Antique teacup pincushion

Teacup pincushion made with Smoothfoam by Dawn LothariusTea for one…and Smoothfoam too! Altering vintage items is one of my favorite things to do. Smoothfoam makes a great pin cushion, especially for heavier decorative pins – no drooping! Learn how to make this DIY pincushion craft below.


3″ Smoothfoam ball
Vintage teacup and saucer
Americana craft paint – Dragon Fruit
Paint brush
Stickles glitter glue – Diamond
Miniature flowers
6-8″ length of a feather boa
Heavy-duty glass glue
Craft glue
Decorative pearl accents

1.  Paint the ball with 1-2 coats and allow to dry.

2.  Glue the teacup to the saucer with glass glue.

3.  Coat the top of the ball with glitter glue and allow to dry.

4.  Adhere the ball inside the cup with craft glue.

5.  Glue feather boa around the perimeter at the lip of the cup, and embellish with pearls and flowers as desired.

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