Steampunk Wall Art

Smoothfoam Steampunk Wall Decor

I wanted to create a small piece of art for my DD2’s new apartment. She loves steampunk style, so I pulled out a few supplies and got started.


12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
Kaisercraft scrapbook papers – Be-YOU-tiful and Storyteller
Chipboard die-cuts
Embossing powders and heat gun
Embossing folders, die-cutting machine
Embossing paste
Metal sheet roll and hobby shears (MD Hobby & Craft)
Inks, stamps
Craft glue, craft knife

1.  Cut the Smoothfoam sheet into 5.5″ squares with a craft knife. Glue patterned paper to cover the front. Color the chipboard die-cuts with inks and/or heat emboss stamped patterns on top using embossing powders.

2.  Run a sheet of metal inside an embossing folder through a die cut machine. Ink the raised areas to highlight. Cut into two pieces; a square and a rectangle, and glue the pieces to two of the Smoothfoam squares as shown.

Smoothfoam Steampunk Wall Decor SM 6

Smoothfoam Steampunk Wall Decor Sm 4

3. Using stencil and embossing paste, add texture to the third square. When dry, brush with ink to highlight the stenciled image. Adhere embellishments as desired.

Smoothfoam Steampunk Wall Decor Sm 3

Smoothfoam Steampunk Wall Decor Sm 2

Ladybug Photo Holder Vignette

Smoothfoam ladybug photo holder

Here’s a cute idea for a handmade Mother’s Day gift – or this little ladybug DIY photo holder vignette could be adapted as a gift for a favorite teacher during National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8).  I think the ladybug could even stand on her own!  Hope you are enjoying all of the new beginnings of spring! As you create this spiral wire photo holder, take time to enjoy the little blessings along the way and live life with a flourish!


6″ Smoothfoam disc
3″ Smoothfoam ball (cut in half)
Two 1-1/2″ balls (cut in half)
Craft paints:  Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Cream
Paintbrushes:  1″ flat, 1/4″ flat
Pencil with new eraser
Stylus (for paint dots)
18 or 20 gauge wire, wire cutters
Wood skewers, toothpicks
Green cardstock
Glitters: green, clear
Low-temp hot glue gun
Tacky glue
Scissors, pliers
Optional:  Hot wire foam cutter  (I use Marvy Uchida)


1.  Using a skewer as a handle for each Smoothfoam piece; paint and allow to dry:
Disc (base) – Antique Green; 3″ half-ball (ladybug body) – red;  1-1/2″ half-balls – one black (ladybug head), three yellow (mushrooms).

2.  Paint dots on the ladybug with the pencil eraser:  White eyes on the head, black dots on each side of the body. Highlight the dots with a stylus and tiny cream dip dots. Attach the head to the body with a toothpick and hot glue to secure. I also used a dot of hot glue to form a nose on the ladybug’s face.

3. To make the spiral wire photo holders, cut three 12″ pieces of wire. Bend a tiny loop at one end of one piece of wire; continue to bend it into a flat coil to get desired spiral shape to insert a photo.  Make a pilot hole in the middle of one yellow half ball. Poke the straight wire end through the pilot hole. Position the half ball and bend the wire back and forth just below the half ball.  This will hold it in place.  Poke the straight end into the green base. Use the wire cutters to cut the wire to the desired height.  Repeat for each piece of wire and yellow half ball.

4.  For the ladybug’s antennae, cut two 3″ pieces of wire. Bend the top end of one piece into a 1/4″ spiral. Repeat for the other piece. Poke into the top of the head. For her legs, cut four 3″ pieces of wire. Stick the front and back legs into the flat side of the red body. Push her evenly into the green base.

Smoothfoam ladybug and mushrooms

5.  Embellish the ladybug, mushrooms and base with glitters and glue.

6.  For the grass,  I used my die-cutting machine and a grass border die to cut green cardstock to wrap around the base of my vignette. Another option is to cut two 1-1/2″ x 12″ strips of cardstock and cut a fringe at the top edge for the grass.  Stamp a sentiment on the grass trim, then glue it to the Smoothfoam disc as shown.

Vintage-Inspired Patina Owls

smoothfoam owls

It’s no secret that I love anything owls. I think they are just the most fantastic, adorable, magical creatures! When I saw these little guys, I squealed! They are cute in white, but even better painted. You can use them to spruce up a potted plant or display as a collection.  I hope you enjoy my tutorial. 🙂


3-7/8″ Smoothfoam owls
Acrylic paints -dark brown, metallic, gold
Mod Podge Gloss
Inka Gold metal paint
Foam brush
Bamboo skewers – trimmed to 6″

Push a skewer into the bottom of your owl and paint it brown. Poke the owl into a block of Smoothfoam to hold it upright as it dries.

Rinse and dry the foam brush, then add a little gold paint to the owl. Add additional metallic colors sparingly as desired, so the brown paint still shows through.

Once all the paint is dry, coat the owl with Mod Podge and allow to dry thoroughly for a few hours.

Lightly apply Inka Gold to the owl with your finger, accenting it just enough to give it a vintage look. Here are more patina variations, all starting with the brown and gold paint as a base.

Processed with Moldiv


DIY Felt Poppies

felt poppy

This felt poppy craft will bring a little spring into your life. Poppy flower crafts make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Use them to decorate a special table, a breakfast tray, or a tie them onto a gift.


1″ Smoothfoam ball
Eco-Fi Plus Felt – red, green
Craft paints – yellow, green
Hot glue gun
Wood skewer

How to make a felt poppy:

Click here to download the Poppy Pattern, then trace and cut out each piece from the felt.

Paint the Smoothfoam ball yellow and the skewer green; allow to dry completely.

Glue the red felt petals around the ball, starting with the small petals on the inside and then adding the larger petals around the outside.

Glue the flower onto the end of the skewer.

Poke a small hole in the center of the green felt circle. Slide the skewer through it from the bottom and glue the circle to the bottom of the flower.

Glue felt petals onto the skewer.

Liv and Poppy copy

Carved Block Stamping with Smoothfoam

Block Stamping on Canvas with Smoothfoam

I had this great idea to make stamps using Smoothfoam so that I could do sidewalk stamping with my grandsons. After one messy (but fun) try, I decided it really wasn’t going to work the way I wanted. So… I decided to use the stamps on a canvas instead.

Handmade Smoothfoam Stamps 4837

I created the stamps using a Hotwire Foam Cutter. You could also use a craft knife. Because the original plan was to use them with the kids, I glued handles on the back.

Block Stamping  Collage

Supplies Used:

12″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
2″ Smoothfoam ball
10″ x 10″ canvas
Acrylic paints
Super Hotwire Foam Cutter or craft knife
Happy Words Stencil from Plaid

Prime canvas with a coat of gesso or neutral paint.

After cutting the Smoothfoam sheet into shapes (I made a square, triangle, flower, leaf), sponge some paint on the back of the square and stamp it on to the canvas. You may need to press the back of the canvas with your other hand to get crisper image. Repeat three more times to get a nice square background.

Stamp the flower and leaves. Using a small Smoothfoam ball cut in half, stamp the center of flower. Stencil desired words under the image.

smoothfoam block stamping on canvas

“Unlock Your Joy” Art Panel


Today I am doing a little different project for me. Often we create art that is inspired by what is happening in our lives…today my post reflects this. The title of this art panel is Unlock Your Joy. The only person that can unlock your joy is YOU. The face of the doll is not happy because the past few days have been long and hard for me. But I am trusting that everything will work out – and this piece of art will remind me of that! My lesson in this piece…don’t let anyone steal your joy and lock it away.


6″ x 12″ Smoothfoam sheet
Art screens, alpha and pattern stamps & inkpads from Ann Butler Designs for Clearsnap
Wood lock/key
Connie Crystal Sheet – Black
Clay face
Paper doll stamp
Craft glue
Acrylic paints – ivory
Paintbrush, foam pouncer, scissors


Paint the Smoothfoam sheet ivory and let dry. Pounce various shades of inks on top, through an art screen. I love that it is so easy to stamp and stencil on Smoothfoam!

Stamp the paper doll on cardstock and cut it out. Stamp each part with various designs.

Glue the doll to the panel and let it dry. Ink the wood lock and key. Glue these embellishments into position as shown.

Stamp the word “JOY” on cardstock, cut out each letter and glue in place.

Trim narrow lengths from the crystal sheet and glue around the edge of the panel to frame it.


Flower Mobile

Flower Mobile

A Smoothfoam disc is the perfect start for a mobile of bright flowers!


6” Smoothfoam disc
Rowlux Illusion Film – four sheets of bright colors
Die-cutting machine (I used a Sizzix Big Shot)
Flower dies (I used Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Florals)
1 large sheet of bright color craft foam
10 yards of cotton cord or string
Plastic beads
Sequin or ball head pins
Tacky glue
Wood skewer, tapestry needle, scissors

Trace the Smoothfoam disc on a piece of scrap paper and cut out. Fold the paper in half three times. On each fold line, measure ¾” from the edge and mark. Mark the center also.

Trace the disc on the sheet of craft foam twice. On the bottom piece, make holes with a needle using the marks on your paper pattern for placement. Make a center hole in the top piece. Make corresponding holes in the foam disc with the bamboo skewer. Glue the bottom piece of craft foam to the disc, matching the holes.

Using the needle and about two yards of cord, go up through a hole in disc from bottom to top and back down through an adjacent hole four times. Arrange lengths of string as desired and then glue the top craft foam circle onto the disc. Cut two 9-1/2″ by 1″ strips of craft foam and glue to the edges.

Die-cut two sets of each color of Rowlux for the hanging flowers. Punch holes in the centers. String the layers from the back, add a bead and go back through the hole. String some beads at the end of the string and tie off. Add a string through the center of each flower and make a loop in the top for hanging. Use beads and flowers to hold it to the disc at the top.

Add additional smaller flowers around the edge of the disc with beads and pins if desired.

Easy Riser Display Cubes for Artist Trading Cards

smoothfoam riser cubes lisa fulmer


I have a large collection of artist trading cards (ATCs), most of which are displayed in trays on the walls of my studio.  I continue to make and collect new ATCs, for which I don’t have wall space, so I use these “handy” place card holders (bought at World Market) to display them on my desk and on shelves. I needed some risers to fit more ATCs in a smaller space so I could still see them all – Smoothfoam to the rescue!

This project couldn’t be easier – just paint any size Smoothfoam cube and then pin or glue your favorite embellishments around it. I inked some silver punchinella ribbon in green and yellow to match my paints, then wrapped it around each cube. The two ends overlap about an inch, where I secured it to the cube with some straight pins pushed into the buttonholes – no glue needed.

How to Make a Fairy Garden

I have loved the look of fairy gardens for some time, but with a rambunctious puppy in the backyard, there was no way a fairy garden would survive more than a day. Three major craft stores in my area now carry fairy garden items, so when I stumbled upon a bag of moss in one of the stores recently, I knew what I had to do. I had to make a fun faux indoor fairy garden! Here’s how to make a fairy garden with Smoothfoam:


6″ Smoothfoam disc
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
Green acrylic paint and foam paint brush
Lacquer mushroom picks, bottlebrush trees
Plastic ballerina, nylon butterfly
Hot glue gun, wire cutters

The key to this fairy garden is the lightweight Smoothfoam disc base. It’s solid enough to provide enough surface area to glue the moss down, yet porous enough to allow the wire ends of flower and mushroom picks to be inserted with ease. Change out the elements seasonally without worrying about the base crumbling – the Smoothfoam base will stay intact for years.

Smoothfoam Fairy Garden TOP JPriest

I plan to make several more of these with larger and smaller sizes of Smoothfoam discs to decorate for a fairy garden tea party I plan on having this summer. Display them under fancy glass cloches, on top of cake plates, or even under glass cheese and cake domes for a fun look on a dining table or mantle.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy project with Smoothfoam – The Crafter’s Foam! See more projects like this on my blog – Just JP.

Spring Flower Balls

smoothfoam flower balls

Decorative foam flower balls for almost any season continue to appear everywhere in home décor stores and magazines. These colorful, whimsical spring flower decorations are ready to usher spring into your home!


Smoothfoam balls – one each 2”, 3”, 5”
Kunin PrintzFelt sheets – Saralma, Blooming Floral
Kunin Rainbow ClassicFelt sheet – Light Yellow
Sizzix Big Shot machine and “Flower Layers with Leaf” die
White Makin’s Clay and a flower push mold
Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents by Ann Butler Designs – Limelight, Tangelo, Lipgloss
Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive
DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin acrylic paint – Melonball

Paint each Smoothfoam ball with Melon Ball paint and let dry.

Die-cut multiple flowers from each of the 3 felts (there were 3 different flowers on this die, the number of each cut depends on which size ball you decide to use which flower on).

Glue the flowers on to each ball, allowing for some overlap so petals will lift upward against each other for more depth and dimension.


Mold enough clay flowers so you have 3 different kinds to use in the centers of each felt flower. Let the clay air-dry for 24 hours.

Paint each clay flower with a shade of Iridescents and let dry. Glue to the centers of the flowers on each ball.