Rainbow Glitter Snowflakes

Rainbow-Glitter-smoothfoam Snowflakes-JpriestHow about making some rainbow glitter snowflakes for non-traditional home décor? I love the intricate cuts on the Smoothfoam snowflakes and wanted to use them to create a decorative accent for the holidays.

I was inspired by the bright, non-traditional holiday colors of ornaments at a local theme park and decided to embellish these Smoothfoam snowflakes in similar colors with glitter.


Here’s what you’ll need to make this project:


6″ Smoothfoam snowflakes
Glitter in various colors
Aleene’s Repositionable Tacky Spray
Paper plates
ColorBox Color Catcher  (spray booth)
Tag or scrap of paper to scoop glitter
Tombow Xtreme Mounting Putty

HOT-Snowflake-Smoothfoam-JPriest Orange-Pink-Blue-Glitter-Snowflake-Smoothfoam-Jpriest

And here’s how easy it is to make DIY rainbow glitter snowflakes – working outside or in a well-ventilated area, just spray the top of a snowflake with the Tacky Spray, and then sprinkle away! Sprinkle one color on the outside tips, then work in a circular motion to sprinkle additional color(s) until you get to the center. Tap off the excess and let dry.

After I finished adding glitter to the snowflakes, I used the mounting putty to temporarily adhere the snowflakes to my front door as an alternative to a holiday wreath.

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Snowman Trio

smoothfoam snowmen

As much as I am NOT looking forward to snow and winter, I do love a happy snowman!  I decided to make a snowman trio for a fun wintery display. This is nice to leave out even after Christmas.

2″ x 4″ x 8″ Smoothfoam block
3 each of three sizes of Smoothfaom balls – 2″, 1.5″, 1″
Craft glue, black glitter glue
Acrylic paints – blue, white
Heat carving tool
Orange dimensional paint
Faux snow
Ribbons and fibers


To make each snowman stack a little easier, carve a little divot in the two bottom balls and also in the base block. Carve the words “LET IT SNOW” into the front of the block with heat tool.

IMG_6723Painted all the Smoothfoam pieces white and let dry. For the front of the carved block, paint it blue, using a flat foam brush to allow the white inside the letters to show.

Cover the balls in white glue and roll them in the faux snow, then let dry. Paint a face and buttons with black glitter glue, and dab some orange dimensional paint for the nose.

Glue each set of three balls together to assemble each snowman, then glue them to the block. Tie some ribbons and fibers around their necks.

Snowflake Vignette

smoothfoam Snowflake Vignette

‘Tis the season for snowflakes and snowmen, Christmas trees and handmade ornaments!

I wouldn’t call this project “mini,” but it is fairly small. I added the little cardstock roof, door and window to the Smoothfoam house. I cut them out of scraps of off-white paper I had handy. Read on for the supply list and instructions!

smoothfoam snowflake

You will need the following supplies:

6″ Smoothfoam snowflake
3″ Smoothfoam mini house 
Craft paints:  light pink, light blue
Snow-Tex medium
Tacky glue
Clear glitter
Mini bottle brush trees
Cardstock scraps
12″ silver tinsel stem
Toothpicks, paintbrush, scissors




1.  Paint the snowflake light blue. Paint the house light pink. Allow to dry thoroughly.

2.  Cut a roof and door for the front of the house and any little details you want to glue on from the cardstock.

3.  Stick a toothpick in the bottom of the house.  Trim the excess to 1″ and poke into the middle of the snowflake.

4.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply some Snow-Tex medium to the top of the snowflake and to the roof of the house. Don’t have a snow storm by applying too much! Smooth on little bits at a time until you have the desired effect.

5.  Apply glitter while the medium is wet and shake off excess. Apply glue to the base of each tree and push into the wet SnowTex.

6.  Cut and make a tiny wreath from the tinsel stem and glue it to the front of the house.  Glue a little piece of the tinsel to the top of each tree.

Decoupage Tissue Paper Ornaments

decoupage smoothfoam christmas ornaments

Smoothfoam ornaments are perfect for holiday gifts. The smooth surface is perfect to paint, sand, decoupage and cut. The possibilities are endless!


3-5/8″ Smoothfoam ornaments
1″ x 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Decoupage medium
Mini Dew Drops embellishments
Assorted tissue paper napkins
Sequins, glitter
24-gauge colored floral wire
Decorative bead or jewel
Holiday wire, beading pliers
Foam brush, scissors
Tacky glue
Bamboo skewer, toothpicks

smoothfoam ornaments

Carefully push your bamboo skewers through each ornament as shown.

Your tissue napkins will be 3-ply. Remove one ply and cut your desired design into small triangles and short strips. Always cut more than you think you need so you won’t have to try cutting tissue paper with sticky fingers later.


tissue napkins

Use the foam brush to apply decoupage medium to the ornament, add a tissue piece and paint over it with the medium. Keep repeating these steps until you have covered your ornament.

Poke one end of the toothpick into the ornament and the other end into the Smoothfoam sheet so the ornament can dry upright.

After the ornaments are no longer sticky to touch, glue on your embellishments, glitter, sequins and trims as desired. Once again. prop up the ornament with the toothpick to set.

Measure 12″  of craft wire and fold in half. Thread your bead or jewel so it drops to the end of the wire, twist to secure. Thread a couple of sequins to cover the top and bottom of your ornament.

Push wire up through the bottom of the ornament to the top. Add another sequin, then make a loop with the remaining wire. Wrap the tail of the wire around the base of the loop and snip off excess. beaded ornament dangle

Vintage-Style Christmas Alphabet Blocks

NOEL Vintage Santa Smoothfoam Blocks


These vintage-style Christmas alphabet blocks are a great way to repurpose Smoothfoam cubes that may be slightly damaged – the little dents and dings just add to the vintage feel.


Four 4”  Smoothfoam cubes
DecoArt Metallic Lustre – Gold Rush
Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paints – Rouge, Enchanted, Timeless
Americana Décor Creme Wax – Golden Brown
Heavy-duty craft glue
Pencil, paint brushes, tape measure


Paint the Smoothfoam cubes with Timeless Chalky Finish paint. Let dry.

To create the effect of wood alphabet blocks with a ridged edge, use the bottom of a tape measure or other solid rectangular item, to press into the center of each side of the cube, about 1/2” from each edge.

paint and distress Smoothfoam cubes

To distress the blocks, apply Creme Wax with paper towel, then remove most of it while still wet.

distress smoothfoam cubes

Trace or draw letters in pencil on each block to spell out NOEL.

Paint the N and E blocks with Rouge; paint the O and L blocks with Enchanted. Let dry.


Print out nine vintage Santa images to fit within a 3″ square.

Glue the Santa images to the top, left and right sides of the N block, as well as the left and right sides of the O, E and L blocks.

On the blocks with red letters, paint a fine line around each vintage Santa image with green. On the blocks with green letters, do the same in red and let dry.

Use your fingertip to smudge Metallic Lustre on all sides of each cube, around the raised edges.

distress vintage christmas blocks


Garden Peppermint Candy

smoothfoam peppermint candy decoration

We have a 1-year-old granddaughter, so this year we are doing some very bright candy-themed decorating for Christmas. I started with these pretty peppermint candy decorations in the garden entry of our home. Learn how to create these festive Christmas garden decorations below.


Smoothfoam 6″ discs
Craft paints – red, silver
Stencil paper, craft knife
Xyron adhesive machine
Dowel rods, paint brush
Cellophane sheets
Assorted ribbons

SF Peppermints 2

I made the spiral pattern template using my electronic die-cut machine. You could also trace clip art or draw it freehand. I ran the negative pieces through my Xyron machine and adhered them in place. This gave me a crisper edge when painting. Be sure to pull up the paper while the paint is still wet!

SF Peppermints 3

After the paint is dry, insert a dowel rod into the edge of the disc, then wrap it in cellophane and tie ribbons at the base to secure.

How to Build a Snowman

Smoothfoam Snowman

How to build a snowman…building a snowman is pretty easy with some time and just a little patience…and a few key ingredients!

snowman parts

2″ Smoothfoam ball
3″ Smoothfoam ball
4″ Smoothfoam ball
DecoArt Snow-Tex texture medium
DecoArt Crystal Craft Twinkles Paint
Acrylic paints – white, orange
Palette knife, paint brush
3″ black felt top hat  (I found this at Jo Ann Fabrics)
Gingham fabric scrap
Grey felt scrap
Small brads and holly embellishment
Craft knife, wood skewers, scissors
Craft glue


Cut away a small section from the bottom of the 4″ Smoothfoam ball so that it sits flat.

Cut a couple of 3″ lengths from a skewer. Stick the skewer into the center of the 2″ and 3″ Smoothfoam balls.

put a stick in itAdd craft glue to the ends of the skewers before sticking the three balls together to form the snowman base. Allow glue to fully dry before continuing to the next step.

Smooth Snow-tex over the snowman with a palette knife. Here’s where the patience comes in…allow a couple of hours for the Snow-tex to completely dry.

Paint the textured snowman white and let dry. For a frosty look…paint a second coat with the glitter paint.

Cut a thin strip of grey felt and glue it around the base of the hat to create a band. Glue the holly on the band to cover the seam. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman’s head.

Cut a strip of gingham fabric and tie it around the neck. Cut small slits into the ends of the fabric for fringe.

Push two small black brads into the head for the eyes.  Push in micro black brads for the mouth.

Cut the pointed end from a bamboo skewer and paint it orange. Push it into the head for the nose.

Here’s a close-up of Mr. Snowman. Isn’t he hjandsome?

Snoman Face

Deck that Hall with a Holiday Ball!

smoothfoam holiday ball

‘Tis the season for spherical delights! Every year we love making ornaments and holiday decorations with Smoothfoam. From the cute little 1/2″ balls to the big giant 12″ balls (ahem), Smoothfoam-in-the-round is the perfect surface for every kind of embellishment. Paint them, glitter them, decoupage them, glue them, pin them, carve them, string them and blog about them – and share your link with us!

Add your own holiday ball projects to our neverending link-up any time you like – we’d love to see how you celebrate all things circular with Smoothfoam!


Fall Leaf Wall Panel

smoothfoam autumn leaf wallhanging

I created this fall leaf wall panel to embrace the fall season, which is non-existent where I live in Florida. The year-round sunshine is a wonderful thing, but I still miss certain things about fall – like the crisp air, apple picking and the leaves changing from green to gorgeous shades of red, burgundy, yellow and orange. Smoothfoam is easy to paint and it’s lightweight, making it easy to hang and store. Liven up any room with this fall wall decoration.


One 12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
Craft paints – Chocolate Brown, Fawn, Sable Brown
Weathered Wood Crackle Medium
Hot wire cutting tool
Fall leaf
Scrapbook paper in a fall color
One 60″ length 1/4″ ribbon
Craft glue
Paint brush, paper, pencil
Ball point pen, broad tip marker, nail file


1.  Draw leaf pattern on plain paper in pencil, then outline with a marker. Trace leaf on sheet of Smoothfoam, using a ball point pen to depress the surface.

trace leaf on smoothfoam

2.  Cut out the leaf shape with a hot wire cutting tool. Smooth any rough edges with a nail file. If you can carve the leaf out in one piece, you have a great shape for another project.

carve smoothfoam hot wire tool

3.  Paint the panel with Chocolate Brown, let dry. Apply Weathered Wood Medium according to package instructions.

painted smoothfoam panel

4.  Place Fawn and Sable Brown next to each other on your palette, load both paints on a large brush and paint the panel with another coat. To achieve the best crackling, stroke only once over the surface, do not go back and forth. Use more paint to get larger cracks, less paint for smaller cracks. Let dry.

5.  Paint the outside edges with Fawn and Sable Brown, but leave the inside of the leaf shape Chocolate Brown for contrast.


6.  Glue the sheet of scrapbook paper to the back of the panel, let dry. Glue 1/4″ wide ribbon around the outer edge and let dry. Tie excess ribbon in a loop and bow to glue or pin at the top as a hanger.

For more inspiration and fall wall decorations, check out the Smoothfoam Facebook page!