About Angela Holt

I am a professional papercrafting educator, designer and artist. Being dubbed the “Scrapper of All Trades and the Bling Queen” and my vast dabbling in many different mediums, lends me to share my Southern personality with a dash of humor, a hint of shabby chic, a pinch of fantasy with a pot load of the unexpected.

Vintage photo ornament


Hello Craft Peeps! I want to bring to you a pretty project using an oval Smoothfoam shape and an antique fork or spoon – a vintage ornament that will look great hanging just about anywhere.

smoothfoam oval vintage ornament


Smoothfoam oval  (3-1/8″ x 7/8″)
Black acrylic paint
Black lace
Vintage photo
Gold beaded trim
Antique fork or spoon
Various metal charms and chain
Black twine
Hot glue gun

Here is what you have to do!!

1.  Paint the oval black and let dry. Trim your photo to the size of the oval.

2.  Glue black lace around the outside of the oval. Glue gold beaded trim around the front edge and add a metal flower charm to the front.

3.  Glue the black twine to the back of the fork and then measure how far you want the oval to hang from the fork – I placed it at about 3 inches. Glue the other ends of the twine to the back of the oval and adorn the fork with metal charms and embellishments.

4.  Add charms to the end of a short length of chain and glue to the back of the oval. Glue a piece of oval cardstock to the back of the ornament to cover.

smoothfoam vintage photo ornament

Romantic floral photo block


Hello crafty peeps! I want to share with you a fabulous project I created using a Smoothfoam block with the Prima paper line, Stationer’s Desk.

smoothfoam-photo-blockWatch my video below for full instructions!


Smoothfoam 2″ x 4″ x 8″ block
Patterned papers
Craft glue or Mod Podge
Xyron 1.5″ Create-a-Sticker
Hot glue gun
Brown ink or inkpad
Silver acrylic paint
Small picture frame
Scrap felt
Scrap lace
Quilt batting
Paint brush
Scissors and paper trimmer


Easter sign with Smoothfoam letters


Easter is only a few weeks away – time to gear up for this fabulous, springy occasion. So I created my first of many Easter-themed projects – starting with this Easter sign!


Smoothfoam 4″ letters
Craft glue
Hot glue gun
Scrapbook papers
Decorative cord or trim
Paper flowers and other embellishments


1.  Lay each letter in reverse on the back side of a sheet of paper and trace around it, then cut it out. Adhere the paper to the front of each letter by brushing on a thin coat of craft glue. Let dry.

2.  Wrap the cord/trim around the front edges of each letter, securing with hot glue. Glue the letters together into a single sign as shown. Glue or pin a small ribbon loop to the back for hanging.

3.  Embellish the sign however you like with flowers, pins, die-cuts, etc.


Silk rose topiary ball


I love creating with my favorite flower – the rose. This topiary is really easy to make with silk roses or whatever flowers you like! It makes a perfect DIY table décor for a wedding or a dinner party.

Smoothfoam silk rose topiary

You will need:

6″ Smoothfoam ball
Hot glue gun
Silk roses
Pearl floral sprays
Glass candle holder

Remove the rosebuds from the stems. If the bottom of the blooms have pointed caps, use a skewer to make a pilot hole in the Smoothfoam ball. Glue the point into the hole. If the roses are flat on the bottom, glue them to the ball without poking into holes. Cluster the blooms closely as you cover the ball, leaving a small space open at the bottom to glue the covered ball to the candle holder. Poke a couple of pearl sprays into the ball, between the roses.


Christmas Topiary

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year. It’s when I can really explore my creative side and make new décor for my home that is festive and beautiful, like this Christmas topiary.

christmas topiary smoothfoam

You will need:

One 6″ Smoothfoam ball
One 4″ Smoothfoam cube
Red pearl garland
Clay pot
Wood skewer
Mod Podge
Green craft paint
Paint brush
Hot glue
White glitter
Floral stems
Red ribbon
Green tulle

1.  Press the skewer into the ball to use as a handle. Brush the ball with Mod Podge then sprinkle white glitter all over the ball and let dry.

2.  Wind the pearl garland around and around the ball and apply hot glue as you go to secure. Wrap some green tulle around the ball and knot at the bottom.

3.  Paint the clay pot and let dry. Glue the Smoothfoam cube inside the pot and press the ball on the skewer into it, leaving the ball a couple inches above the cube. Push floral stems into the cube around the ball and add a festive red bow.


Twelve Balls of Christmas! Day 4: Shabby chic


Welcome to our Christmas Ball
Just for crafters, one and all.
Smoothfoam balls rolled off the shelves
‘Cause we’ve been busy little elves.
We’re bloggin’ balls for twelve days through
To make the season bright for you!

Smoothfoam shabby chic ornament

Merry Christmas! Can you believe the season of holiday crafting is here? Well, no worries…I have an awesome project for you to try. It’s not your traditional style of Christmas colors, but it’s just as beautiful!

1.  Cut several 12″ x 1/2″ strips from your favorite fabric, then turn each strip into a ruffle by sewing a row of long stitches down the center. Pull the thread on both ends to gather.

2.  Glue each ruffled strip around a 3″ Smoothfoam ball until it’s completely covered, leaving small spaces at the top and bottom open.

3.  To hang the ornament, glue one end of a short string of mini pearls into the hole at the top of the ball, then create a small loop and glue or pin the other end in or near the hole to secure.

4.  Glue or pin a lace bow with a rhinestone accent at the bottom of the ball.


How to make a Halloween wreath with deco mesh


Hello Crafty Peeps! I have always wanted to make a DIY Halloween wreath with poly deco mesh – and with Smoothfoam as the foundation, I knew I could really make it really fabulous! Learn how to make deco mesh Halloween wreaths below.

Halloween wreath with Smoothfoam and deco mesh



Several 1/2″ Smoothfoam balls (10-15 should be enough)
One 10″ Smoothfoam disc
Poly deco mesh ribbon – two colors
Hot glue gun
Coordinating wired or grosgrain ribbon
Floral pins
Craft paint in coordinating color
Decoupage medium

1.  Cut and remove an 8″ circle from the center of the 10′ Smoothfoam disc to create the wreath form and wrap it with tulle, securing with hot glue.

2.  Cut 8″ lengths from each color of deco mesh and roll them to form spiral cones. Attach each spiral cone to the wreath with floral pins.

3.  Paint the Smoothfoam balls and allow to dry, then brush a coat of decoupage medium and sprinkle glitter on each. Glue a glitter ball to the top of each floral pin.

4.  Make a bow with long tails using the wired or grosgrain ribbon, and pin it at the bottom of the wreath. Pin extra bows and glitter balls around the wreath for a little more glitz!


I made a video tutorial for you – I hope you’re inspired to create your own beautiful wreath!


Halloween treats – haunting bonbons


Happy Fall! I love this time of year, as you can tell. I wanted to bring you a cute, ghoulish treat to make for your Halloween décor. They do look good enough to eat…but make sure the kids leave them on your display!

Smoothfoam Halloween treat


1″ Smoothfoam balls
Small ball-head straight pins
Craft knife
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Craft glue
Paint brush
Paper candy cups

1.  Cut each ball in half, paint each half with a thin coat of craft glue and sprinkle with different colors of glitter to cover; set aside to dry.

2.  Add a sequin to a pin and poke it into the ball – try different patterns and colors of sequins as shown above.

3.  As an alternative to glitter, glue coiled pipe cleaners around a ball half and accent with sequins or googly eyes.

4. To make your faux candy display more fun, add tags to each bonbon with “haunting flavors” like Wicked Warts, Eye Candy, Glittery Slime or Purple People Eater.


Spooky miniature mausoleum for Halloween


This mini mausoleum is pretty spooky, but it was so much fun to make for my Halloween table this year! Get crafty and learn how to create your own DIY Halloween mausoleum below.

Smoothfoam mausoleum Angela Holt



– Smoothfoam 12″ sheet
– Craft paints:  black, white, green
– Paint brush and sponges
– Hot glue gun
– 5″ square paper maché box with lid
– Paper die-cuts:  tree branches, bats
– 2 sets wooden flourish gates – Kaiser Craft
– Miniature coffin, pumpkins and skulls
– Faux spider webbing  


1.  Paint the box, lid and Smoothfoam sheet inside and out with black and let dry.

2.  Blend some white and black paint together to make gray. Use a sponge to pounce and dab random texture on all the pieces with gray paint, then highlight small areas with white and a little green to look mossy; let dry.

3.  Cut 2 pieces from the Smoothfoam sheet – approximately 5″ x 7″ and 5″ x 9″. Glue the smaller piece on top of the larger piece, flush at the back and staggered in front to create the steps.

4.  Turn the box on its side, with the open end facing the front and glue it on top of the Smoothfoam steps.

5.  Paint the wooden gate pieces black, let dry, then glue one full set into place on the front of the box, and cut the second set in half and glue the tops to the sides of the steps to create railings as shown.


6.  Place the coffin inside the mausoleum and embellish the outside with skulls, pumpkins, trees, bats and spider webbing.

Smoothfoam mini mausoleum Angela Holt

Use Smoothfoam blocks to create “shabby chic” displays


Smoothfoam blocks are the perfect foundation to create shabby chic displays…or any style you like! Shabby chic is taking the forums and crafting sites by storm this year. So of course I wanted to play with this awesome style! I spelled out “shabby” for my display, but this same idea would be so cute to spell out someone’s name or any word to celebrate a special occasion.

Shabby Chic Smoothfoam block display by Angela Holt


Smoothfoam cubes or blocks
Hot glue
Laces, fabrics and trims
Paper flowers and leaves
Bling Splendor from Angela Holt Designs
Die-cut letters on cardstock
Wood skewers
Acrylic paint and brush (optional)


1.  Wrap the sides of a Smoothfoam block or cube with your favorite fabric or lace and secure with hot glue. If you prefer the top of the block to match the color of your wrap, paint it first and allow to dry.

2.  Glue a die-cut letter to a wood skewer and press it into the center of the top of a block. You can also opt to glue the letter to the front of the block instead.

3.  Embellish the top and sides of the block as desired with flowers, trims and bling!

Shabby chic display block