Apple of My Eye Mirror

Smoothfoam fall leaves mirror

I love autumn with its gorgeous colors, crisp juicy apples and the smell of campfires and burning leaves. My house is decorated in fall colors, so this mirror will fit perfectly in any room. Every time you look into this mirror, remind yourself that you are the apple of someone’s eye, and as Lennon and McCartney said, “Love is all you need.”

Smoothfoam balls make perfect apples with just a little bit of slicing and carving. This project took less than two hours from concept to completion, so it’s easy to make and pretty to look at!


Five Smoothfoam 2″ balls
12″ beveled mirror
Acrylic paints –  Bright Gold, Crimson Red
Black permanent inkpad
Brown air-dry clay
Branch push mold for clay
Fabric leaf picks
Heavy-duty craft glue
Self-adhesive hanger
Hotwire foam cutter, craft knife
Sand paper, scissors, skewers
Paint brush, sponge

1.  Cut each 2″ Smoothfoam ball in half, sand any rough spots, and cut a small V-shaped wedge from the top of each half. Sand smooth the edges in the V.

2.  Mix the two paints (50/50) to create a metallic burnt orange shade. Insert a skewer into the flat side of each ball, making sure it doesn’t go all the way through and paint them front and back. Place the skewers into a wide-mouth jar, making sure the apples are not touching, until the paint dries.

3.  Cut the leaves from the floral stems and separate them into 3 sizes. Set one medium leaf aside to use to trim smaller leaves for the apples. Glue the largest leaves around the mirror, about 1″ inside the edge. If you do not have enough large leaves to complete the circle, just add a couple of medium leaves, randomly but evenly spaced, and move them to the outer 1/2″ edge of the mirror.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Leaf base CWindham4.  Repeat using the darker leaves and coming about 1/2″ farther into the center and press down for a few minutes to allow the glue to set.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Add Second finished leaf layer CWindham.jpg 5.  Add more smaller leaves, again moving in another 1/2″. Press and allow to dry.

6.  Trace a 12″ circle onto poster board with a plate or template.

7.  Trim out the circle and glue it to the back of the mirror. Attach a self-adhesive picture hanger to the upper center of the poster board.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Add back CWindham8.  Glue the apples on top of the leaf ring, spacing them evenly around and turning the tops either left or right.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Apple close-up CWindham

9.  Push some brown clay into the branch mold, then cut into small piecs to make the apples stems and sponge each stem with black permanent ink. Cut ten small leaves from the leaf you had set aside. Glue the leaves and stems to the top of each apple.

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror Cut Stems CWindham

Smoothfoam Apple of My Eye Mirror cut small leaves CWindham

Ghost in the Graveyard Halloween Decoration

smoothfoam ghost graveyard halloween decoration

Add a little spooky fun to your front door for Halloween!  This little ghost in the graveyard Halloween decoration even gives off an eerie glow at night!


Smoothfoam sheets
Glow-in-the-dark paint
Sheer, lightweight fabric
Acrylic craft paints – grey, white
Black ink pad
Wood dowel, paint brush, serrated knife
Knife, rag/sponge, scissors, black permanent marker
Scotch Command hooks


Trace or draw a headstone shape on Smoothfoam. I used a serrated knife to cut my headstone shape because I wanted the irregular edge it would give – much like real granite or cement.This is a great project for using any Smoothfoam discs or sheets you may have that are slightly damaged – I love the effect of the dings and dents – it looks more like an old creepy gravestone to me thanks to those imperfections!

Use the end of a larger paint brush to impress “RIP” into the top center of headstone. Again – I wanted the irregular, imperfect effect so the texture of the foam shows through.


Paint the headstone and wood dowel grey and let dry.

Use a sponge to apply a very light layer of black ink over entire face of gravestone.  The ink will further enhance the subtle texture of the Smoothfoam itself, and enhance the indentations and imperfect areas, helping to “age” the headstone.


Cut your ghost shapefrom Smoothfoam., slightly smaller than your headstone.

Cut a piece of sheer easy-draping fabric that will fit over the ghost front and back and drape to achieve the desired effect. I cut my fabric to give it ragged edges.


I try to remember to craft with what’s already in my stash (have you read Lisa Fulmer’s book?) but the only sheer fabric I had was pink, and a pink ghost simply would not do.  So I painted the entire piece of fabric with a wash of white paint and a little water. Place it on a cookie sheet so the paint seeps through the sheer fabric and it covers both sides of the fabric in one coat. The paint will also stiffen the fabric slightly so it holds its ghostly shape.

Insert the grey painted dowel into the bottom of your Smoothfoam ghost and place him into a bottle. Drape the wet painted fabric over the ghost, shaping it for your desired effect. Let dry.

Once your ghost is dry, brush the front and sides with glow-in-the-dark paint and let dry.

Give your ghost eyes with a black permanent marker.


Cut your dowel down so about 2” will extend out of the headstone and about 3” will remain inside of headstone when inserted. Insert the ghost into the headstone at an angle.

I used Scotch Command hooks to hang my Halloween decorations as they hold the Smoothfoam in place but can easily be removed at a later date.

DIY Piñata-Inspired Bulletin Boards


So I have a confession:  I am a little obsessed with all things “piñata” right now since I discovered how to make tissue paper fringe really easily. I even tried to piñata the cat! All kidding aside, I have been wanting to make a bulletin board with Smoothfoam sheets for a long time. I could paint it or cover it with fabric or decoupage pretty papers on it, but none of those ideas really floated my boat. Instead, I decided to piñata the Smoothfoam Sheets to make a festive bulletin board! And yes, piñata is now a verb!


I used 6 x 12 Smoothfoam sheets to make three piñata bulletin boards, which I mounted to the wall using Tombow Xtreme Putty. The Smoothfoam makes a great surface for pinning important notes and the tissue fringe is just so fun! Brighten any office with these fun bulletin boards. Here’s how:

To create this project, gather the following supplies:

Three 6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheets
Colored tissue papers
Sizzix 3-D Flowers by Eileen Hull
Sizzix Big Shot Machine
Tombow MONO Liquid Glue
Tombow Xtreme Putty
Westcott Brand Scissors
Acrylic craft Paint
Paint brush

These bulletin boards are a great way to liven up your office for the upcoming Mexican Independence Day on September 16 or leave them up for Dia De Los Muertos in October. I plan to leave mine up all year long, as a fun way to decorate the wall in my office.

Thanks for stopping by the Smoothfoam blog. I’d love to know how you would create bulletin boards with Smoothfoam sheets for your home or office. Tell us in the comments section! And for more crafty goodness, please visit me over at Just JP.