Christmas Snowman Ornament

smoothfoam snowmen ornament

I personally don’t think that it’s ever too early to begin Christmas crafting!  I Love this sparkly and glam stacked snowman trio and I think I am going to give these as gifts this year – can’t wait to see how good they look hanging on the tree, in a doorway or as part of a wreath.

Three 3″ Smoothfoam balls
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Glamour Dust glitter
1/2″ Ranger Wonder Tape
Skewers, scissors, paintbrush, paper plate
Seed beads and glitter – black and orange
Blush, cotton swab, parchment paper
White satin ribbon, straight pin
White feather boa

1.  Insert a skewer into each ball as a handle and paint them with Tacky Glue, then sprinkle Glamour Dust all over the ball, pressing with a piece of parchment paper to secure the glitter. Place the skewered ball in a water glass to dry.

2.  Place the orange seed beads on a paper plate. Cut a 4″ length of Wonder Tape and press the sticky side into the seed beads. Sprinkle orange glitter over the seed beads on the tape to fill in the empty spaces. Cut out three carrot shapes from the tape for the snowmen’s noses. Peel back the tape’s liner and apply to the front of each ball.

3.  Add blush with a cotton swab to each snowman’s cheeks.

4.  Repeat step 2 with a 3″ length and a 6″ length of Wonder Tape, using black seed beads and black glitter. Cut out six “eyes made out of coal” and stick above the noses. Cut out four to five smaller circles for each mouth.

5. Thread all three balls onto one wooden skewer and secure with Tacky Glue in between. Glue pieces of the feather boa to the top, bottom and in between the balls and pin a loop of ribbon to the top (dip the pin in glue first to secure).


Mini Succulent Planter

Smoothfoam succulent planter

My succulents have been thriving!  I love finding new and unique containers  to replant them this one made from a Smoothfoam block!


4″ Smoothfoam cube
Craft knife
Tacky glue
Washi tape
Bark and dirt
Decorative glass

carving out Smoothfoam cube

1.  Using your craft knife, score a square ½” from the edge of the cube. Score more lines using the knife then use your finger to pry up some of the Smoothfoam. Do this until you have created a square-shaped cavity three-quarters of the way down your cube.

2.  Poke a hole through the bottom of the cube for drainage. It’s important to have drainage holes for all succulent planters or they will get root-rot.

3.  Place some tacky glue along the rim and outer walls of your cube and add your washi tape. Press the tape firmly to ensure it is secure.


4.  Add some bits of bark near the bottom hole and fill with dirt and your succulent. Top with the decorative glass and water sparingly. Enjoy your mini succulent planter!


Bookworms are cool!

smoothfoam bookworm

The focus is on reading with this cute bookworm craft. Create one for your own bookshelf or make it a classroom or library craft project.


Seven 2″ Smoothfoam balls
DecoArt Americana acrylic paint – Sour Apple
Chenille stems: 5 pink plus small neon green pieces
2 small pompoms
Tulip Dimensional Paint – Neon Orange
4” length of 20 gauge craft wire
2 wiggle eyes
Cardstock, copy paper
Tacky glue, felt pen, toothpicks, skewers, wire cutters

1.  Trim a small slice from one side of three balls. Trim the remaining balls on both sides.

2.  Paint all balls Apple Green. Slide them on a skewer for easier painting. Stick the skewers in an extra piece of foam or a canning jar to dry.

3.  Arrange five balls in a line beginning and ending with balls trimmed on one side. Use toothpicks and glue to hold them together. Glue the remaining two balls at an angle using the last ball trimmed on one side for the head.

4.  Poke holes in the sides of the balls for legs except for the head and last ball. Cut pink chenille stems in half and bend for legs. Glue into sides. Make a loop on the ends of the stems for feet and twist to hold. Poke two holes in the head for the antennae and glue the short pieces of green stem into the holes. Glue pompoms to the ends of the stems.

5.  Glue the wiggle eyes to the face and draw on a nose and mouth with the pen.

6.  Roll the craft wire into a circle on one end. Check for fit and roll another circle on the other end of the wire. Glue the glasses to the face.

7.  Create a small book from a piece of cardstock and cut some copy paper pages to fit the cover. Write a line from your favorite book on the pages and glue it between the first pair of feet.

Apple Pencil Toppers

Apple Pencil Toppers

The smell of new pencils always makes me hopeful. It means the start of a fresh, new school year. To make going back to school even more fun, why not decorate the tops of your pencils with these quick and easy apple pencil toppers? They make a great gift for your favorite student or bring new meaning to an “apple for teacher.”


1″ Smoothfoam balls
Red craft paint
Wood skewers, toothpicks
Green felt scraps
Craft glue

1.  The base of every Smoothfoam ball already has a small pilot hole. Put the eraser end of an old pencil into the hole and push it around to enlarge the hole to fit a pencil.

2.  Paint the ball red. It’s best to put the ball on a skewer and paint it that way. To dry, stick the skewered ball into a foam sheet.

Paint the balls

3.  Once the ball has dried, remove the skewer, stick a small piece of the wood toothpick into the top to serve as the apple stem. You may want to put a drop of glue onto the end of the stem to ensure that it stays in place.

4.  Cut some small leaves from your felt scraps and glue them onto the top of the apple, near the stem. Place on the end of a brand new pencil (over the eraser).

Apple Pencil Topper Close-up


Halloween Centerpiece – Ink Pen Party Favors

Smoothfoam Ink Pen Halloween Party FavorsHalloween makes fall official! It’s a preamble to the holidays ahead and a great excuse to eat candy, celebrate pretense and have a spooky good time! Here’s are some fun Halloween pen party favors that don’t promote tooth decay and might even inspire some creative writing. The DIY Halloween table centerpiece is the perfect way to display your creations. Check out my Valentine’s Day version of these favors, too!


Six 2″ Smoothfoam balls (skeleton/Frankenstein)
Three 2-1/2″ Smoothfoam eggs (witch)
12″ Smoothfoam half-ball
Krylon Dual-Purpose Superbond Paints – Classic Gray, Ivy Leaf, White Gloss
Ink pens (Bic- style with a clear or black cap)
Washi tapes –  Green Numbers, Silver, Black Dot
Cardstock – Dark Brown, Black, Purple, Orange
Halloween-themed rubber stamp sentiments (I used Close To My Heart “Spellbound”)
Inkpads – white & black
Wiggle eyes, glitter tape
Purple sparkle yarn, black tulle net
6 wood button plugs
Stickles Glitter Glue:  Silver
Circle paper punches or dies – 1/2″, 1-1/4″, 2-1/4″, 1-3/4″, 2″, 3-1/4″. 3-1/2″
Fine-point permanent black marker
Scissors, paper trimmer
Low-melt glue gun
Wood chopsticks and skewers

Basic instructions for each character:

1.  Leave the pen cap on and wrap the pen with washi tape, stop wrapping at the top of the cap above the pen tip. Choose the appropriate color of tape for each character.

2.  For a head, make a hole in the bottom of a 2″ ball with the chopstick so it’s large enough for the top of the ink pen.

3.  Remove the chopstick and poke a skewer into each ball as a handle and spray paint them following the manufacturer’s instructions (kids should have adult supervision). Spray into a cardboard box in a well-ventilated area or outside. Allow to dry thoroughly. Paint the witch and Frankenstein in Ivy Leaf; the skeleton in White Gloss; the centerpiece monster in Classic Gray.

4.  For the tag/banner, cut a 3/4″ x 6″ piece of cardstock in the desired color. Glue the middle around the top of the pen, below the character’s chin. Match and cut a V in the ends.  Cut out and adhere a rubber-stamped sentiment to the banner.

5.  Insert the top of the pen into the Smoothfoam head. Apply a bead of glue to secure.

Special instructions for each character:

smoothfoam witch pen

For the witch hair, wrap sparkle yarn around your hand twenty times. Remove and cut one end of the loop. Lay the yarn flat and tie an extra piece around the middle of the shank and knot to secure. Adhere to the top of the witch’s head and trim the ends.

For the witch hat, cut two black circles from cardstock – 3-1/4″ and 3-1/2″. Cut the 3-1/2″ circle in half and make a cone out of one half, overlap the ends and adhere. Adhere the cone to the middle of the 3-1/4″ circle. Embellish with glitter tape and a 2″ tulle bow. Adhere to the top of the witch’s head. For her face, adhere wiggle eyes and draw her nose with the marker. Glue half of a 1/2″ circle for her mouth. Adhere a piece of glitter tape and a tulle bow to the base of her chin.

smoothfoam frankenstein pen

For Frankenstein’s hair, cut a 1-1/4″ x 6″ strip and a 2″ circle from black cardstock. Cut a jagged edge into one long side of the 6″ piece and wrap it around the top of his head, overlap the ends and adhere. Make sure the jagged edge is facing down toward the face. Glue the circle to the top of the hair.

For Frankenstein’s face:  Adhere wiggle eyes. Cut a sliver of black cardstock and glue on for eyebrows.  Glue a wood button plug to each side of his head and draw the nose, mouth and scar with the marker. Adhere a piece of glitter tape below his chin.

smoothfoam skeleton pen

For the skeleton’s face, glue two 1/2″ black circles for the eyes and a tiny jagged scrap of black cardstock for the mouth. For his hat, cut a 2-1/4″ circle (brim), a 2-1/2″ x 5″ strip, and a 1-1/4″ circle (top) from brown cardstock and glue together as shown. Adhere a black tulle bow tie beneath his chin.

For the centerpiece monster’s face, cut and glue on a 1″ x 6″ jagged mouth, wiggle eyes and two 1/2″ circles for the nose. Outline the mouth with Stickles Glitter Glue. Poke holes evenly spaced in the top the sphere with the chopstick, then poke the pens into the holes to display.

Happy Little Camper

smoothfoam camper decoration

I always tell people, my idea of roughing it is a bad hotel room. But who knows, if I had a happy little camper like this, I might try my luck with camping.


6″ Smoothfoam Disc
2″ Smoothfoam Ball
Window & Door Die by Impression Obsession
Diecutting machine
Scrapbook paper
Acrylic paints – Antique White, White, Light Blue, Black
Paintbrush, Q-tip
Silver metallic paint marker
Ribbon & twine
Craft glue
Assorted brads
Corsage pins
Craft knife or Hotwire Foam Cutter

1.  To create the body of the camper, cut 2″ off the edge of the Smoothfoam disc.  Paint the top antique white and the bottom light blue.  Add white polka dots on top of the blue with a small Q-tip.

2.  Cut two slices out of the middle of the Smoothfoam ball for the wheels and paint them black.

3.  Cut a small block from the leftover Smoothfoam to prop up the camper’s front end and color it with the silver paint pen.

4.  Glue all the pieces together as shown.

5.  Die-cut two windows from white paper and glue them onto patterned paper, then trim to create the window background. Cut a 1″ x 2″ piece of red cardstock to use as the door.
Glue one windows to the camper and the other to the door, then glue the door to the camper.

6.  Make a banner with ribbon and twine.  Tie twine ends around corsage pins and stick into top of the camper.

smoothfoam camper

Alien Spaceship


Do you ever wonder if, well, if there are people living on the third planet?” asked the wife.”The third planet is incapable of supporting life,” stated the husband patiently. “Our scientists have said there’s far too much oxygen in their atmosphere.”
― Ray BradburyThe Martian Chronicles

smoothfoam alien spaceshipAfter a recent illness, I’ve not been feeling myself,  like my life has been hijacked by aliens. As a result, I’ve become a bit obsessed with science fiction, both in book and movie form. So I decided to make my own alien spaceship.

One 12″ Smoothfoam disc
One 1.5″ Smoothfoam ball
4 Sticky Sticks self-adhesive craft sticks
Google eyes
Cabochons (flat-backed gems)
Narrow silver duct tape
Citron green acrylic paint
DecoArt Metallic Lustre
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
1 plastic dome coffee lid (from your last frappuccino)
Scissors, toothpick, sponge brush

1.  Push a toothpick into the bottom of the ball to use as a handle while painting it green. After it’s dry, glue google eyes all over the ball.

2.  Paint the disc and craft sticks with Metallic Lustre; allow to dry, then buff them shiny with a paper towel. Press the google eyeball into the center of the disk with the toothpick.

3.  Wrap the bottom edge of the plastic dome lid with the silver tape, leaving about 1/2″ of tape exposed at the bottom. Snip into the tape to make little tabs and then adhere the lid over the ball on to the disk.

4.  Glue the gems around the side of the disc. Adhere the craft sticks onto the disc as shown so it’s balanced.


Smoothfoam and Clearsnap Blog Hop

Smoothfoam Clearsnap Collage
Welcome to the Clearsnap and Smoothfoam Blog Hop!

Hop along to each blog in the list to see inspiring ways to use Smoothfoam with Clearsnap’s ink, created by our team of designers.

Smoothfoam’s smooth surface is a perfect surface for applying ink!

Be sure to comment on each blog in the hop, then use the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post to enter to win a prize pack of Smoothfoam and Clearsnap goodies!

Pin your favorite projects to Pinterest so you can come back to them later and make them!

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Painted Goldfish Ball

Smoothfoam Painted Goldfish Ball by Carmen Flores Tanis Main

Where do fish go when they get dressed up? Why, they go to the Goldfish Ball of course! This humorous take on an aquarium is made with a painted Smoothfoam ball that is perched on a tiny glass fish bowl. It’s easy to make and guaranteed to make you smile!


One 8” Smoothfoam ball (two half balls)
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Acrylic paints – deep yellow, orange, four different shades of blue
Scrap plastic sheet
Westcott Brand Scissors / Craft Knife / Cutting Mat
Orange paint pen
Black permanent marker
Paper tape
Clear acrylic sealer – gloss
Paint brushes – four of various sizes / plastic dish
Glass container for base
Plastic green sushi grass

1.  Glue together the two halves of the Smoothfoam ball.  TIP – keep the ball from rolling around by setting it on the roll of paper tape.

Smoothfoam Painted Goldfish Ball by Carmen Flores Tanis Step Out 1

2.  Starting with the darkest shade of blue paint and a large brush, paint large scrolls all over the Smoothfoam ball.

Smoothfoam Painted Goldfish Ball by Carmen Flores Tanis Step Out 3

 3.  Continue with the next lighter shade of blue and use a slightly smaller brush to paint smaller scrolls on the ball. Repeat for the last two shades of blue, switching to smaller brushes and reducing the size of the scrolls.

Smoothfoam Painted Goldfish Ball by Carmen Flores Tanis Step Out 4 4. Print out the artwork for the fish here. Draw the fish on the piece of scrap plastic (I used an old plastic folder) with the permanent marker. Cut the fish out with the craft knife to make two stencils.

Smoothfoam Painted Goldfish Ball by Carmen Flores Tanis Step Out 5 5.  Trace the fish stencils onto the painted ball using the orange paint pen. Fill in the traced shapes with yellow and orange paint.

Smoothfoam Painted Goldfish Ball by Carmen Flores Tanis Step Out 6 6.  Add details with the black permanent marker. Seal with a coat of clear acrylic. Put a few pieces of green sushi grass in the glass container and set the fish ball on top.


Watermelon – A Slice of Summer


Smoothfoam is the perfect material for creating a DIY fake watermelon slice to add a bit of summer to your home décor. The texture of the Smoothfoam looks like real watermelon and your finished slice will look juicy enough to eat! Learn how to make this watermelon decoration below.


Smoothfoam 10” disc
Westcott Craft Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Westcott Craft Titanium Hobby Knife
Westcott Stainless Steel Ruler
DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints – Turf Green, Black Tie
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints – White Wash, Primary Red, Peony Pink
Paintbrushes, mixing palette or plate

Step 1:  Use the ruler to find center of 10” disc and cut through the Smoothfoam along a center line with craft knife.

Step 2:  Cut a jagged half-circle about 2” long off-center on the flat edge for the bite mark.

Step 3:  Mix 2 parts Primary Red paint with 1 part Peony Pink.  Paint both sides of the slice to approximately 1” from the round edge.  

smoothfoam watermelon

Step 4:  While the red paint is still wet, paint a very light layer of white paint (blended with a little water to create a wash) along the bottom rounded edge of the red area. Gently blend the white paint into the red to create a lighter shade along the edge. 

Step 5:  Paint the outside of the round edge with Turf Green, then paint inside along curved edge approximately 1/8” on both sides.

Step 6:  Mix a small amount of green with the white wash to create a pale green. While the green paint for the rind is still wet, add the pale green in the remaining white space on the curved edge, gently blending with green paint to soften the edge where the two colors meet. Add irregular stripes along outside edge of curve with pale green paint. 

Step 7:  Paint black seeds over the red with a fine-tip brush.