She sells seashells by the seashore

Seaside shells decor

No matter what season it is, seaside-themed décor is always beautifully neutral and calm. If you love to collect seashells from family trips to the ocean or if you buy shells from the craft store, you can lovingly display them throughout your home with a little help from Smoothfoam. Check out our designer DIYs and bring a bit of sand and surf indoors!

Shell wreath
Shell mirror
Carved starfish
Sandy frame
Shell dish


Art panels in the round

art panels smoothfoam discs

Who says it’s hip to be square? We think circles are pretty cool, in a roundabout way. Smoothfoam discs make terrific art panels for a wide variety of mediums, colors and themes. From wallhangings to mandalas to décor for the kids’ room, we’ve surrounded you with some really fun DIY ideas!

Growing up
String art
Flower collage
PacMan and Pokemon

Art panels made easy with Smoothfoam

smoothfoam art panels

A simple sheet of Smoothfoam can become an inspiring work of art with just a little imagination. Whether you enjoy painting, stamping, stenciling, collage, heat-carving, image transfer, texturizing…it’s all possible on this affordable, lightweight surface. Find your muse and get creative!

Cherish quote
Monogram wallhanging
Dress-form canvas
Carved butterfly
Word art

Frightful and delightful DIY Halloween Decorations

halloween smoothfoam decorations

Whether you’re hosting a community haunted house, competing with the neighbors for the best-decorated yard, or just looking to make the night more fun for those trick-or-treaters who come knocking – these spooky good DIY Halloween decorations are too fun to pass up! Check out our designers’ full tutorials for each craft project below and enjoy the haunt!

Vintage-inspired Halloween pumpkins
Light-up Jack O’Lantern
Spider candy dish
Graveyard tombstones
Light-up owl
Haunted house centerpiece


It’s pumpkin time!

pumpkin-collageIt’s officially the season for all things pumpkin – from coffee drinks to pies and pastries to autumn home décor. Our designers have created many beautiful pumpkin arts and crafts projects that you and your family can enjoy throughout the whole fall holiday season. And then next week, we’ll share plenty of ideas for spookier Halloween pumpkins! Browse our pumpkin themed crafts below.

Rustic block pumpkins
Carved pumpkin centerpiece
Fall fabric pumpkin
Pumpkin wallhanging
Pumpkin banner
Junkin’ punkins

If it looks like wood, it might just be Smoothfoam

faux wood projects with smoothfoam

Rustic wood crafts are popular any time of year – but wouldn’t it be fun to create projects that look like wood without power tools? Wouldn’t it be nice to make holiday and home décor that’s so much lighter than wood? Smoothfoam is just the ticket – check out these great designs for wood look-alikes:

Pumpkin blocks
Family and friends sign
Round beach sign
Large beads
Cottage bookends
Plank beach sign

Fabulous faux surfaces you can make with Smoothfoam


Is it wood? Is it metal? No, it’s Smoothfoam! With the right tools and a little imagination, you can mimic almost any surface with Smoothfoam. Create beautiful, lightweight DIY art and craft projects for every room in your home that are more than deserving of a double-take.

Faux copper – Fruit bowl
Faux stucco – Art panel
Faux glass – Owl ornaments
Faux terra cotta – Planter
Faux rusty metal – Key
Faux carved wood – Bowl
Faux zinc – Letters

Fun burlap crafts for fall

burlap crafts smoothfoam

Burlap is a crafter’s go-to fabric for so many fall crafts – it’s rustic, textural and warm. Whether you’re celebrating Harvest, Halloween or Thanksgiving, now’s the time to bring out the burlap! Check out these fun seasonal DIY burlap craft projects made with Smoothfoam:

Grape garland
Mini turkey decoration
Thanksgiving centerpiece
Basket of acorns
Burlap scarecrow
Pumpkin doorhanger

The cutest critter crafts you’ve ever seen!


Have you ever heard of an echidna? It’s also called a spiny anteater sometimes. This little guy uses your crayons for his spines! Visit Jennifer Priest’s blog to learn how to make this adorable (and functional) creature using a Smoothfoam half-ball for the body – she made a video tutorial as well – check it out:

Speaking of cute critters, how about a party ant? Every picnic in the park or barbeque at the beach deserves a happy little conversation starter like this guy. Visit Sue Eldred’s blog to see how she created him with mini Smoothfoam balls.

smoothfoam party ant decoration