National Craft Month: 3-tier bonbon stand

3-tier display standSmoothfoam is the perfect product to create enchanting projects for small parties and special gatherings.

With a little innovation and lots of decorating details, you can make the perfect display for any event.

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6″ Smoothfoam disc
8″ Smoothfoam disc
10″ Smoothfoam disc
12″ x 1-1/2″ Smoothfoam rod
1-1/2″ Smoothfoam balls (12-pack)
Decorative papers
Scissors, craft knife
Bone folder
Double-stick tape, hot glue
Small wood dowel
Decorative trims, ribbons, mini flowers
Glitter, beads, pins, buttons
Cupcake cups


First you need to select the styles of paper that you want to use. I chose some lovely papers from Prima’s Fairy Belle Collection. Trace and then cut out the paper the same size and diameter as the discs. Mark the center of each disk so that you can place the cylinder rod to hold each level of the stand.

Cut two 4″ pieces from the 12″ rod, and cut two pieces of paper to 4″x 4-1/2″. Add double-stick tape to one side of each sheet and begin to burnish and rub the paper to form around each cylinder. Take your time in doing this and add adhesive along the way.


To secure to the bases of each level of the stand, push a 3″ piece of a wood dowel halfway into the end of each foam rod with a little hot glue. Push the other half of the dowel into the center of a disc. Now that you have your stand assembled, glue 1″x12″ strips of paper around the edges of each disc. To embellish the stand, I used a variety of floral trims, pearls and laces. The top was decorated with flowers and a crystal accent piece.


Now you get to make the only bonbons in the world that you can enjoy and not feel guilty about! Some bonbons are made with whole balls and others were cut in half. Both types get glued inside a mini silver or patterned candy cup.


Here are some different ways to decorate each bonbon…with glued flowers, or you can wrap one with a fuzzy trim or a strand of mini-pearls and glue it down along the way. Add a flower or rhinestone on top for the finishing touch.


Wrap a ball in crocheted lace and glue small blue roses all over, or wrap one in burlap and criss-cross mini-pearls over the top, then accent with seed beads on head pins.

Paint some glue on a ball, add mini resin flowers and then sprinkle fine clear glitter on top. Or glue different sized buttons and beads all over – don’t they all look good enough to eat?

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17 thoughts on “National Craft Month: 3-tier bonbon stand

  1. Really6 would make a sweet centerpiece for a mothers day tea! i am going to have to make one of those…It would be sweet for any tea with the girls. thanks for this idea.

  2. Love this. I would love to make one for a special B-day party or a special wedding. So many ways one could embellish it. My mind is going creative!

  3. That is soooo beautiful!!! I would love to make something like that for baby shower centerpieces!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  4. That is so gorgeous.. and it looks like so much fun to play with this product. I’ve never heard of it before but I really must look into it now..

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