Add texture to Smoothfoam with a paper grocery bag


Add texture to Smoothfoam with a paper grocery bag! Water, glue and wrinkles give this “Tuscan Grapes” art plaque a unique, weathered look.

Grape Plaque made with Smoothfoam by Terry Ricioli



Ten 1″ Smoothfoam balls
Foam board or heavy cardboard –  7” x 9”
Large paper grocery bag
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Watercolor paints
Serrated knife


1.  Cut each Smoothfoam ball in half with the serrated knife.  Cut a few off-center to add more dimension to the cluster.

2.  Arrange halves like a bunch of grapes on the board and glue into place, leaving room at the top for the stem and leaves.

3.  Trim the two side panels off of the paper bag. Lightly dampen one panel with water, wad it into a ball and set aside. Fold the other panel in half, printed side in, and glue the halves together. After the glue is dry, trace two grape leaf shapes on the double-thick panel and cut out. Scrunch the leaves up a bit to create texture and set aside.


4.  Paint a thin coat of glue on the surface of each grape and the surrounding board. Stretch out the damp, wrinkled bag and lay it print side down over the grapes and gently press the bag around and between the grapes. Press the outer edges of the bag down on the board, pushing it around gently to create random folds and wrinkles. Wrap the remainder of the bag around to the back the board and glue.

5.  Once the plaque is dry, paint the grapes and leaves with watercolors and let dry. Make a twisted stem from a scrap of the bag, then glue the leaves and the stem in place with the grapes.


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