the additional two pieces of 8″ Smoothfoam and set aside to dry.


decoupage newsprint to smoothfoam sheets

When the 8″ decoupaged squares have dried, paint the front, sides and back with cream.

Paint the 6″ squares with sage green and set aside to dry.

Click here to download a low-res PDF of the three herb images and print out on 3 sheets of plain copy paper (one herb per sheet). Line up a 5-3/4″ piece of card stock along the line above the herb and tape the edge securely. Run this layered sheet back through the printer so the herb prints again in position on the card stock. Remove the card stock from the copy paper and trim 1″ off the top so it’s square. Repeat for the other two herbs.

print herbs on paperherb images printed on patterned cardstockPlace the printed card stock on the Laser Square Multi-Mat. Position the laser line along the bottom of the paper and use it to line up the letters below each herb and stamp them in place.

using Kellycraft Laser Square multi mat
stamping herb namesInk the edges of each printed card, then adhere to center of a 6″ piece of cardstock with 1/2″ double-stick tape. Ink the edges of the 6″ Smoothfoam and then glue the matted image to the front.

Ink the edges of the 8″ Smoothfoam squares and use craft foam glue to adhere the 6″ Smoothfoam squares on top of each.

Place strips of 1″ double-stick tape on the back sides of each 8″ Smoothfoam square. Lay them all face down in the order you like at 1″ apart.

Place a length of string on the tape on each side, leaving the excess string at the top, tying it into a knot, then a bow for hanging.Smoothfoam string Cwindham

Position the 8″ cardstock squares on the back of each Smoothfoam sheet to secure the string.

Smoothfoam project back Cwindham


Spring Flower Box

Smoothfoam spring flower Wall HangingThere is nothing more beautiful than springtime in Tennessee. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of the first time I walk outside barefoot and the sound of soft April rain.

I’ve been toying with the idea for this DIY flower box for a while and finally decided it was time to bring it to life. It will be a reminder to myself that the rain we’ve had so much of in March will probably continue in April, but the results will be worth it in May when everything blooms. April showers bring May flowers!

Smoothfoam makes this DIY flower box look very substantial, but it’s light as a feather and was very easy to construct. I’ll hang it in my studio, where two sets of double patio doors make me feel like I’m outside all the time, although it could be hung on a covered porch or propped on an antique rocker for a splash of color in a bedroom. Learn how to make these homemade spring decorations below.


12″ Smoothfoam half-ball, cut in half
12″ x 36″ Smoothfoam sheet
Craft paints – assorted colors
Hold the Foam Adhesive
White wire coat hanger
Silk flowers
3 yards of 1-¼” lace
20” length small cotton trim
1″ round sponge dauber
Needle and thread
Sturdy wire
8-10 assorted beads
Foam cutter and/or craft knife
Wire cutter, scissors, paint brushes

Cut the following six pieces off of one end of the Smoothfoam sheet:   4” x 12”;  3” x 11”;  2-¾” x 10 ¾” (two);  3” x 4″ (two).  The remaining length will be the backboard of the project.

Smoothfoam flower Box Final

Construct the flower box section by gluing the two 3” x 4” Smoothfoam pieces to the sides of the 4” x 12” piece. Glue the 3” x 11” piece to the inside bottom and sides of the box and glue the entire box at the base of the Smoothfoam back board. Glue the remaining two pieces in the bottom of the flower box to anchor the silk flowers.

Smoothfoam Box and Back Board

Paint the backboard and the box cream and blend in blue and green around the edges. Cut the Smoothfoam half-ball in half for the umbrella. To determine the center, pin a thin ribbon or string on the pilot hole in the back and at the peg on the other side. Stretch the string tight and draw a line along the side to create your cutting line.

Smoothfoam Paper arches

To make a cutting template for the botton of the umbrella, cut a strip of cardstock the width of the hall-ball and about 4 inches tall. Use the edge of a small plate to trace three arches along the strip on the front lower edge and cut out. Pin the template to the bottom of the cut ball and trim away the foam inside the arches. Don’’t worry about getting a perfect edge – this will be painted and covered with lace.

Smoothfoam half-ball dots

Paint the cut ball inside and out with coral and let dry. Then add cream dots with the round sponge dauber. Paint the inside of the arch edges cream. Gather the 1-¼” lace into ruffles with needle and thread and pin it to the cardstock arches at the front of the cut edge to hold it in place.

Smoothfoam Cotton Trim

Apply the adhesive along the base of the gathered edge, push the lace down to touch the glue and leave the pins in place until it dries. Adhere the small cotton trim along the front of the arches. Adhere the half-ball about four inches below the top edge of the backboard.

Smoothfoam Rain

Use blue, green and white paint to add the rain drops above the half-ball. Thread the beads on to a 4″ piece of wire, leaving a ½” piece at the bottom. Cut the top wire at about ½” and fold it back down into the top bead. Dip the bottom wire in adhesive and insert it at the top center back of the half-ball.

To make the umbrella handle, cut the hook off the coat hanger and twist the hanger into a J shape. Fold and insert a 6” length wire about ½” from the top of the backboard. Place the hanger under the half-ball at the top. Push both ends of the wire through the backboard and carefully twist and make a hanging loop on the back board to secure it in place.

Note: I left the base of the hanger unattached, but you can place a small amount of glue on the rounded hook to secure the bottom to the backboard.

Print a sentiment like “April showers bring May flowers” on cardstock and trim it to 3″ x 11”. Cut a contrasting sheet of cardstock 1/2″ larger as a mat. Sponge ink on the edges of both pieces. Spread a thin coat of adhesive to cover the entire back of the sign and press it on top of the mat. Repeat to adhere the sign to the front of the flower box.

Trim some silk flowers and add them to the box, carefully pushing them in far enough to secure them, but avoiding running them through to the bottom.

Bunny Hop Easter Box

Smoothfoam Easter Egg Gift Box

It’s hard to believe Easter is almost here. Didn’t we just finish Christmas? I guess the wicked weather patterns we’ve had across the country this year have kept our brains in a frozen state.

Here’s a little pick-me-up that’s sure to warm your heart. This Bunny Hop Box is brimming with Easter eggs and other wonderful goodies – including chocolate, the perfect comfort food. An Easter gift box like this is a fun alternative to a traditional Easter basket – especially for grown-ups!


2-1/2″ Smoothfoam eggs
8″ round paper maché box with lid
Metallic acrylic paints: violet, turquoise, light sage green
Viva Décor Pearl Pens: Violet, Gold
16″ length – narrow lace strip
24″ length – wide lace strip
Decorative wood spool, white air-dry clay
Cardboard, mat board, dimensional glue dots
Kunin Paisley Printzfelt, Kunin White Plushfelt
Beacon glues: Quick Grip, Fabri-Tac, Hold the Foam
Polyester stuffing, white thread, scissors, craft knife
2″ decorative bird’s nest with eggs
16″ lengths of narrow ribbons: rose, sage green
2 large white brads, hole punch, black cardstock
Large, heavyweight flower die-cut
5″ length silver wire, wire cutters
Scissors, sponge, paint brush


1.  Paint the box and lid turquoise, inside and out. Allow to dry, then sponge over it with purple paint. After the second coat is dry, glue a strip of narrow lace around the edge.Smoothfoam march 2015 paint lid Cwindham2.  Glue a strip of wide lace around the center of the box. Line the inside of the box with the paisley felt and Fabri-Tac, using this cutting guide.

3.  To add a matching felt-covered panel inside the lid, cut a circle of cardboard slightly smaller than the lid diameter. Cover it with felt using the cutting guide above, wrapping each tab around to the back of the circle. Glue inside the lid with Quick Grip.

4.  Cut each Smoothfoam egg in half. Sponge paint with 2-3 coats, blending purple, turquoise and green as desired, allow to dry. Draw dots on each egg with the pearl paint pens and set aside to dry.

padded lace spools

5.  Paint the spool and die-cut flower with desired colors. When the spool is dry, wrap a little stuffing around it and tie in place with white thread. Wrap some wide lace around the spool, turning the back edge under and glue in place with Fabri-Tac.

6.  Cut a 3/4″ square of clay, and score a line down the middle to make two bunny teeth. Roll two 1/2″ balls and press in place on top of the teeth as shown. Press two 1-½” pieces of wire into the balls on each side for whiskers. Allow to dry.

7.  Clip the shank off the white brads and glue a small punched hole (from cardstock) to the the top for eyes. Cut two tiny strips of card stock for the eyelashes and clip into each to make fringe (curl the fringe around a toothpick). Glue the eyelashes in place around the edge of each brad with Quick Grip. Place a dimensional glue dot on the back of each brad to fill in where the shank was removed. Use Quick Grip to glue the eyes and teeth in place.

wood spool rabbit face

For the bunny ears, glue a piece of white and paisley felt back to back and cut out two ear shapes. Glue to the top of the spool.

To finish off the bunny head, embellish the bird next with ribbon bows and glue the flower to the bottom of the next, then glue the flower/nest to the top of the spool. Glue the head to the center of the box lid with Quick Grip. Glue the egg halves around it with Hold the Foam adhesive.

Marbled Spheres


I have always loved simple décor, but I also love the pushing-the-envelope decorating  style where adding that little extra touch just makes a project. These marbled spheres fill both of my décor passions. They are a simple, classic shape, but the paint application takes them over the top.

marbled smoothfoam ballsI chose Smoothfoam because of its strength and ability to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, plus it takes paint beautifully. It’s also a very quick project – you can complete it in less than an hour – and most of that time is waiting for paint to dry.

Here’s how I did it:

Three 4″ Smoothfoam balls
Golden Gel Medium
Krylon Spray Paint – colors of your choice
Gold paint pen
3 wooden skewers
Foam brush
Fine sand paper
Plastic container (6″ deep)
Glass jar

1.  Sand the seams of the balls to remove any raised areas and brush away residue.

2.  Insert a skewer into the pilot hole of each ball to use as a handle. Coat them with gel medium and place them in a glass jar to dry (like flowers in a vase).

spray paint on water

3.  Fill a plastic container with water to within 1″ of the top. Spray one or more paints onto the water surface. Working quickly, dip the ball into the water, turning to coat all areas. Put it back in the glass jar to dry. Repeat with the remaining balls, spraying more paint into the water each time. If the entire surface isn’t covered after the drying time, remove any water drops and repeat the painting process.

marbleize smoothfoam ball

4.  When you are satisfied with your results, use the paint pen to draw lines and dots onto the surface and allow to dry.

paint pen on smoothfoam ball


Fourth of July Star-Spangled Sun Catcher


In honor of our upcoming holiday, I used Smoothfoam as the centerpiece of this star-spangled Fourth of July sun catcher. It’s quick and easy to make – hang it in a window or on the porch to see the red, white and blue sparkles. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays, not only for the celebrations involving cook-outs, homemade ice cream and fireworks, but because it represents the freedoms that we hold dear in the USA. Here’s wishing you a blessed Fourth of July. Enjoy your freedom!


fourth of july sun catcher


Smoothfoam  sheet
4″ tin pail
Beading wire: one 14” length, two 12” lengths, two 10” lengths, two 8” lengths, three 6” lengths
6 eye pins, 12 jump rings
Assorted small beads in red, white and silver
6 large clear crystal beads (approx. ¾” diameter)
Star-shaped beads: two red, two clear, two blue
1/4″ round mesh cord:  one package each of red, clear and blue
Craft paints: red, white and blue
8″ length of sording or string
Craft knife, paint brush
Wire cutters, scissors, Sharpie marker
Crop-A-Dile hole punch
Liquid glue for foam
Beacon Quick Grip Adhesive
Hammer and punch

glue prevents raveling and fraying

Note:  Secure all knots with a dot of Quick Grip to prevent raveling or fraying.


1.  Click here to download a star pattern. Print it on to card stock and trace it on the Smoothfoam sheet. Trim out the star with a sharp craft knife; repeat for three stars total. Paint all three stars – one red, one white and one blue and set aside to dry.

2.  Mark six points around the tin pail approximately ½” from the rim and punch holes with the Cropadile. Use the hammer and punch to punch two additional holes in the bottom of the pail, centered approximately 1” apart. Thread cording or string through both holes and tie in a knot on the inside of the pail.

punch holes in tin pail

Note: If your pail is not red, white or blue, spray it with two coats of Krylon spray paint in advance.

3.  Tie an eye pin onto the 14” beading wire. Thread the beads in whatever order you like until you have approximately 12” of beads. Repeat with one 12” wire (with 10” of beads) and one 10” wire (with 8” of beads). Tie these three wires to the holes in the rim of the tin, spacing them equally.

4.  Tie eye pins on to the ends of the 6” wires, and then add about 4-½” of beads. Add a jump ring on the end. Add an additional jump ring to the plastic star beads and attach them to the jump ring in the end of the beaded wires.

5.  Clip the ends of the eye pins to 1”, dip in foam adhesive and insert into Smoothfoam stars. The long ones should go in the top point of the star and the smaller ones in the “V” directly below the point.

6.  Attach jump rings to the remaining three wires and add a plastic star with jump ring to the end. Thread on approximately 4-½” of beads, then thread on a piece of mesh tubing to cover the remaining wire. Attach these pieces to the pail between the other pieces.

wrap wire with mesh cord7. Apply Quick Grip adhesive to the heavy wire. Tie the ends of the 24” mesh together into a knot and wrap around the wire, leaving about 3” of mesh at the beginning and end. Twist the wire ends together and slip the ring over the tin pail to cover the holes. Tie the ends of mesh tubing together, then add additional sets of three around the ring to simulate fireworks.