Mixed Media Memories Wallhanging


smoothfoam mixed media wallhanging

I have been on a mixed media spree of late and Smoothfoam sheets are an amazing surface to create wallhangings to celebrate memories and showcase your favorite embellishments.


1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Assorted chipboard embellishments
Gesso, paintbrush
Low-temp glue gun
Ink sprays
Fluid acrylic paints
Metallic Lustre Cream Paints, Liquid Glass, Crackle Medium (from DecoArt)

SF Memories MM board 1

Start by gluing a layer of chipboard elements to the Smoothfoam and then paint the entire surface with a coat of gesso.

SF Memories MM board 2

Add the second layer of chipboard elements and coat this with gesso as well. Let everything dry well.

SF Memories MM board 8

Layer colors on – starting with spray inks, then after that dries, paint areas with fluid acrylics, then let those dry. Create the last layer of color with the Metallic Lustre – I added bits and pieces of color all over the piece randomly.

SF Memories MM board 5

Try adding Crackle Paint to a few of the pieces for some visual interest.

SF Memories MM board 6

Add gloss to some pieces with Liquid Glass, then when it’s dry, accent it with Metallic Lustre.

Spring Wall Hanging

Smoothfoam wallhangingWith the change of the seasons, I like to change out the homemade wall décor in my studio. I wanted a bright and cheery spring wall hanging and this piece fits the bill perfectly. I love using a Smoothfoam sheet instead of wood or a canvas because it is so light – I can easily hang it without having to put big nails or holes into my wall.


Smoothfoam 1″ x 6″ x 12″ sheet
DecoArt Metallic Lustre
Craft paints
Sponges, paintbrushes
Chipboard and metal embellishments
Fabric flowers and leaves

SF Wallhanging 2

I used inexpensive make-up sponges to paint the Smoothfoam, building up the base one color at a time. Start with the lightest color all over, then begin working up to the darkest color out on the very edges. Apply glitter to one side of the chipboard butterfly and adhere the other side to your surface.

SF Wallhanging 3

I used Metallic Lustre to highlight the chipboard pieces after they were painted – I like to apply it with my fingers, then buff with a paper towel to make it shine. Add more embellishments as desired to finish off your project.

Spring Wreath

Smoothfoam spring Wreath

Spring is in the air here in North Texas and I wanted to a fun new spring flower door wreath to celebrate it. Even if the weather is not quite spring-like where you are, adding some fun floral décor will at least make it seem like spring inside the house!

The Smoothfoam 12″ wreath is the perfect size for hanging on a china hutch or an interior door. This fake flower wreath would also be wonderful for outdoor use if you used fabric flowers instead of the paper flowers shown here.

Smoothfoam Wreath suppliesSupplies:

12″ Smoothfoam wreath
Paper flowers
Hot glue gun
Straight pins

wrap smoothfoam wreath with ribbonI started by wrapping the wreath with my ribbon, slightly overlapping it as I went around.

pin ribbon on smoothfoam wreathFinish the ribbon wrap by folding the edge under at the back of the wreath and pinning in place. Use a hot glue gun to add flowers and a decorative hanger ribbons as desired – quick and easy!

Faux Cupcakes for Your True Love

Smoothfoam Cujpcakes

The best kind of cupcakes for your diet are the Smoothfoam kind. These cupcake crafts have no calories and will last forever – perfect for Valentine’s Day and your New Year’s resolutions! Learn how to make faux cupcakes below.

3″ Smoothfoam balls
Craft paints, brush
Toothpicks, floral pins
Cupcake liners
Assorted paper flowers, ribbons
Self-adhesive pearls, rhinestones

Smoothfoam Cupcakes in Progress

I started by painting my Smoothfoam balls pink. I like to use toothpicks to help with this step – sticking three picks in each ball (like the legs of a stool) gives you something to hold on to while painting AND lets the ball stand up to dry.

After the paint dries, remove the toothpicks and glue a cupcake liner to the bottom of each ball. Decorate with paper flowers, ribbons, pearls and rhinestones. I like to use small floral pins to hold the ribbons on my projects so that I can change them out for different occasions or seasons.

Snowman Floral Picks

Smoothfoam snowman Floral PicksI picked up these adorable little Santa hats at a conference I attended recently and I immediately knew what I wanted to make with them – snowman floral picks! I am not a skilled painter, so I am pretty sure that anyone – including older kids – could make this project with ease.


1-3/8″Smoothfoam balls
2″ Smoothfoam balls
Craft paints – white, black, orange, pink
Wink of Stella clear glitter pen
Paint brush, pencil eraser, craft sticks
Craft knife
Heavy-duty craft glue
Mini Santa hats

Smoothfoam snowman santa floral pick

Insert a craft stick into each ball (cut a starter slice with a craft knife first) and paint each ball white, then prop up inside a cup to dry.

Dot the eyes with black paint and a pencil eraser. Use the end of a paint brush to dot on the mouth.

Paint orange noses on each ball and add some pale pink cheeks. Set aside to dry.

Add glitter accents to the snowman’s face as desired.

Glue on the Santa hats and insert your Santa Snowmen into your holiday wreath or centerpiece.

Garden Peppermint Candy

smoothfoam peppermint candy decoration

We have a 1-year-old granddaughter, so this year we are doing some very bright candy-themed decorating for Christmas. I started with these pretty peppermint candy decorations in the garden entry of our home. Learn how to create these festive Christmas garden decorations below.


Smoothfoam 6″ discs
Craft paints – red, silver
Stencil paper, craft knife
Xyron adhesive machine
Dowel rods, paint brush
Cellophane sheets
Assorted ribbons

SF Peppermints 2

I made the spiral pattern template using my electronic die-cut machine. You could also trace clip art or draw it freehand. I ran the negative pieces through my Xyron machine and adhered them in place. This gave me a crisper edge when painting. Be sure to pull up the paper while the paint is still wet!

SF Peppermints 3

After the paint is dry, insert a dowel rod into the edge of the disc, then wrap it in cellophane and tie ribbons at the base to secure.

Three Tabletop Christmas Trees

Smoothfoam Christmas Cone

I have always loved Christmas crafts and having a bevy of handmade Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes around the house is high on my list every year. Using the Smoothfoam cones makes it easy to create a variety of looks in very little time.

Flower Tree

Supplies Needed:

6″ Smoothfoam cone
Scallop paper punches in two sizes
Small flat head pins, pearl pins
Patterned paper

For this cone, I punched lots of scalloped circles from different patterned papers, inked and then shaped them. I used tiny flat head pins to attach the to the cone. I used pearl head pins to anchor decorative sequins in the center of each flower, then added simple ribbon bows.

Eyelet Tree

Supplies Needed:

6″ Smoothfoam cone
Border punch
Double-sided tape, hot glue gun
Small ornaments
Pearl head pins

paper smoothfoam christmas tree

For this tree, I used two colors of cardstock cut into strips, punching the edge of each strip. I applied each piece using double-side tape, slightly pleating the upper edge of each piece as I went along, to fit the tapered shape of the cone. I made a ribbon bow for the top, anchoring it with pearl head pins. The resin ornaments are from my collection and I used hot glue to attach them.

Lacey Tree

smoothfoam lace christmas treeSupplies:

6″ Smoothfoam cone
Ruffled white lace
Small red velvet bows
Small Christmas ornaments
Hot glue gun
Pearl pins, flat head pins

This one was the easiest off all!  I pinned some lace at the bottom of the cone, and then started wrapping the lace up and around the cone. About every 5 times around the cone, I would add another flat pin just to secure it. When I got to the top I trimmed the lace and used hot glue to secure it. I made another bow and secured with pearl pins. The tiny ornaments are from my collection and I used hot glue to add them to the tree.

Rustic Pumpkin Decorations

SM Halloween Pumpkins 1


Three 2″ x 4″ x 12″ Smoothfoam blocks
Acrylic paints; orange, red, umber, black, sienna
Hot knife or other cutting tool
Small wood spools
Decorative pins

SM Halloween Pumpkins 2


Using the hot knife, cut one of the blocks to 9″ high, cut one to 6″ high, and leave the other at 12″. Trim the edges from all pieces and sand if desired.

Paint each block with a base coat of orange, then dry brush light coats of red and sienna onto the pieces. Set aside to dry.

Add black accents to each block.

Paint the small spools umber and attach to the tops of each block with decorative pins. Tie ribbon around each spool.

Giant Crepe Paper Flowers

large crepe paper flowerWe are getting ready for a birthday party by decorating with lots and LOTS of giant crepe paper flowers – all for The Little Princess (aka my granddaughter). I will be making several different styles – here is the first one I made, using a Smoothfoam ball as the center. This large paper flower is 18″ in diameter and very sparkly!  And now I only have about 74 more to go. Learn how to make these DIY flower decorations below.


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Crepe paper
8″ circle of chipboard
Heavy-duty craft glue
8.5×11″ sheet of paper-lined double-sided adhesive
Non-stick scissors
Coffee filters
Gold acrylic paint
Gold spray ink
Gold microfine glitter
Ribbon for hanging
Hot knife, paint brush, chop stick, stapler

how to make large crepe paper flower1.  Remove one side of the paper liner and press the adhesive sheet to the chipboard circle and trim away the excess around the circle. Gently score the second paper liner on top into three concentric circles. Remove just the outer circle first, to expose a ring of sticky chipboard.

2.  Cut ten 6″x10″ pieces of crepe paper for the outer layer of petals and trim out a curved edge as shown above. Gather each petal across the bottom, staple the gathers together to maintain the shape and press down to the sticky side of the chipboard.

make gathered crepe paper flower

3.  Space the first five petals evenly around the circle, then add five more petals in between.

4.  Remove the middle circle to expose the next ring of adhesive for the second layer of petals. Cut a few 5″ wide strips of crepe paper. and gather the bottom edge as you press a strip down to the adhesive. Add a new strip at the end of the first strip until you’ve gone all the way around.

how to make coffee filter fringe

5.  For the flower’s center, trim off the outer rings from 3 coffee filters and cut into the edges with scissors to fringe. Remove the last bit of paper liner, then layer and press the three fringes together in the center of the flower, leaving about a 2.5″ circle of adhesive exposed.

painted smoothfoam ball for flower center

6.  Cut the 3″ Smoothfoam ball in half with the hot knife and paint one half gold. Cover the surface with glitter while the paint is still wet. After it’s dry, shake off the excess glitter and add some craft glue to the back (for extra stability), then press it to the center of the flower.

rolled edges crepe paper

7.  Roll the edges of the petals using a chop stick, shaping as you go. Spritz the whole flower with gold metallic spray ink. Glue a ribbon to the back for hanging your large crepe paper flowers. Find a variety of DIY flower decorations in our blog today!