Spring Flower Box

Smoothfoam spring flower Wall HangingThere is nothing more beautiful than springtime in Tennessee. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the feel of the first time I walk outside barefoot and the sound of soft April rain.

I’ve been toying with the idea for this DIY flower box for a while and finally decided it was time to bring it to life. It will be a reminder to myself that the rain we’ve had so much of in March will probably continue in April, but the results will be worth it in May when everything blooms. April showers bring May flowers!

Smoothfoam makes this DIY flower box look very substantial, but it’s light as a feather and was very easy to construct. I’ll hang it in my studio, where two sets of double patio doors make me feel like I’m outside all the time, although it could be hung on a covered porch or propped on an antique rocker for a splash of color in a bedroom. Learn how to make these homemade spring decorations below.


12″ Smoothfoam half-ball, cut in half
12″ x 36″ Smoothfoam sheet
Craft paints – assorted colors
Hold the Foam Adhesive
White wire coat hanger
Silk flowers
3 yards of 1-¼” lace
20” length small cotton trim
1″ round sponge dauber
Needle and thread
Sturdy wire
8-10 assorted beads
Foam cutter and/or craft knife
Wire cutter, scissors, paint brushes

Cut the following six pieces off of one end of the Smoothfoam sheet:   4” x 12”;  3” x 11”;  2-¾” x 10 ¾” (two);  3” x 4″ (two).  The remaining length will be the backboard of the project.

Smoothfoam flower Box Final

Construct the flower box section by gluing the two 3” x 4” Smoothfoam pieces to the sides of the 4” x 12” piece. Glue the 3” x 11” piece to the inside bottom and sides of the box and glue the entire box at the base of the Smoothfoam back board. Glue the remaining two pieces in the bottom of the flower box to anchor the silk flowers.

Smoothfoam Box and Back Board

Paint the backboard and the box cream and blend in blue and green around the edges. Cut the Smoothfoam half-ball in half for the umbrella. To determine the center, pin a thin ribbon or string on the pilot hole in the back and at the peg on the other side. Stretch the string tight and draw a line along the side to create your cutting line.

Smoothfoam Paper arches

To make a cutting template for the botton of the umbrella, cut a strip of cardstock the width of the hall-ball and about 4 inches tall. Use the edge of a small plate to trace three arches along the strip on the front lower edge and cut out. Pin the template to the bottom of the cut ball and trim away the foam inside the arches. Don’’t worry about getting a perfect edge – this will be painted and covered with lace.

Smoothfoam half-ball dots

Paint the cut ball inside and out with coral and let dry. Then add cream dots with the round sponge dauber. Paint the inside of the arch edges cream. Gather the 1-¼” lace into ruffles with needle and thread and pin it to the cardstock arches at the front of the cut edge to hold it in place.

Smoothfoam Cotton Trim

Apply the adhesive along the base of the gathered edge, push the lace down to touch the glue and leave the pins in place until it dries. Adhere the small cotton trim along the front of the arches. Adhere the half-ball about four inches below the top edge of the backboard.

Smoothfoam Rain

Use blue, green and white paint to add the rain drops above the half-ball. Thread the beads on to a 4″ piece of wire, leaving a ½” piece at the bottom. Cut the top wire at about ½” and fold it back down into the top bead. Dip the bottom wire in adhesive and insert it at the top center back of the half-ball.

To make the umbrella handle, cut the hook off the coat hanger and twist the hanger into a J shape. Fold and insert a 6” length wire about ½” from the top of the backboard. Place the hanger under the half-ball at the top. Push both ends of the wire through the backboard and carefully twist and make a hanging loop on the back board to secure it in place.

Note: I left the base of the hanger unattached, but you can place a small amount of glue on the rounded hook to secure the bottom to the backboard.

Print a sentiment like “April showers bring May flowers” on cardstock and trim it to 3″ x 11”. Cut a contrasting sheet of cardstock 1/2″ larger as a mat. Sponge ink on the edges of both pieces. Spread a thin coat of adhesive to cover the entire back of the sign and press it on top of the mat. Repeat to adhere the sign to the front of the flower box.

Trim some silk flowers and add them to the box, carefully pushing them in far enough to secure them, but avoiding running them through to the bottom.

Easter Bunny and Chick Centerpiece

Smoothfoam Easter bunny centerpiece

Easter is one of my favorite times of the year – it’s a time to reflect on the spiritual and a time of renewal.  Easter bunnies and chicks show off the brilliant colors of spring and no matter what one’s age, the egg hunts, family dinners and fun times bring new memories and remind us of times gone by.

Smoothfoam is the perfect foundation for creating a vignette for your Easter decorating. This Easter bunny and chick centerpiece will brighten up any spot for your Easter celebrations and beyond into the spring! Learn how to create your own DIY Easter centerpiece below.


One each – 4″, 3″, 2.5″ and 2″ Smoothfoam balls
Smoothfoam sheet (any size)
Craft knife, toothpick, paint brush
Craft glue
Americana Décor Chalky Finish paints – Escape, Whisper, Heritage, Delicate
Crackle medium
Paint markers
Smoothfoam eggs
10″ or 12″ Smoothfoam disc
Paper flowers and grass
Sheer ribbons

For the bunny head, position the 3″ ball with the pilot hole in the back. Trim off one rounded end to make it straight across. For the body, repeat with the 4″ ball, but trim both the top and the bottom of the ball.  Connect the bottom of the head (flat side) to the top of the body (flat side) using a toothpick and a bead of glue.

smoothfoam balls bunny chick

Cut bunny ears and feet from a 1/2″ thick sheet of Smoothfoam. Attach each bunny ear to the head with a toothpick and dab of glue. Do the same to attach the bunny body to the feet.

Use the scraps cut from the Smoothfoam balls to make the chick wings.  Attach to the chick using toothpick for each and a dot of glue.

Base paint the bunny with Escape. Let dry. Apply crackle medium following the manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry; follow up with a coat of Whisper. Let dry thoroughly. Repeat for the chick with the Heritage shade.

Paint the faces as desired with markers. Tie ribbons around their necks.

Paint the Smoothfoam disc with desired color for the base of your DIY Easter centerpiece, let dry. Use toothpicks and glue to attach the bunny and chick in position on the disc, then embellish with eggs, flowers and paper grass.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Table Sign

Alice in Wonderland Table Sign

I’m hosting an Easter tea party with a little Alice in Wonderland theme, so I made this sign for a table accent. I am so happy with how this turned out- I love it!

2 x 4 x 8 Smoothfoam block
Mod Podge for Paper – matte finish
Vintage sheet music
Washi tape, crepe paper
Assorted flowers and leaves
Chipboard letters
Ink, craft glue
Push pins, double-sided tape, paint brush

1.  Tear sheet music into large strips and decoupage the block using Mod Podge.

2.  To keep the wet paper from sticking to the table, push a few pins partway into one side so that the block will be elevated. Allow the Mod Podge to dry.

pushpins in smoothfoam to dry

3.  Apply washi tape around the corner edges of the block.
4.  Ink the chipboard letters and glue to the front.
5.  Use double-sided tape to adhere crepe paper around the sides of block.
6.  Embellish with flowers and leaves.

crepe paper on edge of smoothfoam

DIY Egg Color Chart

Egg color Chart art panel

This DIY egg color chart makes a darling Easter decoration, but its real charm lies in the fact that it can stay up after the chicks and bunnies come down. An Easter egg color chart is elegant spring décor at its best. Find this and other Easter egg crafts for kids here today!


9 Smoothfoam half-eggs
Loew Cornell paint brushes
8″ x 10″ white frame with glass removed
Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Martha Stewart craft paints – Gray Wolf, Sea Lavender, Blue Calico, Pond, Pink Carnation, Camellia Pink, Amaranth, Mint, Pea Shoot, Scottish Highlands


1.  Remove the back panel of the frame, paint it gray with 1-2 coats as needed. Set aside to dry.

2.  Paint one Smoothfoam half-egg in each color, as listed above. Paint 2-3 coats as needed. Set aside to dry.

3.  Put the frame back together (without the glass in front) and glue the eggs onto the back panel in rows of three, from light to dark. For example, in the blue row, the egg colors from left to right are as follows: Sea Lavender, Blue Calico, Pond.

TIP:  To ensure even placement, mark the middle of the back panel, glue the first egg there and then work out from that point.

Glue Eggs on Egg Chart

Pretty Birds Art Panel

.smoothfoam art panel

I’m so excited about my first Smoothfoam project – I love the natural, earthy look that Smoothfoam’s texture gives to my art panel.

Supplies used:

12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Page Mount
1″ Smoothfoam ball (cut in 1/2)
Acrylic paints, paint brush, sponge
Wood shapes – birds, cage, branch, sun
Craft glue, craft knife

Paint each wood shape in a desired colors and let dry. Slice off a bit of the Smoothfoam ball and paint gold. When dry, sponge paint or dry brush layers of orange and red over the gold and let dry. Glue the ball to the center of the wood sun shape.

Paint the Smoothfoam sheet with 1-2 coats of a light color – I chose pink. Streak additional colors on top and blend, allowing the base color to show through. Let dry, then glue each wood shape into position.

Glittered Bunny Egg

Smoothfoam Glittered Bunny Egg

Are you ready for spring? Warm weather, pretty flowers, sweet little bunnies and Easter eggs. My project today is a sweet glittery little bunny made from a Smoothfoam egg.

You’ll need:

Smoothfoam egg
Smoothfoam Sheet
Craft knife and cutting mat
Sanding block, paintbrush
Small white pompom
Craft glue
Mod Podge
Cream paint
Clear glitter
Small heart brad, brown micro brads
Pink paint pen, fine black marker

1.  Cut two bunny ears from the Smoothfoam sheet and lightly sand the edges of the ears.

2.  Glue the ears on to the Smoothfoam egg as shown.

Glittered Bunny Egg

3.  Paint the bunny cream and let dry, the add pink to the inside of the ears with the marker.

4.  Cover the bunny with a thin coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Glue the pompom at the end for his tail.

5.  Insert micro brads for the eyes and the heart brad (upside down) for the nose. Draw a small mouth with fine black marker.

Bunny Hop Easter Box

Smoothfoam Easter Egg Gift Box

It’s hard to believe Easter is almost here. Didn’t we just finish Christmas? I guess the wicked weather patterns we’ve had across the country this year have kept our brains in a frozen state.

Here’s a little pick-me-up that’s sure to warm your heart. This Bunny Hop Box is brimming with Easter eggs and other wonderful goodies – including chocolate, the perfect comfort food. An Easter gift box like this is a fun alternative to a traditional Easter basket – especially for grown-ups!


2-1/2″ Smoothfoam eggs
8″ round paper maché box with lid
Metallic acrylic paints: violet, turquoise, light sage green
Viva Décor Pearl Pens: Violet, Gold
16″ length – narrow lace strip
24″ length – wide lace strip
Decorative wood spool, white air-dry clay
Cardboard, mat board, dimensional glue dots
Kunin Paisley Printzfelt, Kunin White Plushfelt
Beacon glues: Quick Grip, Fabri-Tac, Hold the Foam
Polyester stuffing, white thread, scissors, craft knife
2″ decorative bird’s nest with eggs
16″ lengths of narrow ribbons: rose, sage green
2 large white brads, hole punch, black cardstock
Large, heavyweight flower die-cut
5″ length silver wire, wire cutters
Scissors, sponge, paint brush


1.  Paint the box and lid turquoise, inside and out. Allow to dry, then sponge over it with purple paint. After the second coat is dry, glue a strip of narrow lace around the edge.Smoothfoam march 2015 paint lid Cwindham2.  Glue a strip of wide lace around the center of the box. Line the inside of the box with the paisley felt and Fabri-Tac, using this cutting guide.

3.  To add a matching felt-covered panel inside the lid, cut a circle of cardboard slightly smaller than the lid diameter. Cover it with felt using the cutting guide above, wrapping each tab around to the back of the circle. Glue inside the lid with Quick Grip.

4.  Cut each Smoothfoam egg in half. Sponge paint with 2-3 coats, blending purple, turquoise and green as desired, allow to dry. Draw dots on each egg with the pearl paint pens and set aside to dry.

padded lace spools

5.  Paint the spool and die-cut flower with desired colors. When the spool is dry, wrap a little stuffing around it and tie in place with white thread. Wrap some wide lace around the spool, turning the back edge under and glue in place with Fabri-Tac.

6.  Cut a 3/4″ square of clay, and score a line down the middle to make two bunny teeth. Roll two 1/2″ balls and press in place on top of the teeth as shown. Press two 1-½” pieces of wire into the balls on each side for whiskers. Allow to dry.

7.  Clip the shank off the white brads and glue a small punched hole (from cardstock) to the the top for eyes. Cut two tiny strips of card stock for the eyelashes and clip into each to make fringe (curl the fringe around a toothpick). Glue the eyelashes in place around the edge of each brad with Quick Grip. Place a dimensional glue dot on the back of each brad to fill in where the shank was removed. Use Quick Grip to glue the eyes and teeth in place.

wood spool rabbit face

For the bunny ears, glue a piece of white and paisley felt back to back and cut out two ear shapes. Glue to the top of the spool.

To finish off the bunny head, embellish the bird next with ribbon bows and glue the flower to the bottom of the next, then glue the flower/nest to the top of the spool. Glue the head to the center of the box lid with Quick Grip. Glue the egg halves around it with Hold the Foam adhesive.

Whimsical Cupcake Gems

smoothfoam ball cupcakes

With spring almost here, it’s fun to start dreaming about garden gatherings and tea-time parties. Here’s an idea for a sweet and sparkly cupcake centerpiece for just such an occasion!


Two  2″ Smoothfoam balls
2 ½”Smoothfoam ball
3″ Smoothfoam ball
Polka-dot washi tapes
Assorted sequins and rhinestones
Large plastic gems or beads
Cupcake or tart tins
Tacky glue
Low-temp hot glue gun


Cover each ball with small torn pieces of washi tape.

Adhere sequins with tacky glue, then glue a rhinestone on top of each sequin.

Use hot glue to adhere a large gem to the top of each ball. If the gem is pointed at the bottom, carve out a small hole at the top of the ball with your scissors first. Then fill the hole with hot glue and attach the gem.

TIP:  Alter the color of your gems by tinting with alcohol ink, if desired.

Place a ball in each tin and arrange on a tray or cupcake stand.

Primitive Bunny Jar

Primitive Bunny Jar

Here’s an adorable primitive-style bunny to sit atop a jar of Easter treats!

2-½” Smoothfoam ball
Paper lunch bag
Scraps of burlap and muslin
Decoupage medium
Recycled jam or canning jar
Hot glue or thick tacky glue
Scissors, skewer

1.  Tear half of the the lunch bag into small strips. Cut or tear four ear shapes from the remaining half of the bag.

2.  Slice off a bit from the bottom of the ball. Cover the ball with the paper bag strips by brushing them with decoupage medium.

3.  Glue two ear shapes together to make stiffer bunny ears, then glue to head. Tear a few more small strips from what’s left of the paper bag. Curl the strips with scissors and glue between the ears as shown.

4.  Cut small circles of burlap for the bunny’s cheeks and glue to his face. Glue on a button for the nose. Tie a knot in a short piece of twine and thread it through each button for the eyes. Tuck the twine ends to the back of the button as you glue the eyes to the face.

5.  Glue a circle of burlap to the lid of jar. Tie a strip of muslin around the jar, make a bow and glue a button in the center.

Happy Hoppy Easter sign

smoothfoam easter signSmoothfoam’s smooth surface is great for painting, which makes it perfect for creating Easter craft projects, as well as seasonal decorations for all the holidays, like this happy, hoppy Easter sign. Create your own DIY Easter sign today!


Smoothfoam 2” x 12” block
DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints – Refreshing, Delicate, Nostalgia, Innocence, Serene, Everlasting
Beacon Adhesives Tacky Glue
Makin’s Air-Dry Clay – Brown, white, yellow, red
2-part molding putty
JudiKin’s Snappy Tray
FlowerSoft Frosting – Hint of Green Glitter
Chipboard letters
Coordinating ribbons
Chocolate bunny
Paintbrushes, scissors

how to make smoothfoam easter sign


Paint the Smoothfoam block to resemble a decorated Easter egg with assorted pastel colors, let dry.

Paint the chipboard letters white, let dry.

Cover each painted letter with glue and place in the tray. Sprinkle with white glitter, tap off excess and let dry. Pour remaining glitter from tray back into the container.

Tie decorative ribbons around the outside edge of the “E” in Easter, then glue each letter to the painted Smoothfoam block, leaving space on the right for the clay bunny.

Make a mold for a faux chocolate bunny – learn how in my video tutorial.

Press clay into the mold – place colored clays where desired first, then fill in with brown clay.  Remove from mold, let dry for 24 hours, then glue to the sign.