The Smoothfoam Holiday Ball!

smoothfoam holiday ball

We’re really excited about the holidays – and even more excited about all the decorating going on! For the whole month of December, we want to celebrate the wonderful holiday decorations you’re crafting up by hosting a fun link-up…the Smoothfoam Holiday Ball.

If you’re making ornaments, garlands, wreaths and more with Smoothfoam balls this holiday season, we want to shine a light on your projects! Even if you’re using another type of ball, we still want to celebrate your superior spherical flair.

All month long, you can add links to your blog posts about the holiday balls you’re crafting with. Click here to get to the link-up, or click on Holiday Ball at the top of our homepage. Happy Holidays!


Jack-in-the-Box Snowman

smoothfoam jack in the box snowmanDo you like to upcycle?  I have a hard time throwing things in the trash sometimes, or even into the recycle bin! For example – the little Keurig coffee cups after they are used. I know there has got to be a really cool craft project lurking there, but I haven’t taken the time to figure one out yet. The box the cups come in was another story. I used it to complete this Jack-in-the-box Snowman project. It could be any kind of box with a flap, but this one was deep enough and worked nicely. I hope you enjoy making your own DIY snowman decoration!

3″ Smoothfoam ball
Cardstock (I used Snowhaven and matching stickers by Close To My Heart)
Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint – Whisper
Americana Acrylic Paints:  Lamp (Ebony) Black, Spiced Pumpkin, Warm White
Americana Decou-Page Medium
2 sheets warm white felt
1-1/2″ scalloped circle paper punch
Chenille stems:  one silver metallic, one red metallic, one green
Small jingle bell
Polyester stuffing
Clear glitter
Powder blush
Scissors, wire cutters, paintbrushes, stylus
Wood skewer
Glue gun
Craft glue, spray mount
Click here to download the pattern for the snowman’s body

upcycle keurig coffee cup box

1.  Measure the height of the box. Cut cardstock to fit the box and lid. Adhere papers to the box & lid using the Decou-Page medium, set aside to dry.

2.  To make a rosette, cut three 2″ x 12″ strips of cardstock. Accordion fold each piece every half inch. It works best to score them before folding. Glue the two strips together and gather the folds into a circle and glue the edges together. Glue a scalloped punched circle of cardstock to cover the hole in the middle and secure the rosette. Repeat on the opposite side. Make one rosette for the front of the box and another for the snowman’s collar. The glue gun works best for making rosettes.

3.  Fold one sheet of felt in half along the long edge. Use my pattern to cut out one side of the snowman’s body and repeat with the other sheet of felt. Glue all the edges of the body together; leaving an opening for the head. Once dry, turn the suit right side out, hiding the seams inside. Lightly fill the body and arms with stuffing.

4.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball Whisper Chalky White. Poke the skewer into the pilot hold at one end as a handle to hold while painting. Once the ball is dry, paint black dots for the eyes and mouth. Rub blush on the cheeks with your finger. Highlight the eyes and mouth with tiny white dots. Allow to dry.

5.  Remove the skewer and paint 2″ of the pointed tip orange. When dry, cut off the tip of the skewer and push into the face for his nose. Replace the remaining part of the skewer back into the pilot hole and set aside.

6.  Pierce a small hole in the center of one rosette and poke the skewered head through the rosette and neck opening into the stuffed body. Spritz a little spray mount and sprinkly glitter to the head, rosette collar and body. Shake off excess. Place the snowman in the box with the arms extended as shown.

jack in the box handle chenille stem

7.  To make a crank handle, bend the silver metallic stem in two.  Shape it into a handle and glue the jingle bell onto the bent end.  Make a pilot hole in the middle of a 1″ circle of cardstock. Push the ends of the stem 1/2″ to the back side of the circle and bend out like a brad. Glue to the side of the box. Glue the second rosette to the front of the box and embellish with die-cut sentiments.

8. To make a halo for his head, loosely twist the red metallic stem around the green stem. Make a circle to fit around his head and twist the ends together to secure and glue it to his head. Glue another piece of green stem to the collar for added decoration.

9.  Embellish the snowman with stickers for the mittens, buttons on front, and sentiments. TIP:  Use your diecutting machine or paper punches to cut embellishments if you don’t have the stickers. Rubber stamps will work for the sayings. 

Now enjoy an adorable Christmas DIY snowman decoration that can stay out through January! Create your own snowman in a box today!

Vintage Snowman Ornament

smoothfoam snowman ormamentI want to share a fun ornament I made using Smoothfoam balls. I’m trying to get ahead of the game this year with my Christmas prep, and I have been busy making ornaments. This cute snowman is one of my favorites – I love the vintage vibe he has going on.

1-3/4″ Smoothfoam Ball
2-1/2″ Smoothfoam Ball
Whit craft paint. paintbrush
Glitter Mod Podge
Ribbon, buttons, rick-rack, paper flower,
Molding paste, glitter
Embroidery floss
Rub-on or clear sticker (face)
Pearl-head pin, small wood dowel
Craft glue

1. Paint the balls with white craft paint, then a coat of Glitter Mod Podge. Slice the tiniest bit off one side of each ball, then glue them together using a wood dowel in between.

2.  Apply a rub-on/sticker for the face (top smaller ball) and glue buttons on the bottom larger ball.

3.  Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the snowman, using a pearl-head pin to hold it in place.

4.  Stack buttons together to make a hat, add a small bit of rick-rack around the brim; add molding paste on the top and brim of the hat to look like snow, sprinkle with glitter while wet. When dry add a small flower. Pin a loop of floss into the top of his head, then glue the hat on top so the floss loop comes up on either side for hanging.

smoothfoam snowman ornament

Photo Holder Table Settings

smoothfoam photo holder table setting

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year for some close friends and family. I wanted to make up some unique yet stylish table settings that everyone can take home to enjoy as personal homemade photo holders!

I don’t have a current photo of each of my guests, so I might hand draw a cartoon of each person or just write their names extra fancy on tags.


1-1/4″ Smoothfoam balls
Metallic gold acrylic paint
Foam painbrush
Craft knife
Skewer or paper piercing tool
Tacky glue
Assorted Dew and Diamond Drops (flat-back gems)
17″ lengths of 24 gauge red floral wire
Jewelry pliers
1-1/4″ washer
Dimensional glazing medium


1.  Poke a hole all the way through each ball with a skewer or piercing tool.

2.  Push a toothpick into each hole and hold the end while you paint each ball gold. Use 2 coats for nice shiny coverage; let dry.


paint smoothfoam ball

3.  Cut each ball in half along the seam line with the craft knife. Coat each half ball with tacky glue and add assorted Dew Drops.

smoothfoam embellished photo holder

4.  Fold one piece of floral wire in half and twist the end tight with jewelry pliers.

5.  Put a toothpick in the looped end and use that as a lever to twist the rest of the wire.  Make the looped end into a spiral, then bend the wire as shown.

6.  Glue a washer onto the bottom of each half ball.

smoothfoam photo holders

7.  Fill the hole in each half ball with glue and let set for a minute to get nice and tacky. Insert a wire stem. As glue begins to set, add some more until hole is filled up and the wire does not move. Cover hole with extra Dew Drops.

8.  Finish by covering entire half ball with the dimensional glaze. Let set overnight before using.

Stylish Craft Foam Projects – a new book and a giveaway!

stylish foam crafts book lisa fulmer

I’m so excited to announce the release of my second craft project book – Stylish Craft Foam Projects. It’s only 48 pages, but it’s jam-packed with 17 projects plus lots of tips and techniques for working with both Smoothfoam™ and Styrofoam™.

Everything you need to know about both kinds of craft foam is here – how to work with each type to create gorgeous home and party décor. I think you’ll love putting your own spin on each project!

stylish craft foam projects book lisa fulmer

The photography and graphics inside are really great, too – the design team at Fox Chapel Publishing is top notch! I also wanted to share my acknowledgements from the back of the book, which involve my “yo yo, foamie!” family right here on the Smoothfoam blog.

The designers on our Creativity Team inspire me every single day – they develop so many new and wonderful ways to work with Smoothfoam each week. I’m also thankful for the support from the Ohlsson’s and everyone at Plasteel Corporation – it’s always so nice to work with a family-owned business! And for reals, I would have never been able to say yes to my publisher about writing this book without the support and encouragement from Julie McGuffee – our Creativity Team’s smooth and fearless leader!

stylish craft foam projects lisa fulmer

Enter to win your own signed copy of the book along with some fabulous Smoothfoam shapes. Three winners will be selected!!

Be sure to share the projects you make with Smoothfoam on Facebook or Twitter so we can show them off and celebrate your work!
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Painted Winter Snowball

Smoothfoam Painted Winter Snowball by Carmen Flores Tanis

Being a November baby, I love the cool of the fall and the chill of winter. Bring on the cold weather, I say! With that in mind, I made this fun, painted Smoothfoam ball covered with wishes for snow.


6” Smoothfoam ball
Metallic silver acrylic paint
Elmer’s Painters® Paint pens – fine tip white, blue, black
Blank stencil plastic sheet
Silhouette Vinyl Cutter machine*
Westcott Brand Scissors / Craft Knife / Cutting Mat
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Paint brush / plastic dish
Sanding stick or sandpaper

1.  Use the sanding stick to sand the center seam from the Smoothfoam ball.

2.  Paint the Smoothfoam ball with metallic silver acrylic paint. Apply two more coats, letting dry between coats.

3.  Prepare your artwork using the Silhouette graphics program. Type the words “Let It Snow” and draw several snowflakes in various sizes. Load the blank plastic sheet into the machine and cut the artwork to make a stencil.

* If you don’t have a vinyl cutter machine, draw your artwork directly on the plastic sheet and use a craft knife to cut out your stencil.

4.  Use the stencils with the paint markers to decorate the ball as shown. Smoothfoam Painted Winter Snowball by Carmen Flores Tanis

5.  Glue or pin a bow with a loop to the top of the ball for hanging.


Thankful Turkey Place Cards


Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends. My niece, nephew and I have created a tradition of making DIY Thanksgiving place cards for the table. We try to be as creative as possible each year, but we always seem to come back to the traditional turkey. These lightweight Smoothfoam foam turkey place cards incorporate sparkle and shine as well as cute ribbon loop feathers – making me extremely thankful for my craftiness!


6″ x12″ Smoothfoam Sheet (1″ thick)
Kool Tak 3D Glue – Embossing Effect
Kool Tak Shiny Foil Transfer Sheets – Vintage (Burnt Gold)
KOOL TAK Sparkles Bonus Pack – Red (Threading Beads)
Americana paints – Dark Chocolate and Antique Gold
Double-sided adhesive sheets
3D clear dimensional adhesive tabs
Wood spool, 6″ wood dowel
Dark brown and yellow scrapbook papers
Assorted ribbons (approximately 24 pieces at 6″ long each)
Scissors, pencil, ruler, paint brush
Copy paper, serrated knife, sandpaper
Self-adhesive black half pearls (2)



1.  Draw a “figure 8” style head and body on plain paper, cut it out and then trace the shape on to the Smoothfoam sheet. Cut out the shape with a serrated knife and gently sand smooth any rough edges. Paint the edges Dark Chocolate and let dry. Paint the spool and dowel Antique Gold and let dry. Glue the dowel into the center of the spool.

paint edges of smoothfoam2.  Trace the turkey shape twice on the wrong side of brown paper. Adhere one shape to one side of the Smoothfoam with an adhesive sheet. Reserve the other paper turkey shape for later. Cut a triangle from yellow paper for a beak and adhere to the turkey with clear adhesive pads for dimension. Add the black half pearls for eyes. Apply some 3D glue to the side of beak in a waddle shape and immediately cover it with red beads and let dry.  Place two small dots of glue to the top of the beak for two small brown beads.

3.  Draw one of your guest’s names on the turkey with glue and set aside to dry until clear. Apply gold foil to the glue lines by placing the dull side against the glue and rubbing gently with your finger. Lift and peel off the foil liner, leaving the shiny foil adhered to the name.

4.  Trace turkey on the release liner paper of the double-sided adhesive sheet, cut it out and apply to the back of the turkey. Peel back the liner to expose adhesive. Fold ribbons in to loops and press on to the adhesive around edge of the turkey’s body. Adhere the second brown paper turkey shape on top with another adhesive sheet, covering the ends of ribbons.

ribbon feathers smoothfoam turkey

5.  Insert dowel into the center of the Smoothfoam turkey at the bottom to create a pilot hole. Remove the dowel and add a little glue to the dowel and reinsert; let dry. Tie two ribbons around the base of the dowel and wrap the spool with brown ribbon, securing the ends with scraps of double-sided adhesive.


Holiday Greeting Plaque

Smoothfoam holiday plaque

From morning to night, may your holidays be bright!  This plaque is a holiday decoration you can keep up through the New Year. It can be hung on a wall or set on an easel.  Put it where light can shine on the glitter to make it sparkle.

Supplies you will need:

Two 5-3/4″ squares of holiday themed cardstock
Assortment of flat-back gems
12″ Smoothfoam Scrapbook Mount sheet
Two 6″ squares silver glitter cardstock
12″ sheet red cardstock
Die-cutting machine with with alphabet (or alpha stickers, chipboard letters)
DecoArt Snow-Tex Dimensional Medium
Craft stick, paper trimmer
Heavy-duty craft glue

smoothfoam panel with snow tex

1.  Apply Snow-Tex to the Smoothfoam sheet with the craft stick. Spread it as thin as possible and allow to dry.

2.  Cut out the letters with the die-cut machine. The larger letters are 2-1/2″ high, the smallest are 1″ high.

3.  Accent the image on the holiday cardstock by adhering gems and allow to dry.

gems on cardstock

4.  Glue each embellished square on top of a silver glitter square.

5.  Arrange and glue all of the elements on the sheet as shown.

Snow Globe

smoothfoam snowglobe snowman

This time of year with the gift giving season upon us, ideas for creating special (also quick and inexpensive) gifts for teachers and coworkers in gift exchanges are welcomed. This pretty snow globe is easily created from a recycled glass jar, craft glitter and foam shapes. This is a great way to use up small leftover bits of trims, too.

You will need:
Smoothfoam 1-1/2” ball
Smoothfoam 2” ball
Smoothfoam 2-½” egg
Large, clean, empty glass jar with lid
¼” x 8” scrap piece red felt
3-1/4” green sparkly pompoms
Six 1” white snowflakes (paper, plastic, etc)
Three 4” glitter twigs; two 1” twigs
12” length of ribbon
2 toothpicks
Mod Podge
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Scissors. measuring tape, ruler, pencil
Marker, paint brush, knife, long needle

1.  Cut a slice off one end of the 2” Smoothfoam ball.
2.  Make holes through the center of all three foam pieces. Place glue on toothpicks and insert through center of all three assembling as shown. Place more glue between pieces before pressing firmly together.

smoothfoam snowman assembly 3.  Glue the snowman to the under side of the jar lid and let dry. Draw a face on him with a marker.
4.  Brush the snowman and inside the lid with Mod Podge, then sprinkle him with glitter, shaking off the excess.
5.  Make holes for his arms and insert 2” twigs. Tie the scrap felt around his neck and glue on the pompoms for buttons. Brush the twigs, scarf, and pompoms with Mod Podge and sprinkle on a little more glitter. Glue the other twigs to the side of the snowman.
6.  Insert the snowman carefully into the jar and screw on the lid. Glue the ribbon around the base of the lid and glue snowflakes randomly around the jar. Brush the outside of the jar with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter.
7.  Add a snowflake gift tag and present to a favorite someone to enjoy!

Burlap Turkey Decoration

Smoothfoam burlap turkey decoration

1″ Smoothfoam ball
2” Smoothfoam ball
Burlap trimmed to a 5” and a 6” circle; a 2”x 9” strip
Wood pieces: two hearts, two toothpicks, teardrop, two spoons
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints: Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Milk Chocolate
4 pony beads
Red yarn or floss
Wiggle eyes
Hot glue gun, scissors, paintbrush

1. Trim away a piece of the large ball (body) on both ends and on one end of the small ball (head).

2.  Wrap the large ball with a 6” burlap circle, bringing the ends up to one flat side. Trim away extra fabric.

3.  Glue the flat side of the small ball to the trimmed flat side of body. Glue the 5” circle over the small ball, gathering fabric around the neck and leaving a ruffle. Trim and fringe the ruffle and tie twine around the neck.

4.  Gather the strip of burlap by pulling on a thread ½” from one long edge. Glue this strip to the back of the body for the tail and fringe the edge.

5.  Cut off the ends of wood snack spoons and paint with a wash of Milk Chocolate. Paint all the other wood pieces with a wash of orange.

6.  Glue spoon pieces under the ruffle for wings. Trim one end of a toothpick and glue on a pony bead and a wood heart for the feet. Poke the leg into the body to make a pilot hole and remove, then glue another pony bead over the hole. Glue the toothpick into the pony bead and repeat for the second leg. Trim a small teardrop from the wood scraps cut away from the spoons and glue to the head for a beak. Glue red threads over the beak and glue eyes above it.

7.  Brush the edges of the burlap and wings with orange paint. Let your burlap turkey decoration dry, then display on your table or mantelpiece. Find numerous cute Thanksgiving crafts here today.